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  1. Hi DMD!!  FYI--I noticed in your defense rankings the Las Vegas Raiders are not listed.  


    Have a great day!!


    1. DMD


      Oh man - thanks!

    2. badboy


      you are welcome--have a great day!!

  2. Larry Johnson

    I have LJ in my keeper league too!! I'm concerned that he will hold out--then come to camp late and be out of shape--leading to a chance he gets hurt--and my team not making the playoffs.
  3. second title in a row

    Congrats to you!! I ended up winning my league as well. Happy New Year to you as well!! badboy
  4. Does Favre come back next year

    I agree with Irish--as long as the ankle surgery goes well I think he will be back next year.
  5. Thanks again for a great season!! I was only 3-2 after 5 games--but then I won 10 in a row-including our Super Bowl. The Huddle is a big reason for my success!! badboy
  6. RB advice..please help playing in title game

    I think you'd be better off playing Dayne vs Cleveland-- Jones-Drew will find things difficult against the KC defense plus fragile Fred Taylor may take some time away from his as well. Good luck to you tomorrow. I'm in the Championship game as well.
  7. I would go with Betts and Barber too!!
  8. Which QB to start?

    Thanks for your input!! I'm going with Steve McNair in hopes he can get me a few points. My lineup for this week is: MCNAIR L JOHNSON BETTS STEVE SMITH WAYNE DRIVER STOVER BEARS DEF THIS IS FOR ALL THE $$$!!!
  9. $725.00 on the line. Help me out ........

    Brown & Betts--I have Betts in my league and he's starting for me.
  10. Which QB to start?

    Who's Grits?? I'm sorry I don't know who this is.
  11. What QB to start

    I agree you need to start Trent Green. Good luck to you this week. Badboy
  12. Which QB to start?

    I apologize I didn't mean for this message to come up twice.
  13. Who should I start this week? Hasselbeck vs Tampa Bay Rivers vs Arizona McNair vs Buffalo
  14. I need some help on who I should start this week. Hasselbeck vs Tampa Bay Rivers vs Arizona McNair vs Buffalo Any input is appreciated!!
  15. Drafting Coaches

    Our league has a coach--you get 3 points if the team wins and -3 for a loss--I had Coach Fox of Carolina last year--so I definitely had more positive points than negative points.