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  1. Vetoed this...

    Wait, which side is it you are saying is tanking? If the Cook side, why, it certainly looks like he is improving his lineup as he can slot Fournette into an RB spot and then have Thielen and Thomas (if ever healthy) take over for Lamb and Hasty. Seems like a lot of improvement for a team that is tanking. If it's the team trading to get Cook, we haven't seen his roster yet, so can't say about that, as if he is pretty deep/strong and Cook may be the piece to put him over the top, then it is a bit much to pay possible but if it improves him it's not completely out of line for a deal for a top (if not the top) RB in the league. Keeper league or not? I mean, if a redraft and I'm the Cook owner sitting at 2-5, this is exactly the type of deal I'm looking for to try and make a push to back into the playoffs and maybe make a run.
  2. Graphics links broken?

    Firing Carl?
  3. Should this trade be allowed?

    This is probably one of the more fair trades I've seen posted in a while, absolutely it should go through. Then it's time to have the league put on their big boy pants and get rid of that dumb committee review thing.
  4. Commish decision: Allow this trade?

    Nothing wrong with that trade - let owners manage their teams
  5. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    I'm generally having trouble finding someone to drop for him, same for Myles Gaskin in a few leagues where he is available.
  6. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    He is a 5 foot 9, 174 pound late round white wide receiver Based on what he did with Welker (5 foot 9, 194 pound, undraftd) and Edelman (5 foot 10, 198 pound, 7th round pick) it seems that Miller is basically a lock to be a top 12 WR. I say that facetiously, but he absolutely fits the mold of the kind of WR that was elevated by playing with Brady.
  7. How many leagues?

    I've seen several variations of the rules. One is that the regular owners can't trade or do waivers at all, ie the team they draft is what they work with all season, some like I mentioned above make it that much harder on the "vampire" and give the regular teams a regular waiver run before the vampire team, some are that the vampire team always has #1 on waiver priority each week. The beauty is there is no hard and fast set rule, so you can adjust/modify it as best suite your owners. Link to one type of vampire league discussion
  8. How many leagues?

    Nope, they are from all over the world, US primarily, but it was incredible to see a group of "internet friends" come together for one of their own. Not just donating, but there were several that crossed the country to come and help rebuild. While I was not able to make the trip myself, it was one of the proudest moments I can think of to stem from an internet message board.
  9. Anybody buying Scotty Miller?

    He's certainly worth monitoring and is probably a guy to grab sooner rather than waiting for the breakout, if you have the room for him. FOr you, assuming you are referring to the team in your signature, I don't see where you'd have room for him given the position limits on RB and WR
  10. How many leagues?

    FFPC runs one of the larger "high stakes" fantasy leagues. Their "Main Event" costs about $1900 per team - you are in a 12 team league, play weeks 1-11, 1 game against each other team. Weeks 12-13 are the league playoffs. Weeks 14-16 is the championship round which is comprised of the league winners and a few at large teams. There are regular season and playoff prizes, but the big money is for the championship round, with first place being $500,000. In addition to the main event, they also run smaller contests, satellite leagues where the prize is entry into the main even the following year and some other unique league formats. BOTH means "Born of the Huddle". Many moons ago the forums were extremely busy and really had a major sense of community. Beyond just football, this extended into banding together to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina, meeting for opening weekend of football, basically going through lifes ups and downs where the enjoyment of fantasy football brought these random group of internet folks together. As any competitive group would, leagues starting getting formed and many created separate forums here (under League Forums) for these leagues that were "Born of the Huddle", thus the BOTH moniker. A guillotine league is truly unique - I've only been familiar with them over the last 5 years or so, but I assume they have been around longer than that. Many are comprised of up to 17 teams (the one I am playing in is made up of two 16 teams leagues). Everyone drafts (or auctions depending on the league) their team, and you manage it as normal (free agent pickups, trades, etc.). The big catch is that it is a total points league, and each week the team with the lowest point total is eliminated and their players are dumped into the free agent pool. With 17 teams, this means that in week 16, there are only two teams left, with high scorer winning the league. The league I am in as mentioned is made up of two 16-team leagues - we are playing down to a winner in each league, then in week 16 those league winners will play each other for the grand championship. I think pretty much the only type of league I have not played in, though I hope to set one up next year, is a "Vampire" league. In this kind of league, the "Vampire" drafts their team after all 11 other teams (if a 12 team league) have completed their draft. They also do not get to place waiver claims, though they do get a priority FCFS add period after waivers run and before it opens up to everyone else. The catch is, if the "Vampire" wins their head to head matchup, they get to take 1 starter from the other team and add them to their roster. There's a few more intricacies, but that is the gist of the league.
  11. How many leagues?

    For the most part, DraftKings and daily FF is not for the normal person - the AI bots and pro gamers have it figured out so next to impossible for a regular joe to really profit significantly. For best ball, your best lineup each week starts automatically. Most (but not all) are draft it and forget it, so you usually go deeper. For example, FFPC has lineup requirements of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 1 K and 1 Defense (10 total starters). Their normal drafts are 20 rounds, the best ball drafts are 28 rounds and they are draft and go with it. No waivers, no trades, etc. There is definitely a fair bit of strategy that goes into roster construction and player valuations. For example, top QBs tend to drop a little bit as you are not choosing who to start each week, but, in general, starting QBs go way up in value with the majority (this year just about all but the Miami and Chicago QBs) being drafted by the 14th round as it is a huge advantage to have 3 starting QBs on your roster. You generally also want to have at least 3 kickers to cover bye weeks, injuries and cuts (with 32 teams, not every team can have 3 kickers) Valuewise compared to normal weekly leagues, streaky WRs go up a bit (think deep threats that may go 2 catches, 25 yards most weeks then have 4 catches, 160 yards and 2 scores a few times) as you no longer have to guess when to play them, and receiving backs go up a bit in value (of the 10 I am in for FFPC, I was able to get Nyhiem Hines in 5 of them as he was one of my main targets so he started for me automatically this week in those leagues). So there are definite changes that need to be made in how you approach the draft, especially once you get past the first 4-5 rounds or so.
  12. How many leagues?

    Does each best ball team count? Individually I have the following that are best ball (no weekly management): 10 Best Ball teams through FFPC 1 Terminator Best Ball team through FFPC (only management is to cut 1 player per week) 1 BOTH Best Ball League Leagues requiring weekly management (lineups/waivers etc.): 1 Guillotine League - 16 teams (partially BOTH) - 1st year 1 BOTH Auction/Keeper league 12 teams - year 20ish 1 BOTH Full IDP Dynasty 12 teams - year 12 for me (13th year of league) 1 BOTH Dynasty - 14 teams (year 22 I believe) 1 BOTH Redraft - 12 teams (about 14 years I believe) 1 Empire Style Dynasty - 12 teams (with primarily college friends, 1st year with this setup) Leagues that I co-own with a group: 1 FFPC Main Event Team 1 FPC Team For the leagues requiring weekly management, every year I say I am going to cut back, but each of them is a different format/set up with generally a unique set of owners (some carryover in the BOTH leagues), so each requires a different strategy to stay competitive.
  13. Note to self, next year when @turbotooslow tells us who he likes and is drafting, do the opposite.
  14. Kelce Trade

    Not really, 6 points per pass TD has an extremely minimal effect on QB value, but it'd be beating a dead horse at this point to go over that again. And as others have said, Wentz is far from an upgrade over Goff. So you are basically offering a slightly better backup QB for a fairly significant drop at TE.
  15. Thoughts on not playing defense

    And this is why strategy says that you bench them, assuming the league does not have a rule about incomplete lineups. Most leagues don't have such a rule. You will get mixed responses on if it is good strategy (it is), if it is bush league (debateable, I say no due to playing to win, but the flip side argument is always keeper/dynasty leagues where owners may tank for draft position, though I think these are extremely different scenarios)
  16. New Guillotine league...

    All 3 are worth bidding on, but given your current RBs I think I would go after Gurley, unless you feel safe surviving next week and wanting to save your FAAB in case a better RB comes available. In the Guillotine League I am in, it looks like the owner with Michael Thomas, Godwin and Mike Evans will be eliminated. Only RB he has that will likely get bids is Dobbins. I went RB heavy so will likely make a real strong bid on Godwin, may do the same for Thomas though report is high ankle sprain, no word yet how severe and what, if any, time he is expected to miss. Will probably throw a secondary bid in on Evans, but I was slightly down on him heading into the season, him already being dinged isn't making me want to push too hard for him.
  17. Kelce Trade

    Yeah, that's generally the kind of offer I would just delete. Unless his QBs are horrible (and it's a 10 team league, I assume 1 QB, so unlikely) than Wentz is not much of an upgrade, and you are asking him to take a pretty significant downgrade at TE. Like I said, if I was the other owner I'm simply deleting the offer with no counter, but you know your co-owners best if it's something he would consider or he would at least counter then go for it.
  18. Trade worth it?

    So significantly downgrade at RB with an injured Bell or a barely used D'Andre Swift (at least he did get 5 targets) for what may be an ok upgrade at QB, but really will just cause you to probably second guess yourself each week which QB to start. To me this is an easy pass unless it's a keeper league.
  19. Would this be a fair trade?

    Can't hurt to offer, you may be able to try play up the Jones hamstring even though all reports are he will play, or you can hope that he is especially high on Drake. The vast majority of owners would not take that offer as you are essentially asking him to take a massive hit at WR for a moderate upgrade at RB. To be perfectly frank, I don't really see a combination of players that you could offer where if I was the other owner I would trade back Julio, much less Julio and Bell. You can obviously make the offer, but you may need to settle for a more realistic acquisition like Lockett or Landry in that type of deal.
  20. I would definitely do that
  21. Missing Tiers in The Huddle Cheat Sheets

    I thought the tiers went away a few years ago - realistically they are pretty limited in value as tiering really needs to take into account league size, lineup requirements and scoring system at a minimum - that it really would need to be highly customized to each league. So the tiers as it was were very limited as I recall because they were fixed numbers of players based on tiering off of a generic system. As MikesVikes said (and Bier as well), the real value is in the projected points on the sheet as you can much more easily identify the potential drops at each position as the draft is flowing. E2A: I knew this thread sounded familiar. Same topic last year
  22. Did CEH outperform DJ week one?

    It's one week and they both had good games from a fantasy perspective. David Johnson only had 11 carries, but that happens when playing from behind most of the game - he did average 7 YPC, and it's not like he had a 50 yarder to blow that average up. Lookd pretty decent overall - add in 4 targets and he's right around where we thought he would be, the 15-20 touch/target range. CEH was playing with a lead and as expected got the lions share of carries - 25 - averaging 5.5 YPC (also without a huge 50+ yarder to push that average up) but was a complete non-factor in the passing game - very early but remains to be seen if he will have any sort of role going forward. If KC is playing with a lead most of the time (a decent possibility) then we can probably expect similar from CEH - in the neighborhood of 20 carries and minimal passing game involvement - if it is a closer game, then it remains to be seen how much he will be on the field if they are in primarily passing situations.
  23. Who would you rather own??

    Robinson assuming by standard you mean non-PPR
  24. Dynasty, trades how did I do?

    Unless you have unusual scoring where there is an actual difference in the scoring for DL, I'm cutting from there. DL is the QB of the defense - the top couple guys score a lot then it is a crap load of guys that score very similarly and generally very inconsistently. I would not be cutting a young offensive player in order to carry a 2nd backup on the DL which is a very replaceable position. Only thing more replaceable might be defensive backs.