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  1. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    This was processed a while a go. Also I noticed the extra $55 sitting in there now that Piranha paid so I went and paid out the rest of the skin winners. There was an extra $5 left over so I sent that to Berlin.
  2. 2021 Season Paid Status

    I paid $10 of your fee for 2021 you now owe $45 on LS.
  3. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    Both of these have been paid using your winnings.
  4. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    MonekyOne's payout was sent to myself which I will use in turn to pay for him in DAF and LLD as requested.
  5. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    I messaged Piranha and got no response. Anyone else have any luck ?
  6. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    I should be able to do this.
  7. LLD 2020 $$$ Winnings Payout - PROCESSED

    How do you want me to handle this ? Do you want me to process those payments for the 3 people ? I am not sure how the LS site handles receiving payments after payouts if you can payout any new money turned in. What to do here ?
  8. Mike Evans done?

    uh not done
  9. 2020 Season Paid Status

    This is still true not sure what you guys want me to do with the payouts once everything is offical
  10. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    To add more pain to today (I have a teammate with this team) we debated Evans and Woods in the mid 4th (The draft day was on Friday the day after the first game of the season when Evans was injured) and I wanted to go Evans but he did not like the injury so we went Woods. I will say he was right for the first 15 weeks. Unless Woods goes for 36 tomorrow........ So we could have had Brady 33, Evans 40 and Kamara 56 right now. Could woulda shoulda but I doubt I will ever be anywhere near this high again in any league let alone the main event for 500K.
  11. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    In 2017 I finished 16th place in the FBG contest. I was the only team in the top 15 I think that did not have Gurley. Yes he scored 123 pts in weeks 14-16. I had the #2, #3, #4 and #5 RB's that year which is amazing to have and still didn't win. I had Bell, Kamara, Hunt and Ingram and you could start all 4. I was 8th going into the final week and Gurley scored nearly 50 pts. Like 49.6 I think.
  12. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    Murray took my $500K chance and flushed them down the drain. Brady in one half scored 33 pts. Murray 18 pts. Lost 15 pts. It's over.
  13. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    Tough to watch Brady doing this on my bench for 500K. 3 guys I would not have benched this week for Brady. #1 Mahomes, #2 Rodgers, #3 Murray. That's the list.
  14. NFL Week 16 ( Saturday Edition)

    So I finished 1st place in the FFPC Main event in the regular season. I actually crushed the league was 36 pts ahead of 2nd. 60 pts ahead of 3rd, 100 pts ahead 5th. Then week 14 the first championship round I had a solid 154 pts (I avg 172 on the year) but when playing with 2520 people and like 1000 teams in the championship round you will have teams putting up huge scores. A guy who finished 211 pts behind me scored a 226. Those 211 pts cut down to 19 pt lead with avg score. Note I picked up Cam Akers off waivers midseason never played him.......until......... So I was now in 63rd place after week 14 and 52 pts out of 1st. I played Gordon over Akers cost me 9 pts I played Brady over Murray (1st time all year I benched Kyler Murray) that cost me 3 pts. Week 15 I sit Gordon and play Akers for the first time all year. Gordon 24 pts on Saturday and Akers gets hurt on Sunday. Akers then scores a 18 yard TD........flag on the play no TD. In the end I lose 17 pts Gordon 24 vs Akers 7) I still scored a 201 in week 15 moved me back up to 17th. Week 16 Kamara 6 TD's and 56 pts pushes me to 4th place but lots of top 20 teams now have Kamara. I have to pick from Murray and Brady once again..........I thought Brady would blow up today but still couldn't pull the trigger to sit this year's current #1 QB Murray. Been a hell of a ride this year but honestly the toughest year to have ever played this game in a covid year. I had many nights I up late including a 4:40 AM night and a 5:30 AM night when I went to bed. I have had enough will be glad when this season is over. May the Gods never give us another year like. Get that vaccine out there!
  15. Patriots vs Rams (TNF)

    I wish I had done that. Last minute swaps almost never work out for me on game day probably 25% to the good so I just never try and tempt fate.
  16. Patriots vs Rams (TNF)

    Sat Akers on my #1 overall main event team and this is the week we start the journey for $500K........not feeling great right now. My team is loaded and deep I got Akers off waivers midseason for $1. Never played him. Finally last week Rams finally gave him the lead role with 21 carries. Was very tempted to play him but NE is supposed to have a good DF. I did play Woods which makes this doubly tough as Rams are up huge more likely to run Akers then throw to Woods. Been in 1st place for 6 straight weeks because I had a monster lead over everyone else but now that matters very little the lead is so little now going into the big dance. From 36 over 2nd to 3. From 100 over 5th to 9 and so on. Totally what I was afraid of was going to happen. I am actually 9th going into the big dance in RTS believe it or not as well. I lost Dak been trying to replace him all year had Taysom Hill for a few weeks but I let him go since waivers are over might been a huge mistake because I could got 1 more week out of him but rosters are locked and I wanted another QB that could help in 15 or 16. We shall see how that one shakes out.
  17. LLD 2020 Roster Moves

    This will be where you will post your 2020 drops, IR and DTS moves in this thread. If dropping a player that has contract implications note next to the player the number of years on the player's contract at the time of the drop. You only need to post players dropped that have contract implications.
  18. What do you need tonight?

    I need.........stuff to happen
  19. Week 12 Chat

    12 FFPC Championship games 23 RTS playoff games How many games will I lose where I own Mahomes and/or Tyreek not getting those TD's ? My team that is #1 overall in the main event has Tyreek. My team that is #17 overall in RTS has Tyeek. So bitter right now I own so much Tyreek and some Mahomes. Sure I could win 1 because of it but I am thinking I will lose 3 or 4 before I win one if win any. Brutal week this has been just brutal I think I am on pace to go 4-19 in RTS.
  20. Ravens at Steelers

    I lost 2 FFPC playoff games on the M-Brown 70 yard TD. I had Pitt DF was in line for 5 point bonus that got wiped out on that play. I had Roeth, JuJu, D-Johnson and Pitt DF down 60.5 they scored 59.5 in a league where I finished 712 out of 10800 and because of some guy going lucky in record he got the #1 seed and I got #4 seed so this team will not even make the championship round. This was one of my favorite teams because I took only 1 RB in the first 9 rounds (Sanders in the 2nd round who proved to doom me this week) and only 2 RB's in the first 16 rounds (Breida in round 10). How did I do so well you ask ? James Robinson preseason waiver pick up and McKinnon in round 18. That is all I needed at RB when I had Kelce and a star studed WR core and a stud DF in Pitt. Sadly the season is over now for this team.
  21. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    Or the game may not happen at all if not on Tuesday. They could let each team just play 15 games. If they do a week 18 game that will screw up the playoff schedule the byes and so forth. Hopefully we have seen the last of the outbreak and they can play on Tuesday many people have a lot riding on that game in fantasy.
  22. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    You do realize Lamar is out for a minimum of 10 days right ? If you have covid you are required to test negative for 10 straight days before being able to return. Lamar is not playing week 12.
  23. NFL Postpones Steelers vs. Ravens Thanksgiving Night Game

    Dallas / Baltimore Week 13 now on Monday night. I am not sure why they didn't just move this one to Sunday and why they wanted Monday. Pitt stays on Sunday. For most of you this is still regular season but for me in FFPC week 12 and 13 are playoffs and RTS week 13 is playoffs.
  24. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    Yes they should count. What happened When Tenn/Bills played on Tuesday ? This already happened this year.
  25. Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid

    They would move the Dallas/Bal game to Sunday if they need to just like when they cancelled the KC/Buf Thursday game when Buf played Tenn on Tuesday. While the NFL would hate to lose another Thursday game they would choose that over losing a game or moving it to week 18. I pray for no more covid positives as it would wreck me in fantasy playoffs.