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  1. Colston

    For what it is worth, I had a meeting in N.O. today and heard Bobby Hebert on his radio show speculating that Colston still wasn't going to be ready to play this weekend. I don't know what he based it on, but he said that Horn and Colston would be out. Horn has a torn hammy, not a strain. If anyone has inside info on the Saints, I would think the Cajun Cannon would.
  2. MNF

    I needed overtime so Westy could score 6 more points. Oh, well.......
  3. LOL @ Kornheiser

    I took Westy at number 10 and haven't regretted it all season. My league scoring greatly favors RBs that catch passes, but even if it didn't, my other choices at that spot were Cadillac, Jordan, Rudi and the like. I think Westy is the fourth ranked RB in my league.
  4. Rams are the worst team in football

    I concur wholeheartedly!
  5. Tanking issue

    I have tanked to manipulate my playoff seeding before, but that is a totally different issue. In this case, the commish doesn't have the right to change a lineup unless the rules state that he does. Plain and simple. If the lineup deadline has passed, it seems to me that there is nothing that can be done except some whining and crying. If the rules don't cover it, the commish can't do squat.
  6. Whoa!

    All this talk of snow and sleet makes it all the more special to tell everyone that I skipped out of work early and played a quick nine holes in 75 degree weather. It is a great time of year to live in Florida....
  7. 1:43 to go and I am up

    That is the worst loss I have ever heard of. Sorry man. I am sure your opponent is pretty happy though.
  8. Olshansky Ejection

    I understand that it was a lagal block , but I must say that if a guy tried to take out my knees on a spike play while I am backing up, I would probably lose it as well. Even Denver fans shouldn't try to defend this bush move. Legal or not.
  9. 1. Do you also play fantasy baseball? What kind (Roto/total points scoring, head-to-head, 5x5, 7x7, etc...) I have played Fantasy Baseball for about 10 years. I currently play 2 head-to-head 6x6 leagues and another dynasty type league that uses a salary cap and the real major league contracts. 2. Why do you play? To keep up that competitive spirit after FF season is over? Just to keep interested in baseball? I play beacuase I am a baseball fan and baseball lends itself very well to fantasy. There are so many stat categories and strategies. 3. If you don't play, why not? Is it too "intimidating" or complicated with all the crazy scoring categories? Is it too time-consuming as compared to FF? Is it even "nerdier" than FF? N/A 4. What do you like about fantasy baseball that you don't about fantasy football, or vice versa? I like the fact that baseball is every day. Those who put in the most work usually win. I also like that there are many diffeent strategies in Fantasy Baseball. Most FFers use similar strategies; they just try to do it better than other owners. 5. If you don't play, what might change your mind about playing this upcoming baseball season? N/A 6. Any other general thoughts about your experiences with fantasy baseball? It is a sport better suited for fantasy than football because of the variety of stats and the longer season. The cream usually rises.
  10. Another M.Bell question

    I think I heard he was honoring a grandparent by using their name. It has nothing to do with his wife or him being a Rosie O'Donnell.
  11. Crumpler or Gates

    Gates and it isn't even close. I would rather have a TE who catches 5 and has 60 yards and a TD every week than a guy who blows up for two big games.
  12. Agreed. I think the guy was just talking smack after the fact. A weak move. Like you said....It is the Ravens.
  13. Hi, Hoppy! All is well. I am always lurking. I just don't post much. Bummer about the Elk Lodge busting up. It was just your luck that it was the year your Mets actually beat out the Braves. I hope all is well with you.
  14. I didn't see the play. Is what you are upset about the actual play or the fact that he is talking smack about it? If the play was dirty, he should be penalized. If the uproar is about a guy talking after he laid a legitimate hit on somebody and that said somebody got hurt, then I think it is much ado about nothing. Was there a flag thrown on the play? Were you upset when you saw the play or after you heard the talk?
  15. It is football, not ballet. If you don't think there are certain players that are targeted for a "little extra" by defenders, you are living in a dream world. Look what happenned to Chad Johnson yesterday after he flapped his gums all week. Were those hits unintentional? Take the blinders off. Bush probably tried to get in a little extra after the whistle one time and the rook paid a price.