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  1. Trade Cantankerous / Hugo

  2. Buffalo receivers

    Diggs will get his, probably 1500. Allen will throw for more than 4000. I don't think anyone else is the clear #2, especially for dynasty. That's 2500+ yards up for grabs! Seems like a fantastic opportunity to buy/acquire... But who? Thoughts?
  3. Buffalo receivers

    Haha he's bent over
  4. Buffalo receivers

    Insults and shaming attempts. Any guess as to why some of us don't want to discuss this with people like you? https://www.citizensjournal.us/18-reasons-i-wont-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine/ I don't think people who have it taken it can have an open and honest discussion because they're beyond invested. What if the vax is dangerous? Could people who've taken it truly consider the possibility they've made a horrible mistake? One that cannot be undone? Could someone possibly believe me if i presented evidence that they might die? the emotional subconscious pushback would be intolerable.
  5. Buffalo receivers

    Good for him! I don't think he's anti-vax, i think he's pro-choice. I think Josh Allen feels the same. @Brentastic
  6. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    Awesome. I wonder how many other veterans we have?
  7. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    I didn't know you served?! Learn something new everyday! Which branch? Thank you for your service!
  8. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    I sent a PM to Brent and thought I'd post what sent because i have concerns and like all of you guys! ... Hey bro, I know you're bummed about all that's going on. I don't have words of wisdom to say things will get better soon, but as you pointed out in text, there are plenty of people who are concerned, so you're not alone. I'd like to encourage you to become a prepper... you know, those crazy people who think the world is going to end! But most preppers are more concerned about local natural disasters -- every few years we have a blizzard here in Denver Colorado. Some day, that blizzard is going to last longer and take out utilities. If it's bad enough, people will die and many will suffer. So, I have extra food, water, and fire wood, just in case. This past year has shown how fragile the supply chain is: Distribution problems -- truckers got sick, a boat got stuck in the Suez Canal, dock workers got sick... supply came to a temporary halt panic buying (all that toilet paper, etc) got grabbed up and shelves were empty for a week or two cyber attacks took gas distribution (east coast) off-line. There's an attack right now on meat processing plant JBS. work force shortage caused plants to shut down supply chain can freeze for an extended period of time causing all kinds of mayhem And there are significant issues with society and the economy. It doesn't take nuclear war or an asteroid strike to make prepping make sense. So, if I may encourage, get a few weeks of food and water, just so you have some stuff put aside. If you want to learn more, I visit www.survivalistboards.com regularly and there's a lot more info. Stay strong and carry on. steve / opie
  9. Probably and i think he's #1 in fantasy points of cin wr/te
  10. I think they failed.
  11. I think his only competition is boyd and Chase as they don't really have pass catching TEs or RBs. And just like Ruggs, Chase is unproven. Don't be shocked if TE Sample has more catches than Chase
  12. I guess no one trusts lvr? did darrius heyward bey suck or did the raiders ruin him?
  13. My Last Season of Fantasy Football

    Well said.
  14. The time has come

    Yes! I can beat you in THREE leagues!
  15. With the 3rd Pick of the Draft I take.....

    That very interesting!
  16. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    Yeah,that's why i avoided him. I couldn't remember the details.
  17. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Totally agree. It was nice before people who felt the need to control content took, well, control and chased people away.
  18. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    And i think he entered the league already injured?
  19. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Let's flip the discussion... If you like jj's ff outlook, then how do you feel about tannehill?
  20. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    Just "kicking the tires"?
  21. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Lol I'll stick with my FF projection and quote bump my own post to tease and annoy delightfully in six months. But also, plenty of great players who are way more valuable in real football than FF
  22. Julio Jones to The Titans

    To be clear, I'm not projecting big numbers but i do think he'll be very important in key situations. I think his addition is the difference in one additional regular season win and one game deeper into the playoffs. Granted, you'd need access to alternate universes to to prove that but point is... I think his real football contributions will be well worth it
  23. Julio Jones to The Titans

    This! Steve's going to be so annoyed that i was right
  24. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Lol just because David says something doesn't make it gospel. I can respect and disagree with his opinion. And I do disagree. I'll put you down for your projection as wr24 since you can't come up with your own independent thought #triggered I thought the fun part of ff is having different opinions?
  25. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Julio Jones a #1 WR? No way. I currently have him at No. 24 (PPR). I go through a in-depth analysis and review over the next month for a second complete re-ranking but I doubt I'll change much. I currently have him at 76-980-6 but that is more likely to fall than to rise. Jones was a Top-6 WR for many years through 2019. Then he had hip and hamstring issues last season. He's 32 years old and having multiple health issues is very troublesome for an aging wideout. My concern with him is less about his health than where he ended up. TEN has a rushing offense and was No. 1 in rushing attempts last year - and they relied heavily on just one guy. They were No. 30 in pass attempts. Ryan Tannehill was very efficient and effective give the lower amount of passes, but then again the defense first assumption was that the Titans would run the ball. A.J. Brown was a touchdown magnet and Jones has long been a "yards not scores" kind of player. He replaces Corey Davis who had four 100-yard games and then little else in all other games. I could see that sort of potential and inconsistency from Jones as a No. 2 WR in an offense that threw less than almost anyone last year. I am also concerned that the Titans have one of the worst schedules for passing in the NFL this year. And they are going from No. 17 to No. 30 in schedule strength for WRs. It will be interesting to see what happens and on the surface of it, the move looks great for the Titans. I'll be following it closely. Thanks for your insights!