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  1. 9 minutes ago, purplemonster said:

    Sorry to hear that brother


    11 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    My  condolence on your family struggles man.

    Thanks guys ya it’s been a struggle I appreciate you’re kind words and hope no one else has to deal with this $hit

  2. Well I don’t think it was a couple weeks ago as that would be after the championship games and I haven’t been on here since some Covid deaths in the family I’ve been dealing with for a couple months now but yep I didn’t think anyone had a chance to beat KC at that time... and then TB caught magic in a bottle winning every game after like week 12 as teams do in sports and finishing hot as opposed to peaking too early like  Pitt and Seattle this year... my SF giants did this same surge for all there World Series titles. .. so I guess I was wrong and most probably were as well including all the predictions before this game as to who would win. Any given Sunday! Happy for TB and Brady he’s an absolute beast and no one should doubt whether he’s the GOAT anymore and that’s from a niner fan and Montana nut hugger

  3. Bottom line regardless of penalties when you are held to 9 points you don’t deserve to win or even be in the conversation.... TB was the better team tonight had the better game plan and beat KC down in every aspect of the game including mentally... the GOAT has spoken and I’m sure he’ll be shining those 7 rings and definitely the Kings crown tonight and probably waxing.... his model wife :headbang: mic has been dropped :bow:

  4. On 11/30/2020 at 3:54 PM, rajncajn said:

    Sean Alexander and Larry Johnson were big ones for me. Fred Taylor won me my first championship,  but Priest Holmes was probably the best I've had. 

    Shaun Alexander and The priest were my RBs the year they both went ballistic with TDs and ran away with it and league mates hated me I think I had 44+ TDS from them I think but Faulk( who I owned multiple years in his prime and was probably the best I ever had) and Freddy T were a close second as well as LJ and K. Warner when he came on to the scene and took over the greatest show on turf... and had Brady and Moss the year they went nuclear... so I guess too many to mention and still building that list as we speak Dalvin has been great this year along with Murray for the current list.......

  5. 3 hours ago, Bier Meister said:

    Wait a second.  

    didn’t you plagiarize keg?


    3 hours ago, irish said:

    Many times, over and over. Used him like the ho he is!


    You want next you little bitch?!


    2 hours ago, Bier Meister said:

    Still a pud I see


    2 hours ago, irish said:

    Well, I know how you old people are with change, wouldn't want the pace maker to go all wonky.   :Irishwink:

    Here and still see not much changes... hi bier still love ya hopefully come up and visit me in the PNW at some point!! Happy Holidays to those I actually listen to!! 😂

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  6. 42 minutes ago, loaf said:

    This week Gibson goes off for 34 points. Just as I was riding a 5 game win streak to get to 6-5 and am now playing the 7-4 team. Who started Gibson. FML

    Averaging 20 points over the last two weeks I would hope you expected him started against you... maybe just didn’t expect close to a 40 burger in his lineup?

  7. Go boyZ!! 😂 love it!! I had fuller Gibson and cooper for my turkey day lineup in my 500 dollar big money league and basically locked up #1 seed on Thursday! I have 90 points and got to watch it while eating all day and watching the good guy Alex smith manage(Destroy the Boyz) .. good times Gobble Gobble!!

  8. 1 hour ago, FinishTheDrill said:

    Something to consider, BCooks going to draw Gilmore in coverage this week, no?  I have Cooks too and shied away week 11 because of that matchup.  


    Interesting... I could stick Cooks in my Flex instead of Williams or Jakobi, both of whom have a better matchup imo.  

    Or Gilmore on fuller?

  9. 3 minutes ago, Bobby Brown said:

    We shall see.  Steelers and KC may not look quite as hot if they had to play every team in the NFC west twice a year. 

    Rams... meh... Seattle speaks for itself everything runs through Russ(STUD) ... niners the most messed up injury riddled good team I’ve had the pleasure of rooting for( THEY SUCK BALLS WITHOUT THERE STUDS) Cards ( Murray is a stud but has a lot to learn to be a legend like Russ) so the division besides Seattle isn’t that great and Seattle D will have to improve immensely to contend for a title but will never count Russ out ever he’s a stud 

  10. Mahomes and co will be hoisting the trophy again as much as that pains me to say one year later they are just far superior in talent and have the youngest most athletic and poised player and qb in the world.... and may possibly be the new patriots dynasty that we’ll have to deal with for the next 10-15 years

  11. 14 hours ago, heehawks said:

    Good lord...the Hawks are not going anywhere until they fix the damn defense, starting with the putrid pass rush. Fun game to watch tho. Kyle Murray is going to be a huge pain in the azz for so many years, dude can flat out play football. 

    Welcome to the party NFC west teams have been dealing with his prototype for years now in Wilson! Now niners have two of them to deal with! Welcome to the other side of that coin :slap:

  12. He’s a shell of his former self anyway. He’ll be a capable back for a couple years if he lands with a great team with a great line. If not he’ll keep slowly descending into just memories of a once dominant back on the Steelers 

  13. I can’t believe they threw the last TD to jonnu Smith with 1:50 or so left and up like 25 points. I won on that play and took sole possession of first place in my big money local. I was shocked when they threw it I’m always on the other end of those crazy heart breakers...



  14. Just now, Shaft said:

    I drafted Ekeler 12th and Chubb 13th.


    I traded Chubb this weekend. 

    Ouch at least you unloaded Chubb although his appears less severe as he walked off and ekeler couldn’t even put weight on it

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