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  1. What do you see first?

  2. Tony Jones

    Depends who you're cutting for him - having Kamara or not is irrelevant
  3. Should I drop him for a D/ST Week 1?!

    Why not just drop Cleveland if you're streaming defenses anyway? If Green happens to hit in week 1 he will be a pick up, I'd say it's less likely to see a mad rush on a defense, plus really easy to find a streaming option each week. But, either way it's a pretty low risk drop
  4. What do you see first?

    First saw woman looking away but pretty quickly also saw the old man with the big nose snoozing
  5. Everett or Firkser?

  6. Your league is 16 teams and requires 2 RBs, and also only 2 WRs with just 0.5 PPR - the structure basically dictates that you pretty much need to go RB as you aren't going to make up the value at WR. If it was 1 RB or 3 WR required you can more easily justify a WR there, but if you have the chance to get say a Barkley/Taylor/Jones/Harris in the 1st and still get a solid starting back like Carson in the 2nd, it's 1 way to help combat the advantage the CMC/Cook owners have in this setup. If you know your league mates well enough and think some guys may drop, you could probably get away with taking Hopkins, etc. in the 2nd if there, and targeting the high upside RBs like Sermon and Williams who my start the season as part of a committee but have a pretty decent shot at being the 1a at worst within the first 6 weeks.
  7. Does this trade make sense/is it fair?

    I think the deal makes sense for both of you, though you're getting the best of it, largely because of the depth of your team and the lack on his from the guys we know about, but I don't think it's so far off that it will cause an uproar - unless of course your league is the type that tends to have an uproar whenever anyone makes a trade that actually improves their team For him, with CMC and Gaskin, he can afford to deal Jacobs, and Beasley would be his 6th WR after the trade so it's not really hitting him too much. Edwards makes it swing a bit in your favor IMO as it is two starting RBs, and we don't know what his depth is behind Gaskin. If he has viable bye week coverage then it isn't that bad, if not, then if I was him I'd be wanting a Hines or Moss back as well to fill that role. But he is adding Thielen and Callaway who probably slot into the starting lineup with Landry, with Waddle/Ruggs matchup flex options, both with a fair bit of breakout potential. From your side, you are dealing from WR depth which you have an amazing amount of, and solidifying your RB2 spot. Jacobs and Edwards are both decent options but neither looks likely to be elite (though you never know), and if Beasley is ever part of your regular lineup you're either screwed by injuries at WR or Allen is having a season for the ages.
  8. Depends on lineup requirements. If you only need to start 1 RB, I'm taking Hill or Adams there - if you need to start 2 RBs then they are further bloated in value and I'm taking one of the RBs, whichever you prefer, but not overly excited about it - all 4 have enough pros/cons that you can reasonably put them in any order
  9. Does this trade make sense/is it fair?

    Keeper/Dynasty or redraft? Starting Lineup Requirements? Scoring system? Assuming relatively standard and PPR, while he may be giving up a little more, it is addressing a position of need for him and dealing from a position of strength. Not knowing your roster, no way to know if any of the players you are receiving are immediate starters and what it does to your WR corp.
  10. Another grim TE season... Suggestions?

    You're doing it right - in a 10 team, 1 QB league there is no need to roster a 2nd QB or really a 2nd TE and definitely not a 2nd kicker, unless you are in a relatively strange league where all of the other teams are holding 3 QBs, etc. It is more valuable to have the extra slots filled with lottery ticket RBs/WRs that could give a lot more value if they hit and are easy to churn to cover the bye weeks when needed.
  11. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    And since a team defense won't get hurt, you aren't risking a zero at the position every week by not having a backup
  12. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    I'm not sure the guy that spent 4 picks on TEs with the same bye week and 5 picks on backup RBs from 2 teams with the same bye, only drafted one defense (sorry Darin, no knock on you) and 2 kickers with the same bye should really be judging/commenting, especially on best ball strategy.
  13. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Oops - and yeah, still a lot of guys I'd like to draft
  14. Even if it's a 2 RB league this looks good - just play matchups for our RB2 spot until one of them steps up - you have 2 of my favorite late round RBs for this strategy in Jones and Lindsay, so either you are sitting really pretty or you are totally screwed