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  1. I didn't know you were here.

  2. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/healthnews.php?newsid=70495 In a new study, US scientists suggest that people who have oral sex with 5 or more partners during their lifetime have a much greater chance of having throat cancer and they suspect the cause is a well known strain of the Human papillomavirus (HPV) that is linked to a number of anogenital cancers. The study is published in today's issue of the New England Journal of Medicine which also includes a number of other articles on HPV. The research was conducted by Dr Maura Gillison of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, Maryland, US, and colleagues. Scientists already knew that HPV was doing something at the molecular level to help trigger a type of throat cancer known as oropharyngeal squamous-cell carcinoma, but consistent epidemeological evidence was still missing. Dr Gillinson and colleagues recruited 100 patients with newly diagnosed oropharyngeal cancer and 200 control patients without cancer in a hospital-based case controlled study. They used logistic regression models to look for links between results from the patients' blood and saliva samples and lifestyle variables such as their sexual behaviour, consumption of alcohol and smoking habits. The lifestyle data was collected via anonymous questionnaire. The results showed that: Patients who had a lifetime number of 6 or more oral-sex partners were 3.4 times more likely to have oropharyngeal cancer Those who had 26 or more vaginal-sex partners during their lifetime were 3.1 times more likely to have oropharyngeal cancer. The link became stronger as the number of lifetime oral and vaginal sex partners went up. Oropharyngeal cancer was significantly linked with oral infection with HPV type 16 (HPV-16), with any of the 37 types of HPV, and with having been exposed in the past to HPV, as measured by seropositivity for the HPV-16 L1 capsid protein. The odds ratio for these three events were found to be 14.6, 12.3 and 32.2 respectively. DNA from HPV-16 was found in 72 per cent of tumour specimens and 64 per cent of patients tested positive for presence of one or more cancer-related proteins produced by HPV-16 (oncoproteins E6, E7, or both). The results suggested that once the link with HPV is present, there is no added risk from tobacco use and alcohol consumption, usually regarded as the highest risk factors for this type of throat cancer. Dr Gillinson and colleagues suggest that HPV "drives" the cancer and once the cell is sufficiently disrupted to cause cancer, the impact of tobacco and alcohol is unlikely to contribute any more risk. The researchers concluded that: "Oral HPV infection is strongly associated with oropharyngeal cancer among subjects with or without the established risk factors of tobacco and alcohol use." In an accompanying editorial, Dr Stina Syrjänen from the University of Turku in Finland suggested that this study raises important clinical and public health issues. For instance, should heavy smokers and drinkers be screened for HPV-related throat infection? Should throat cancers with a suspected HPV origin be treated differently to those with no HPV link and most likely caused by smoking and drinking? And the question that must be in the minds of many currently focused on the HPV vaccination debate, would HPV vaccination give people protection against some throat and mouth cancers?
  3. North Carolina Huddlers

    untateve arrives in the Charlotte area (specifically Waxhaw) on Saturday, Aug 4. I know I'm not available for a meet and greet on 8/4 or 8/5, but I would probably be available to do so sometime during the week. I have to make sure my brother (or his wife) will watch my boys for me as my wife flies back to Florida on 8/5. Feel free to PM me. I should have regular internet access over the next few days but on this Friday, we drive from Cape Cod to our cabin outside Gatlinburg. Once I hit Charlotte, internet will consistently available again. I know swampnuts posted a few weeks ago about getting together, possibly with panther dave. Also, what is there to do in the area with an 8yr old and 10yr old boy that isn't your typical amusepark B-S? Outdoor things, preferably, but we're open to anything as we are wild adventurers. So, does anyone want to experience all that is untateve?
  4. North Carolina Huddlers

    That would certainly be a possibility. My plan was to drive back Saturday the 10th, leaving NC around noon. I'm not sure how that jives with your plans, but I'm somewhat flexible except that I have to be back sometime early sunday to drop the car off. I have one condition no matter what...you bring the powder.
  5. Important news

    thank goodness. I was so worried that this fine show would go off the air forever.
  6. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    I'm not really very smart. Does Bend, Oregon have mountains? I've never been to Oregon but my father was born in Portland.
  7. I have a new fav Beer

    I'm at cape cod now. I make a point of getting #9 whenever I'm here. Not my favorite all-time beer, but very flavorful. In fact, I just went to the fridge and opened one.
  8. Which Huddlers have you met in person ?

    You live in Alaska, don't you? My family and I could find this a possible summer vacation experience. My older son wants to know if there are mountains near you.
  9. North Carolina Huddlers

    My nephew (my brother's son) is also 4 yrs old. PM me your number and I'll talk with my brother and see what magic we can weave.
  10. North Carolina Huddlers

    How do we make this happen?
  11. North Carolina Huddlers

    Well, my brother now lives up there so I'm sure I'll be up there at least 1-2 times per year. There will be future opportunity for the untateve experience.
  12. North Carolina Huddlers

    PSULions moves into the Tailgate Top 5 Huddlers based on recent untateve rankings.
  13. 29

    15. Football Joe
  14. http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/stories....9458&EDATE=
  15. I'm glad vick didn't play in the SEC.
  16. Going to a Beer Tasting this evening

    I really enjoy Dogfish Head, although I'm always leery of "fruity" beers. Did you try the dogfish and how was it?
  17. Is this lying?

    leaving all morals and friendships out-- --you told him you would keep what you said to yourself --you told your friend what you said you would keep to yourself --you lied to power mogul
  18. Dog Training Question

    I let my dog sleep in my bed for several months when she was a puppy. However, I got very tired of my wife complaining about the shedding in the bed. So we brought my dog's bed into our room at night. The first night she jumped in our bed and I shooed her out and took her to her pillow. Honestly, that was the last time I had a problem.
  19. Dog Training Question

    Wait til Sugar Magnolia sees your post. She's our resident expert in this area.
  20. Best foreign rock band.

    The Beatles.
  21. Top Chef

    I agree that Hung must go. He is not open to honest criticism which means he is not open to learning. He is at the point where he feels he knows just about everything and certainly believes he knows more than experienced and superior chefs. I'm glad Casey made it through another week. I find her enjoyable to look at. She won't win, so I'll enjoy her while I can.
  22. Dateline NBC

    I generally shut it off, completely, once I leave for home. My wife almost never hears about work, clients I see, etc. I get home and work is gone.
  23. Dateline NBC

    My agency conducts sex offender treatment (not me, as that is a complete specialty on its own). The best treatment at this point in time is weekly, group therapy. However, I'm coming to believe that no one is ever "cured", despite what I occasionally read in the literature. I think some get to the point of a recovering alcoholic. They know what their triggers are. They have a certain level of insight into their cognitive distortions. They know they must avoid certain situations and avoid a variety of activities (e.g., cannot own a computer or have access to the internet). They come to have understanding of the harm they cause. But I think the desire is always there. I don't believe it ever goes away. Just like a recovering alcoholic would like to have a drink but knows he can't. For some, they will likely have to attend group therapy for the rest of their lives. My agency currently runs 4 juvenile sex offender groups and 5 adult sex offender groups. Even with weekly treatment, zealous probation officers, sex offender registration, and other safeguards, every year we get a couple who violate and end up in prison. And vengeful castration probably wouldn't stop some of these offenders. Remember, for some, what they do, they do out of love. Unless you cut off their hands and rip out their tongues as well. edit for grammar.
  24. Dateline NBC

    Clearly, NBC sensationalizes the situation--they are all about ratings and advertising dollars. They could do so much more with this series including educating the public about how the thought processes of a sex offender, how to really safeguard a child, etc. I admit, I watch many of these shows. I find the immensely interesting because I look for the distortions. I look for the rationalizations. I guarantee you that most of the offenders you see really believe the only thing wrong with what they are doing is that it is against the law. And yes, I really believe that if the offender did not stumble into the bait, he would have found a teen and had sex with her/him.
  25. Dateline NBC

    The thing is, many of these offenders are not wanting to hurt the child, they are wanting to love the child (at least that's the cognitive distortion). Clearly, something is wrong with them, but to date, no one knows what creates a sex offender. Many of them really don't believe that they are hurting a child. What they are doing is not malicious...in their distorted view.