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  1. Sad reality is often times the "truth" doesn't matter in these cases - it is often cheaper and less risk, even if innocent, to settle and not take the chance of a judgment going against you, especially since the bar is a lot lower in a civil case than a criminal case, which is one reason we may never see any criminal case come from any of this. If guilty, it also is a way out without admitting any guilt. Settlement will be confidential, very strict NDA and come with absolutely no admission of wrongdoing.
  2. Speak for your self...... says the guy no one throws themself at.
  3. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby would like you to hold their beers right now.
  4. NFL's possible coming deals with Amazon

    Ummm.. that would be the entire point of Amazon acquiring exclusive rights to games.. to drive more people to their service. Some people will pay for Prime for the shipping of products - the music streaming, tv streaming, exclusive tv shows, etc. is just a bonus to them that is included, not something they "need". Some people are paying for the streaming service - the free shipping on orders is just a bonus, not somethin they "need". If they do this, some people will pay just for the NFL games as something they "need". All the other stuff is just a bonus that may keep them around.
  5. Final "what do you need on MNF?" for 2021

    This one felt good especially since I lost to you in our previous 2 championship game meetings. Was knocked out in the early rounds in my other leagues, so this was then only one I had going that isn't a FFPC Best Ball league.
  6. Should be included as part of the regular free prime video content. THey have a deal for Thursday Night Football, guessing this is part of it. Have watched games before through Prime and it's no different than any other broadcast.
  7. Got it. For reference, I have Hulu Live - I can tell it what teams, or sports, I like, and it will automatically record all of those games (or any other content that they are in) and I can do the same - start 30-60 minutes later, skip forward/back, etc. One big risk with the local DVR (which I experienced more than once), is that a hardware failure and you lose everything, this doesn't happen with the cloud DVR. I'm not trying to convince you one way or the other, just saying from my personal experience once I made the change I absolutely do not miss "regular" TV at all - I still have way more channels/options than I really need, and late at night when going to sleep I still spend more time than I should skipping around trying to find something that I want to watch but don't really care about seeing so I don't mind falling asleep to it.
  8. Just FYI, but most of the streaming services have DVR functionality
  9. League Rules vs. Norms

    Yet another reason why blind bidding and not a waiver order should be used in fantasy football --- though that is a discussion for another time and honestly I believe I can make valid arguments for both kinds of systems based on the type of league that it is.
  10. League Rules vs. Norms

    In my leagues, if you are playing games and the waiver wire is open (in several of my leagues, waiver wire/FA is closed once playoffs start), then you are free to use the waiver wire. Granted, in any of my leagues with a consolation bracket, we do have a value tied to that (small prize money or determination of draft order next season), so I can understand his frustration, but I still think that they can/should be able to perform waivers.
  11. But at least you can write both off as a legitimate business expense.
  12. DId my first Guillotine league this year and I am hooked. Already looking forward to doing it again next year.
  13. Dang, I suppose if you are going for the rebuild you absolutely dove in head first. I'm with you that if you need to rebuild you go for it, but I tend to try and spread the picks over a couple of years, so the few times I've done it, I may have traded for multiple 1st or 2nd in the current year, but then once draft hype hit I look to parlay them into some extra picks the following year as well.
  14. Are you saying that every year drafting depth and managing the waiver wire is random and there is no (or a low level) of skill involved in draft prep and waiver wire management (primarily for blind bid leagues, though to a lesser extent worst to first as well). And aren't starter strategies (and thus drafting and waiver strategy) always based on league rules? I guess I'm a bit confused - in every one of my leagues with different rules I have a different strategy - 1 RB or 2 RB required starter are different strategies, PPR or no-PPR is a different strategy, TE premium or not is a different strategy, 1 or 2 flexes and what positions can be flexed are a different strategy, 2 QB (and superflex) is a different strategy.
  15. OG Check-In

    Yeah, I think I still have my copy of msaints book lying around somewhere - i think it survived the fire, I'll have to check around for it. And if you have to ask if your OG, you definitely aren't. If you are OG, then you know about the couch in the corner with the Cheetoh dust