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  1. The time has come

    Yes! I can beat you in THREE leagues!
  2. With the 3rd Pick of the Draft I take.....

    That very interesting!
  3. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    Yeah,that's why i avoided him. I couldn't remember the details.
  4. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Totally agree. It was nice before people who felt the need to control content took, well, control and chased people away.
  5. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    And i think he entered the league already injured?
  6. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Let's flip the discussion... If you like jj's ff outlook, then how do you feel about tannehill?
  7. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    Just "kicking the tires"?
  8. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Lol I'll stick with my FF projection and quote bump my own post to tease and annoy delightfully in six months. But also, plenty of great players who are way more valuable in real football than FF
  9. Julio Jones to The Titans

    To be clear, I'm not projecting big numbers but i do think he'll be very important in key situations. I think his addition is the difference in one additional regular season win and one game deeper into the playoffs. Granted, you'd need access to alternate universes to to prove that but point is... I think his real football contributions will be well worth it
  10. Julio Jones to The Titans

    This! Steve's going to be so annoyed that i was right
  11. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Lol just because David says something doesn't make it gospel. I can respect and disagree with his opinion. And I do disagree. I'll put you down for your projection as wr24 since you can't come up with your own independent thought #triggered I thought the fun part of ff is having different opinions?
  12. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Julio Jones a #1 WR? No way. I currently have him at No. 24 (PPR). I go through a in-depth analysis and review over the next month for a second complete re-ranking but I doubt I'll change much. I currently have him at 76-980-6 but that is more likely to fall than to rise. Jones was a Top-6 WR for many years through 2019. Then he had hip and hamstring issues last season. He's 32 years old and having multiple health issues is very troublesome for an aging wideout. My concern with him is less about his health than where he ended up. TEN has a rushing offense and was No. 1 in rushing attempts last year - and they relied heavily on just one guy. They were No. 30 in pass attempts. Ryan Tannehill was very efficient and effective give the lower amount of passes, but then again the defense first assumption was that the Titans would run the ball. A.J. Brown was a touchdown magnet and Jones has long been a "yards not scores" kind of player. He replaces Corey Davis who had four 100-yard games and then little else in all other games. I could see that sort of potential and inconsistency from Jones as a No. 2 WR in an offense that threw less than almost anyone last year. I am also concerned that the Titans have one of the worst schedules for passing in the NFL this year. And they are going from No. 17 to No. 30 in schedule strength for WRs. It will be interesting to see what happens and on the surface of it, the move looks great for the Titans. I'll be following it closely. Thanks for your insights!
  13. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Okay. Crypto address?
  14. Rodgers wants out of GB

    I knew and think you have the same opinion with Russell Wilson
  15. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Yup. That's why i was quoting projections. I'm most pessimistic and you and stethant are most optimistic.
  16. Julio Jones to The Titans

    But you didn't actually say anything... We2 or 3 or flex Ok, so you say 65/1000/5
  17. Rodgers wants out of GB

    There appears to be a disconnect on what dime of y'all think On this? I think most/all of us agree he is, but some think this is a bad thing? I think if you're a future first round hall of fame player at one of the most important positions in all of sports, well, maybe the team should treat him like a prima Donna and with great respect and deference.
  18. Julio Jones to The Titans

    And Steve unable to provide a projection. I'd like to hear from our overlord @DMD
  19. Julio Jones to The Titans

    #easilytriggered How about y'all predict some numbers? I'm going with 50/600/6. #50 wr, #100 flex In my 16 team league, that makes him a bye week player. In 12 team, nearly not worth rostering. At best, he's #3 receiver on TEN a after Reynolds. Probably after firkser too
  20. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Excellent point. And i guess if their sub par defense makes them play from behind?
  21. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I figured he'd get like 10 more catches than last year so i was just gonna let that slide and leave the available at 106 The other option is that tannehill has a career year
  22. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I guess the question is, how many completions do y'all think tannehill will have? If similar to last year, then Corey and Jonnu leave open 106 for Reynolds and Jones to split
  23. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Are you factoring in reduction due to joining a new team, age, and going to a team that has a qb and oc that doesn't mesh well with his skill set? I think Reynolds will have more ff points than Jones
  24. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I think he is still a great real player, but i think his FF career is done
  25. Julio Jones to The Titans

    I agree but i think the value is less about his numbers and more for leadership and crucial moments