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  1. Tough keeper decision to make

    This for sure in my opinion
  2. Tough keeper decision to make

    Non-PPR, assuming relatively standard lineup requirements and assuming this is your only keeper, I think Akers is likely the best choice, but: 1. Do you know your draft slot yet? 2. If yes, who do you think the best players available will be at your pick? More than likely I'd say keep Akers, but if for example you have the #1 pick and an owner has Barkley and Cook so can only keep one, and you don't like the WRs coming back to you, you could keep Metcalf then use the #1 pick on whichever of Barkley/Cook isn't kept. Obviously this is a very specific scenario, but it's a step you should look at to maximize the value on your roster
  3. With the 3rd Pick of the Draft I take.....

    Unless you're dead set on one of those guys above the others, it's a good year to try trade back a few spots if you can get a decent return
  4. Doug

    I think I'd do this as well, but it is not an easy decision. Can you try and trade one for pick upgrades prior to declaring keepers? For example, maybe you could send Dobbins and your 5th for a 2nd or 3rd round pick (could always ask for more if you think an owner really wants him). Something like that and you still keep Taylor for a 4th but now have two picks in one of the earlier rounds for essentially no cost to you as you couldn't keep Dobbins anyway.
  5. Rookie TEs?

  6. Ok Trade??

    That doesn't mean overdrafting one is the answer. In a dynasty drafting for need over value is the fastest way to perpetual mediocrity.
  7. Ok Trade??

    I wouldn't touch a QB at #1 in a non superflex or 2QB league. What's the rest of your roster look like? For reference, in 1 dynasty league I'm in, Lawrence went at #11, Lance at #12, Fields at #17 In the other I am in (a little more QB friendly), Lawrence at 4, Lance at 9, Fields at 13 and Wilson at 15 For me, since it's only half PPR, I'd take Najee (assuming you can use an RB) and a QB at 2.01 (depending on who is there, if other owners go QB early, even better WR/RB there for you), or shop the 1.01 - you can likely get an offer better than the 1.02 and Roth
  8. Draft QB early this year?

    For the first part, sure for averages it's a big drop, but what about actual production. Over the last several years, what is the typical drop in scoring between QBs 1-3 and say QBs 10-12, or, as you say QBs go fast and furious in this league, even QBs 14-16. Then, assuming it's a start 2 RB and 2-3 WR league, the difference between RB 1-3 and say RB 20-24, similar ranges for WRs. That gives you a better idea on the range of outcomes/value drop using your actual scoring system (that way if it is overly QB friendly, it will account for that). If you really think QB is scarce this year, or that exercise shows a larger drop at QB and based on your league's history (which seems to indicate QBs going earlier than typical) you can better come up with a plan. I am usually a big take a QB as late as possible advocate assuming a fairly standard scoring system and lineup options (zigging while others zag), and usually even more so if my opponents are likely to overdraft QBs as it means I am able to stock up on more early round RBs/WRs, but that strategy adjusts if lineups (ie superflex/2QB) or scoring system (ie very QB friendly where we essentially are playing fantasy QB each week) dictates a change.
  9. Draft QB early this year?

    Where do you expect a bigger drop off in production to occur? A. Between the QB you are likely to get drafting one with your 3rd/4th round picks compared to waiting (possibly even until closer to the 7th/8th or even 9th/10th assuming this is a start 1 QB league) or B. Between the RB or WR you pass on at that 3rd/4th round area compared to the RB or WR you would take later on?
  10. Sad reality is often times the "truth" doesn't matter in these cases - it is often cheaper and less risk, even if innocent, to settle and not take the chance of a judgment going against you, especially since the bar is a lot lower in a civil case than a criminal case, which is one reason we may never see any criminal case come from any of this. If guilty, it also is a way out without admitting any guilt. Settlement will be confidential, very strict NDA and come with absolutely no admission of wrongdoing.
  11. Speak for your self...... says the guy no one throws themself at.
  12. Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby would like you to hold their beers right now.
  13. NFL's possible coming deals with Amazon

    Ummm.. that would be the entire point of Amazon acquiring exclusive rights to games.. to drive more people to their service. Some people will pay for Prime for the shipping of products - the music streaming, tv streaming, exclusive tv shows, etc. is just a bonus to them that is included, not something they "need". Some people are paying for the streaming service - the free shipping on orders is just a bonus, not somethin they "need". If they do this, some people will pay just for the NFL games as something they "need". All the other stuff is just a bonus that may keep them around.
  14. Final "what do you need on MNF?" for 2021

    This one felt good especially since I lost to you in our previous 2 championship game meetings. Was knocked out in the early rounds in my other leagues, so this was then only one I had going that isn't a FFPC Best Ball league.
  15. Should be included as part of the regular free prime video content. THey have a deal for Thursday Night Football, guessing this is part of it. Have watched games before through Prime and it's no different than any other broadcast.