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  1. 1st Week Playoff - Choose Defense (WRTA)

    Shameless Bump!
  2. bad luck vs my opponent

    Vote and Bump!
  3. Which receiver?

    Safer plays for the week are: M. Furrey M. Booker R. Bush
  4. WDIS at RB2? Please Help

    Bush has got more to gain. Edge has not done anything thus far. I would not expect a 4 TD performance, but Bush has more to offer against the Boys in a potential high point shoot-out.
  5. More important than RB picks

    Have to agree - Palmer will only throw on 3rd and long all day - Rudi will get the ball the rest of the time. Brees will have to throw to keep up with the boys. Do not worry about the WR - dump passes to Duece or Bush can also lead to big yardage + the rumor is that the TE is back in the game. BREES
  6. Cotchery or Branch

    Another vote for the 2nd JET WR.
  7. WDIS for my 3 WRs...tough call!

    1.Driver @ SF 2.Housh vs OAK 3.Glenn vs NO
  8. Vick or Romo

    ROMO Just change the lineup now - delete this post - and enjoy the game.
  9. Playoffs - Who do I start?

    I am starting Favre as well. I like the matchup better as well. Just seems to agreeable - but easy choice.
  10. Looking to start the better defense (defenses score a lot). This pick could be the difference maker. Ravens play KC - LJ will run pretty well against, then play action (like CIN did last week, will torch them for the end zone). They will get their sacks and INT. Patriots play MIA - not too much on the ground, but Harrington is torching the air. Ravens have scored more in the past and tough to bench, but the Patriots matchup just looks better - AM I INSANE? 2pts - per sack 3pts - per fumble recovery 3pts - per INT 3pts - per safety 2pts - per blocked punt or field goal 6pts - TD (special teams or def) 0-15 pt scale when score of opposing offense 0-15 (which means a score and extra point against my defense will leave me 8pts, and a shutout would be 15pts). 0-250 yard scale bonus - once over 250 yards, the bonus is gone ( starts at 10pts) Ravens have scored me as much as 53 points, and the Patriots have scored as much as 26pts (last week). Looking for the help - leave a link - I will help as well. (WRTA) - will reply to all
  11. Do I dare

    I would start Guarrad if you believe that the game will be close. Start Bulger only if you think your gonna get it handed to you. Bulger has been on an awlful slump and has not really produced much in the past 4 weeks. I mean 1 TD just is not going to do it for you. Guarrad is gonna have to throw eventually, and IND can not stop that either. Hope it helps.
  12. Housh or Stalls?

    Housh !
  13. Pick my WR2 in first playoff game

    Long Time, since a post. Need to what out for McGahee as he may not play. Of the 3 WR you have - Housch is the most capable of the bunch. I do not feel that Deverly will do the trick, and with the way that Bulger is playing ~ Holt may not show up. I am expecting that I. Bruce will have a better day. Best of luck
  14. WDIS?

    Nice I own most of these guys........ J. Jurevicius vs. St Louis R. Smith vs Oak. Curtis is a possibility, but Bruce and Holt come back will limit his chances.....The other 2 guys should have monster games.
  15. First RB WDIS of the season

    Anderson v. Raiders Staley v. Browns