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  1. I didn't know you were here.

  2. Does this avatar make me look fat?

  3. North Carolina Huddlers

    That would certainly be a possibility. My plan was to drive back Saturday the 10th, leaving NC around noon. I'm not sure how that jives with your plans, but I'm somewhat flexible except that I have to be back sometime early sunday to drop the car off. I have one condition no matter what...you bring the powder.
  4. Important news

    thank goodness. I was so worried that this fine show would go off the air forever.
  5. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    I'm not really very smart. Does Bend, Oregon have mountains? I've never been to Oregon but my father was born in Portland.
  6. I have a new fav Beer

    I'm at cape cod now. I make a point of getting #9 whenever I'm here. Not my favorite all-time beer, but very flavorful. In fact, I just went to the fridge and opened one.
  7. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    You live in Alaska, don't you? My family and I could find this a possible summer vacation experience. My older son wants to know if there are mountains near you.
  8. North Carolina Huddlers

    My nephew (my brother's son) is also 4 yrs old. PM me your number and I'll talk with my brother and see what magic we can weave.
  9. North Carolina Huddlers

    How do we make this happen?
  10. North Carolina Huddlers

    Well, my brother now lives up there so I'm sure I'll be up there at least 1-2 times per year. There will be future opportunity for the untateve experience.
  11. North Carolina Huddlers

    PSULions moves into the Tailgate Top 5 Huddlers based on recent untateve rankings.
  12. North Carolina Huddlers

    untateve arrives in the Charlotte area (specifically Waxhaw) on Saturday, Aug 4. I know I'm not available for a meet and greet on 8/4 or 8/5, but I would probably be available to do so sometime during the week. I have to make sure my brother (or his wife) will watch my boys for me as my wife flies back to Florida on 8/5. Feel free to PM me. I should have regular internet access over the next few days but on this Friday, we drive from Cape Cod to our cabin outside Gatlinburg. Once I hit Charlotte, internet will consistently available again. I know swampnuts posted a few weeks ago about getting together, possibly with panther dave. Also, what is there to do in the area with an 8yr old and 10yr old boy that isn't your typical amusepark B-S? Outdoor things, preferably, but we're open to anything as we are wild adventurers. So, does anyone want to experience all that is untateve?
  13. 29

    15. Football Joe
  14. I'm glad vick didn't play in the SEC.
  15. http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....9458&EDATE=