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  1. Hartford Connecticut

    I will definetly check that place out---! Thanks!
  2. Hartford Connecticut

    Residence Inn is where we are staying. We might go to Boston the first weekend and hang out by Fenway..I love Yawkeye (sp?) Blvd. Great atmosphere. Mystic sounds nice too--might check that out. Thanks!
  3. Hartford Connecticut

    I heard you don't want to walk the streets at night... What's in Waterbury?
  4. Hartford Connecticut

    I'll be there for 3 weeks starting July 16th til Aug. 3rd...Business trip. Anything spectacular going around in that area?
  5. I am going to have to pass--this would make league #5 and that's 4 too many.
  6. I'm in---I'll PM Your Going Down... Paging: I Like Soup..........
  7. Bonds record breaking HR pool

    Again, no proof but if you want to start looking at the #1 HR king of all time, Hank Aaron in his mid 30's, not to mention his later 30's, he did pretty dang good: Hanks age, Year and Hr's: 35 Year:1969 44 36 Year:1970 38 37 Year:1971 47 38 Year:1972 34 39 Year:1973 40 40 Year:1974 20 Oh and BTW, a .293 batting average during these years! Not too shabby! My whole point of this thread is they haven't proven Bonds guilty of roids.... Believe me, I'm not a Bonds fan--he's an arch rival of my hometown MLB team-- And no D, I'm not interested in your property--but thanks for the offer.
  8. Bonds record breaking HR pool

    Again, no proof---big melon yes.
  9. Bonds record breaking HR pool

    I'm not a Bonds fan by any means, but show me that he has been proven guilty by MLB or FBI or Mr. Mitchell or Mr. Selig--?
  10. Say something about the huddler above you...

    A fellow Bastage
  11. Spice Rub for steaks

    Try this one--very good: Kosher salt Lemon Pepper Minced Garlic (the hard stuff) Season both sides, wrap in cellaphane, let sit for a couple of hours--grill to desired doneness.
  12. Almost time for Spider-man 3!

    I don't know if I can handle the long lines...! Let us know how it is...looks awesome.
  13. Sofa King Funny...

    That is Sofa King funny.....
  14. 4 Days in the Life of Spain

    I have been following Spain since this tripped started and can only think at this point, 9 crown and cokes is the #......
  15. Super Bowl tickets for 2008

    I'll go halfsies with you--lemme know.