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  1. Thank you so much for keeping the DAD league running all these years! 

    1. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      It hasn't been easy the last couple years very hard to find new owners for all the people quitting lately plus my team is in a long rebuild.  Berlin dropped my other 2 BoTH leagues the IDP ones so I wonder if he is going to keep YODT and LLD going.  I have seen no action over there lately.

    2. Henry Muto

      Henry Muto

      What was that Hockenson trade for Sanders ?  How can people make such terrible dynasty trades ?  I offered him Michel for Hockenson yesterday he never countered that and takes a 33 year old WR wtf ?  He jumped off that Hockerson bandwagon in 1 year.  That was such a horrific value trade.

    3. LordOpie


      That was very odd

  2. Use nephew's winnings to pay for the [dead uncle's] fees. ~ Darin3

  3. I imagine you naked with a nice Chianti.

  4. Inigo knows his stuff.

  5. Will be my "Live and Let Dy" punching bag. It will all end in tears. Drink up buddy.

  6. Great username. I've been seeing it for a month now and finally understand it. I'm not usually *that* dumb.

  7. The man knows food and drink. Thanks for the restaurant recommendations!

  8. His taste in restaurants is only second to his avatar and personal photos. Rock on!