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    LAST CALL !! The deadline to enter or change your entry is Midnight Tonight. In four years of doing the contest this year we have the most participants ever with over 100 people entered. Good luck! Russ. This thread will self destruct following tomorrows draft! LOL

    I think they want to give Vick every opporunity to succeed. Fine by me I want to trade out of the #2 spot anyway. All the local media are jumping on the Calvin Johnson bandwagon.
  3. LIONS DRAFT CONTEST Quote: • While everyone has focused on No. 4 Tampa Bay as the most likely trading partner for No. 2 Detroit in the Calvin Johnson Sweepstakes, it's the No. 8 Falcons who might truly be in the driver's seat. Sources say Falcons owner Arthur Blank has pretty much ordered Atlanta general manager Rich McKay to do everything he can to put the team into position to land Johnson at No. 2. Blank wants Johnson for a couple of reasons. First, Johnson played at Georgia Tech and would help sell tickets to disillusioned Falcons fans who have endured two non-playoff seasons after Atlanta went to the NFC title game in 2004. Second, the Falcons still have their long-standing need of a reliable big-play receiver for quarterback to play pitch and catch with. With seven picks in the first four rounds (including two second-rounders and three in the fourth), Atlanta definitely has the ammo to make the deal with Detroit. The Falcons could send the Lions their picks at 8, 39 and 44 for the No. 2 spot, and still have a third-rounder and three fourth-rounders to fill other needs. The Lions are known to covet middle linebacker Patrick Willis of Mississippi and would be perfectly situated at No. 8 to select him. Picking up at least two extra second-rounders in the process would meet Matt Millen's goal of turning the No. 2 slot into a first-day package of picks. Detroit is likely to draft a quarterback with its own second-round pick at No. 34. Stanford's Trent Edwards remains slightly favored over Michigan State's Drew Stanton. • At No. 4 and not wanting to give up the majority of their four picks in the draft's first 68 slots, Tampa Bay is not likely to move up in an attempt to compete for Johnson. The Bucs need defensive help and appear to be more likely to take Clemson defensive end Gaines Adams if they stay put. Wisconsin offensive tackle Joe Thomas is another option at No. 4, but so too is trying to move down a few spots with the intention of taking Louisville defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, who some in the organization are likening to a young Warren Sapp.
  4. Huddle Donations to the United Way

    Thanks for the post.. I'm in.

    No problem. Good luck. 3 days to go. So far 90 folks entered. Lions | Six teams looking to trade for No. 2 pick Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:19:09 -0700 Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports six teams are interested in trading for the No. 2 overall selection in the 2007 NFL Draft. The Detroit Lions currently hold the second pick in the draft.

    FWIW I have a buddy who works at a law firm downtown Detroit so he knows some people in the organization..... Calvin "Cornbread" Johnson is the pick "Talking with someone close to the situation, the Lions will draft CJ if he is there at number 2 and don't trade down. Everyone on the offensive side of the ball are in love with him. This is according to the Lions draft board as of this weekend. " If this is the case I really hope the Lions trade down ! ! !

    Ok so far we have 60 entries... and the draft countdown clock is counting down.... 7 days until the daft ! I still think Brady Quinn is a possibility, I dont by the Calvin Johnson talk. Mostly I believe the Lions want to trade down and go defense which isnt all that exciting from a fantasy point of view but their defense stinks and they need some players.

    The Baseball and Basketball are good... hockeyteam no slouch either. The football team.... uh work in progress.

    Gaines Adams and Patrick Willis getting a lot of love.... which I like. I am surprised that Calvin Johnson and Brady Quinn arent getting picked more..

    I can do that. If someone from here wins I spring for a Huddle membership for this season. It funny becuase one guy said having to go to 2 lions game was more like a punishment than a prize.... and he was a Lions fan.
  11. Two thumbs up.. and thanks for the email !!!

    Well its that time of year again. The highlight of the Lions' season... their draft. You can join in the excitement to see what fanatasy bust Matt Millen will draft this season... just kidding. Click on the link to enter. Once again this year I am doing a draft contest. It's not difficult to play, and there is not cost to enter. Everyone from TheHuddle is again welcome to join. THE PRIZE: The winner will get 2 tickets to a Lions regular season and pre season game of his choice. That's a pair of tickets to 2 games. OR you can choose a membership to THE HUDDLE. For those of you that dont want the tickets you can have bragging rights and Ill get you a Lions sweatshirt. Good luck! RussMan
  13. NCAA Tourny Pool. Anyone insterested?

    We still have room for more people to enter.
  14. We set up an online NCAA Tourney Pool. No cost to enter just for fun. As a prize the winner will get a T Shirt. Go here Link NCAA Tournment Pool - March Madness It's just something to do until the NFL Draft.