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  1. Made two trades in the dynasty league after our season ended - Cam Akers and Michael Thomas. Safe to say this season is not looking good for me.
  2. Teams asking about Russell Wilson

    If Seattle does trade him, they better get a haul of picks and players. I just don't see any team offering that much or Wilson being happy going to a team that just gutted themselves for his service.
  3. WR HELP. PICK 2 :

    Aiyuk and Beasley
  4. TD only league - starting Wayne Gallman, Corey Davis, Brandon Aiyuk and Chris Godwin. my last spot can be WR or RB. My choices are Allan Lazard, Devante Parker, Keke Coutte and Alvin Kamara. Logic says Kamara but Hill does not throw screen passes and has been stealing short yardage TD. Parker would be the choice if Fitz were QB. Am I overthinking Kamara or should I start a fourth WR? Thanks.
  5. For some of us (well me for sure), the playoffs are a pipe dream due to injury so I am looking towards 2021 and in my dynasty league trying to find some players who could break out in 2021. The big name rookies - Burrows, Jefferson, CEH - are all rostered and will most likely be held. I talking about the next level or two down players A few I am trying to pick up prior to the end of the season are Cam Akers, Brandon Aiyuk and Jaelen Reagor. Any more to add to the list?
  6. I love the nfc east

    At least the whole division is still alive!!! I think it comes down to the last game of the season: Giants vs Dallas. Winner takes the title. 6-10 record.