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  1. Buffalo receivers

    I like him but think Sanders takes away too much. Does Davis breakout this or next year?
  2. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    No way does ATL have a first round offer on the table from anyone. No way PFT's Mike Florio reports the Titans have emerged as the favorites to trade for Julio Jones. The "current expectation" is the Falcons will trade Jones to the Titans for a second-round pick. This conflicts with previous reports — ESPN reported the Falcons have a first-round offer for Jones and the Titans are a "longshot" to land him. With Atlanta facing cap pressure, it's possible they'll have to settle for less than a Day 1 pick for Jones if they don't contribute to his salary. The Patriots, who have had internal talks about Jones, also remain in play as a landing spot. RELATED: Tennessee Titans SOURCE: ProFootballTalk on NBCSports.com May 30, 2021, 11:56 AM ET
  3. best 2021 udfa ?

    the only i've come up with so far is Pooka Williams. Appears he dropped due to character concerns, but is a dynamic runner. He looks just as comfortable running inside as out. who have you found?
  4. Coming to the 2028 NFL draft...

    If that's natural, then awesome! But i can't help but think that kid is on steroids and has ruined his life before it began
  5. Taxi squads

    I'll name my team "Garrett 'Hodor' Bolles"
  6. Best Week One Matchup

    Oh, i remember him, a little. I also dislike delusional liberals.
  7. Taxi squads

    Good post shaft and your voice counts equally, new is irrelevant.
  8. Best Week One Matchup

    I don't remember him. Maybe he and i never crossed swords? Who was his nemesis?
  9. Taxi squads

    Fair enough, but... "I just think it’s better to give guys time to get ready for it." ... They can decide for themselves, yeah?
  10. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Omg. Was John sarcastic??!
  11. Taxi squads

    I think you're more hardcore about "rules" because of your important and dangerous job.
  12. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    I don't listen to Shannon and skip show but heard they're one of the least respected media teams. Apparently, plenty of agents won't let their clients go on that show. And i don't know why cowherd is On the radio being a racist and sexist
  13. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    Local radio is tearing Shannon Sharpe a new a-hole for calling Jones with Shannon's personal cell and not telling Jones he was live on the air. SS is A real do0sh for doing that
  14. Rodgers wants out of GB

    Lol Pure utter b.s. Click bait. Sites like that should be embarrassed
  15. Taxi squads

    Are you posting this because you're legit against the idea for this year or because of the rules?
  16. Best Week One Matchup

    I can see three playoff teams from afc north Buf, ten, kc, those three and who?
  17. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    I predict Tennessee
  18. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    That's crazy
  19. 2021 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    That's what my ex wife said!
  20. 2021 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Oh, i do take my own advice
  21. Sir Hugo’s Hipster Henchman | Euchre_Star10 Year 2021 Draft Pick 5.12 Year 2021 Draft Pick 5.14 Mr. Big | Opie- :$3
  22. 2021 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Lol i reached on all mine!
  23. best 2021 udfa ?

    i hear you but he plays and is tough. I usually dislike smaller players but i think he can take the punishment
  24. 2021 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    What do the colors mean?
  25. 2021 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Shaft, what are your thoughts? I really like your first four picks. i was hoping to get Kenny Yeboah, thought he might continue falling.