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  1. Ideas for changes to league for upcoming season wanted!

    I love kickers because so many people think this way and don't care and I can get an advantage and I will take any advantage people want to give me to help me win. In 2014 I won $200,000 and in 2012 I won $100,000 both by less than 2 pts I had Janikowski and Gostkowski those 2 years 2 legendary kickers that helped win all that cash. In 2014 Gostkowski was the #1 kicker scoring 172 pts between weeks 1-16. In 2012 Janikowski has a legendary 20 point game in week 15 without that I don't win $100,000.
  2. 2022 NFL IR and PS rules

    Also a change from last year is the same player can be IR'd and brought back this was not the case in the past. It will count as 2 of the 8 times. I believe the last 2 years it was unlimited bring back on players. Locking it down to 8 times now. Before covid they were allowed to bring back 2 players in 2019 I believe.
  3. Thunderballs | electricrelish and Henry Muto gave up Year 2022 Draft Pick 3.12; Year 2023 Round 3 Draft Pick from Thunderballs | electricrelish and Henry Muto OctoSkins | Franzo7 gave up Year 2023 Round 2 Draft Pick from OctoSkins | Franzo7
  4. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Post your pick in the forum if you want your player
  5. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    3.07 35 The Man with the Golden Gate Ginn | roachryder Waiting For The Next Pick Timer expires in 16 minutes
  6. 14 team leagues YODT and LLD starting lineups

    Was just a thought...no go
  7. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    There is no doubt that took too long. I just got caught up in trying to deal the pick and made a lot of trade offers that went no where. I shot for the moon in some cases but other trade offers were very reasonable and I was taking less than what was given up in the 1.06 pick trade even. Then spent another couple hours debating 2 players. Hopefully not another Reagor vs Jefferson 2020 debate all over again is what I am trying to avoid. That decision set our team back years while boosting Opie to championship contender as Jefferson fell into his lap.
  8. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Ok got my answers big fat no's from everyone no one wants pick 5. I am waiting for Jason to call back we are debating 2 players will pick very shortly.
  9. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Also part of the 18 hours was overnight not like I was on clock from 8 AM till Midnight. Working to get answers here shortly then to move on. Sorry for the delay.
  10. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    I have been working hard on trying to trade the pick but to no avail. Would I have liked to not have wasted the day so far sure would have been has not worked out. Worst part is just waiting for an answer. If people would accept, reject or counter right away I would not be taking so long.
  11. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Waiting on a few more offers to be accepted, rejected, countered then will move on to finally pick if nothing comes of it. Hopefully soon.
  12. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Going to bed if anyone is interested in pick 5 send the offers over and tomorrow I will see if I have anything to work with if not I will pick (Probably won't be until Noon ET I sleep in on weekends) just FYI
  13. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Sorry my pick may not happen tonight. Have to see about the trade offers especially 1 of them and that person might not be up still. Will be up for another hour and will keep plugging away at a possible deal. If not I will have to sleep on it as this is my only bullet in the chamber in this draft.
  14. 2022 LLD Rookie Draft and commentary

    Taking offers for pick 5 right now