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  1. We need to have rules in place for tanking

    I don't think we need to focus on tanking, but rather mismanagement. We don't need to prove intent. If someone,even me,plays a player that's injured or On bye over an active player, that's worth penalty. I know I've done it, but it wasn't intentional. I, too, should be penalized.
  2. Facebook Commercials

    men use Facebook?
  3. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    Maybe it was and Steve just desperately wanted to be contrary?
  4. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    I'm unsure how this wasn't entirely obvious?
  5. Supply issues you've experienced

    I guess we need too stock up?
  6. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    Oh. That's dumb.
  7. Keenan Allen placed on Covid protocol

    Week 14 playoffs? Didn't leagues adjust to avoid week 14 byes?!
  8. Supply issues you've experienced

    I went shopping with my wife yesterday and mentioned the empty spots on shelves. She says it's been that way for a while. Is there something we can do about this?
  9. Broncos vs Chiefs (SNF)

    Unless something crazy like Rodgers/Wilson/Watson happens, probably
  10. Trade

    Redraft... Hurts Dynasty... Watson
  11. Christian McCaffrey out for season

    Simple... Good signing bonus, minimal contract, high incentives including game bonus.
  12. Coach McCarthy tested positive for Covid

    seems odd that so many NFL personnel/players test positive, but don't actually get sick?
  13. Coach McCarthy tested positive for Covid

    they're like the hottest girl in the trailer park
  14. Game four, they start their most inexperienced pitcher??!! Why??! I realize they're going with a bull pen rotation for this game to rest starters, especially since Charlie Morton took a line drive too his leg and fractured tibia in game one, but this rotation is nuts. Ps: Morton kept pitching on a fracture, so bad ass
  15. You need to be trading

    Fyi, I'm available to bounce ideas off of for anyone who wants to talk trades. I've helped a few of y'all, even when the trade benefited an owner I'm directly competing against. Also, I'm happy to help with the rules, especially as it relates to trades.
  16. You need to be trading

    contribute pleas 1. Being mediocre keeps you mediocre. If you're not very good, you need to be trading your older, but still very good players and/or good players on a 1-2 year contract.On I hear the argument, "but i want to see what i get from franchising the player." Counter idea... You save/profit $15 in the trade by not tagging, so that's added value, You reduce risk of your tag-worthy player having a significant injury, and You increase the value of your next year's picks. More later...
  17. How to Win

    It did age well. I'm making my kids watch old movies and see that one recently.
  18. How to Win

    Not divisional rounds weekend?
  19. FA bid . FITZPATRICK, DEZ TEN WR - Mr Big Won

    I dropped Johnson, Brian FA PK from taxi
  20. Ingram not playing tonight

    Tony Jones do far... 11 carries 11 yards Why they give up on latavius Murray?
  21. Week 12 Chat

    Full of disease?
  22. Week 12 Chat

    How 'bout them raiders?!