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  1. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    This will be where you will post your 2020 drops, IR and DTS moves in this thread. If dropping a player that has contract implications note next to the player the number of years on the player's contract at the time of the drop. You only need to post players dropped that have contract implications.
  2. LLD FA BID: Kyle Allen WAS QB - OctoSkins Won

    Fabergé Legg Warmers has 1 dead year removed from dropping Allen earlier this year
  3. Michael Thomas is out

    He should have never been on the field at the end of the game he got hurt in. They were trying to run in a TD at the end of a game that was already over Thomas did not need to be on the field.
  4. Antonio Brown signs with Tampa Bay

    I have Antonio Brown on 65 of my 114 teams. Sadly I had him on 71 teams a couple weeks ago and dropped him in about 20 leagues because of the KC / NE moved to Monday and Tenn / Buf moved to Tuesday week. Not knowing if either game would be played I had to back up Butker who I have in like 50 leagues and I had to back up Tenn players with Monday night guys. So I had to make 1-2 moves in several leagues and it was already Friday which means waivers had already run so I had very few guys I could drop. So I dropped Brown thinking I could pick him back up in a week or two. Well then I had to deal with Lutz bye (40 teams) and all the injuries so in most of those leagues I never picked him back up. So then the news drops on Wednesday so I had to bid on Brown in every league he was still out there. I was able to pick him up in about 15 of the 30 leagues he was out there. The bidding went from no one else bid to going for $350. I went in the range of $59 to $79. So the big one is my FFPC main event team I am currently in 3rd place out of 2520 teams. I have never won a major FFPC championship so this would be a good one with 1st place paying a cool half million. Brown was not drafted and I picked up up on 9/25 and held him. We shall see how it plays out. I do find it odd that the people who think AB isn't going to amount to much and are not interested in rostering him. Very good chance he is a startable WR the rest of the way with an outside shot he becomes a top 12 WR once he is full go.
  5. Trade - Thunderballs / Mr Big - Processed

    +2 dead years Trade Processed
  6. Trade - Thunderballs / Mr Big - Processed

    +2 dead years
  7. The Man With The Golden Gate Ginn Won Contract needs assigned by Monday 6:12 AM ET
  8. FA bid Lamar Miller CHI rb - Mr Big Won

    Well you need some kind of late fee otherwise people can just do whatever they want. The late fee cost me huge in 2015. I had to give Dion Lewis a 1 year deal instead of 2 or 3 years because the 24 hour clock ended to assign a contract while it was Sunday afternoon and I was watching football and forgot until later that night. Old rules which we changed were 1 year contract enforced and a $5 late fee. Well Lewis was great that year and that forced me to franchise him that was another $15 so it cost me $20 when I would have for sure put either 2 or 3 years on him. That basically ruined me for years in DAD losing that $20. That old rule was cruel and not needed so I can up with the new rules to make it not as unforgiving. I try my best to help out as much as I can in these other leagues I am not in that Jason is in but I have a lot on my plate this year has been the worst to be in 114 leagues I am up until 4 AM on Sunday mornings doing waivers now doing them all day long from Saturday 6 PM trying to do lineups and waivers at the same time and then they run at 10 AM Sunday only to find out you wasted your time when a NE/DEN game gets cancelled. Also they don't have any backup plans in those sites for Monday / Tuesday games so you have to stress over starting those kind of guys or lesser guys to avoid possible 0s. Worst year ever but we fight on because that is what we do.
  9. FA bid Lamar Miller CHI rb - Mr Big Won

    What happened here ? This bid is like 11 days old.
  10. Fa bid- andy dalton - CANCELLED ALREADY ON A ROSTER

    Guys you are bidding on a ghost here. Dalton is already rostered by Euchre_Star.
  11. The new ending saga. I was up until 4:40 AM Sunday morning last weekend when NO test positive to try and backup my 40 Lutz teams and other Brees/Stafford teams at QB. Then I woke up at 8:40 AM only to find out it was false and had to go in and delete all my moves. The FFPC added a 10 AM ET Sunday morning waiver after last week's out brake which they now moved the Friday waivers to Sunday. Not idea for me to sift through 40 waiver wires in the FFPC and reset lineups I would have prefered Saturday 10 PM waivers followed by another Sunday run just in case. NFFC had thought ahead moved their Friday 10 PM to Saturday 10 PM from the get go. RTS was also not thinking it over and now added Saturday mightnight to their Friday midnight. I have Butker on like 40 teams so this is how last weekend went for me. I spent all night Friday 6 hours picking up and replacing 43 of my Pitt DF teams. Then Saturday hear about Cam test positive then sites added waivers and I spent from 6 PM to Midnight adding a backup kicker for Butker on 40 teams then also backing up KC guys. Then hear about NO test and spent from Midnight till 4:40 AM backup up NO/Det. Then woke up at 8:40 AM to remove those as I said already. Also cut Damien Harris 7 leagues to get a kicker I never used since KC played....that part was super annoying I held him all year still have him 5 times but super annoying. I had to cut someone.
  12. Chiefs - Patriots being moved to Mon/Tue

    I have not seen that at all. Likely Tuesday if no more positives happen before than. The odds of no more positives happen is the worry. When I wake up Sunday I will learn either no more positives or this game won't happen this week and have to adjust 114 lineups. Tonight I have to do waivers for like 100 teams (after doing waivers last night for 6 hours) to clean up my 50 Butker teams and other nightmares. Bad week to own Mahomes and have to decide if no positives come up Sunday do you risk taking a 0 starting him or go with another QB.
  13. This was never processed so doing this gives Brentastic $35 not $20 shown on the $$$
  14. Contract is now past due $1 penalty given and another $1 penalty every 24 hours at 3:03 PM ET each day not signed to a contract
  15. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    -1 dead year
  16. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

  17. FA BID: Davis, Mike CAR RB - Berlin Won

    Berlin Won Contract needs assigned by Sunday 6:49 AM ET
  18. Berlin Won Contract needs assigned by Sunday 6:44 AM ET
  19. Cantankerous Idiots Won Contract needs assigned by Saturday 3:03 PM ET
  20. How many leagues?

    Not the last few years. So not long have I spent all this time playing the last few years I have actually came away in the negative but I had a good run from 2012-2015 that has more than made up for the small losses I have taken the last few years. Sometimes you get the lion and sometimes the lion gets you.
  21. How many leagues?

    They last anywhere from about 75 mins to 120 minutes on avg. Just depends on who you draft with. I did 3-4 day during the vacation. I started drafting in April. Yes takes up all my time. I go to work then I come home and do more work. Yes if you get lucky and beat 5,000 to 10,000 people you can win up to $500,000. It take a minor miracle to win but every dog has its day.
  22. How many leagues?

    114 and basically all of them have waivers 9 Dynasty 2 local redraft 1 FFPC satellite 3 FFPC Main events 31 FFPC FBG Championship 35 RTS The Fantasy Championship 1 NFFC Primetime 17 NFFC online championship 15 NFFC Cutline I took a 2 week vacation right before the start of the season and knocked out 52 drafts in 16 days to get to the 114 total. I spent about 10 hours on waivers this week (4 on Tuesday and 6 on Wednesday). Waiver Wednesday is by far my least favorite day of the week. It was a pretty cruel first week I might add....I went 3-16 in games decided by less than 4 points.
  23. The Man With The Golden Gate Ginn Won Contract needs assigned
  24. Fa bid SAMPLE, DREW CIN TE - Mr Big Won

    $$ Processed