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  1. TD only league - starting Wayne Gallman, Corey Davis, Brandon Aiyuk and Chris Godwin.   my last spot can be WR or RB.   My choices are Allan Lazard, Devante Parker, Keke Coutte and Alvin Kamara.  Logic says Kamara but Hill does not throw screen passes and has been stealing short yardage TD.  Parker would be the choice if Fitz were QB.  Am I overthinking Kamara or should I start a fourth WR?   Thanks.

  2. For some of us (well me for sure), the playoffs are a pipe dream due to injury so I am looking towards 2021 and in my dynasty league trying to find some players who could break out in 2021.   The big name rookies - Burrows, Jefferson, CEH - are all rostered and will most likely be held.  I talking about the next level or two down players


    A few I am trying to pick up prior to the end of the season are Cam Akers, Brandon Aiyuk and Jaelen Reagor.


    Any more to add to the list?


  3. If they are only two million apart there is no way this will not get done.  Brees would give up two million from his contract just to get it done.  He will be signed - I am guessing slightly more than Joe Mixon but not reaching $15 million.  I'd say 4 years and $54 million 


  4. I am relaxing with the family.  We did some spring cleanup but really have not been doing much.   In addition to working full time I am a trustee in my village and I also run the local little league. It is nice to actually have some time and relax and talk with my wife and kids.  

  5. 8 hours ago, stevegrab said:


    Would learning under Brady for a couple years fix all his issues and make him a legit starter? 


    He was pushed aside by Tannehill, not sure why people think he can still be a starter. 

    I don’t know much about MM.   the only

    reason I ask is Belichick likes reclamation projects and Might take a flyer on him. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, Dcat said:

    Brady and Marc Davis in the building together at the McGregor fight . 


    I think he could end up a Raiduh.  There aren't many cities Giselle would be willing to move to and Vegs would be ok most likely


    If Brady leaves it has to be a to a team that is ready to compete for the title.  I am not sure that even with Brady the Raiders are that close.  They wouldn't even be the best team in their division.  

  7. Same here.  Went wire to wire.  Best regular season ever for me in my 25 year old dynasty league.  Played the team i beat twice by 30 points each time and lost badly to him in the semi finals.    


    Fantasy football is a cruel mistress.  See you next year.

  8. I know a lot of people were big on his this summer pre draft as a sleeper.  Even after McCoy got to KC, there was still talk of Thompson eventually getting time.  But now I see he is inactive for games and when he is active, is only on special teams.  I am not a Chiefs fan and don't follow them so I am not sure what happened.  Their run game is not that impressive so I am not sure why this kid is not given a shot.  


    Any Chiefs insiders know what is going on and if this kid will even see the field this year?



  9. 2 hours ago, stethant said:

    Two words: Bill. O'Brien.


    Should've been fired 2 years ago and Deshaun Watson's athleticism and skill saved his job. The Texans will pay dearly for O'Brien's mistake over the last 2 days for the next 5 years.


    He is the worst coach in the league. If they ever fire him and bring in someone who knows the game, they will be a much much better team.  


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