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  1. Kamara's value without Brees and M. Thomas

    I'm in agreement. In the non-PPR league having the 3rd pick, my short list is McCaffrey, D Henry, D Cook. I'm not expecting McCaf to fall to 3, but if Henry does, I will jump on him. If neither falls to me, then I will take D Cook. In the 2 QB league, it will be tough for me to pass on Mahomes or J Allen if they fall. It's a QB heavy league. Maybe get Mixon, Ekeler or Clyde in 2. But I could take the top RB left at the 4th spot instead. Our draft is a week prior to 1st game so there could be some questions about the "Kamara situation." Or maybe not. I'm inclined to pass on Alvin, if McCaff or Cook is still there, but we'll see. I hate uncertainly with such a high 1st round pick.
  2. I have the 3rd pick in a non-PPR league and the 4th pick in a 2 QB PPR league. Kamara would be a consideration in both leagues. But there are several issues that cause me to wonder if the other RB options are a better pick this year at those draft spots. Anybody have some thoughts or opinions on whether Kamara's value could change, either slightly or even more (maybe dropping him several spots down in the 1st round). No M. Thomas, no Brees. It would seem Kamara would get more work, a good thing usually. But with less of a passing attack, teams will key on Kamara even more and likely stack the box. Last year with Taysom as a starter, Kamara's usage/numbers went way down (I think). But he still ended up with 21 TD's and great numbers for the year. There's a lot to digest for his projected value and most likely draft spot for this season.
  3. Draft results - do you agree?

    2 straight years of injuries for RB Barkley mean he is off my draft list, unless he falls a long way. Pick 1.04 seems way too early to me. And I'd take D Henry ahead of Barkley, even in a PPR league.
  4. Good information, Ken. Enjoyed reading your column, as usual. I am a big fan of using the Strength of Schedule throughout the year (draft, waiver wire, etc), especially for the playoff weeks. I haven't had it work so well at the draft, probably giving it too much credence, but I think it works great for the playoff schedule. By then, the I think the bad defenses have clearly shown themselves, whereas at the draft it's very speculative. Anyway, good writing, solid information.
  5. OG Check-In

    The Grey Pilgrim is still here. Remembering Sarge, Bronco Billy, Breez4Prez, way back in the day.
  6. I normally buy in to the wait on a QB theory of drafting, and I did that in all my drafts. And it worked pretty well this year, but I watched a lot of team scoring explode with several of the top QB's. I had to stream my middle of the road QBs, and never seem to get it right. Usually, I just played who "all" of the ranking said was the best QB to play. But my luck consistently ran bad with Goff, Stafford, Rivers, Wentz etc. Generally, my teams have made the playoffs, so I need to keep that in mind when trying to learn from my strategy in drafting. But I was envious of teams that simply drafted a great QB and just played them every week. The QB position seems to be taking on increased scoring potential. I'll keep it in mind next year.
  7. I spend 95% of my FF study time on the offensive players, and a small amount on IDP's. So I apologize up front if the rankings are "good to go." Are the IDP's ranked properly this year? I notice DL Joey Bosa and Calais Campbell are ranked in the 20's, but on other free sites they are near the top.
  8. League owner stereotypes

    This was a great read, Riffraff. You pretty much covered it. Well written to boot. Thanks for the laugh this morning.
  9. If I were the Broncos

    I would expect the Broncos to wait until the later rounds, then draft a somewhat unheralded running back. That seems to be their style, and they have been successful using that format.
  10. Colts vs. Pats

    Exorcism, Finally for Peyton.....
  11. Colts vs. Pats

  12. Colts vs. Pats

    After the Wayne play, I'm freakin', I'm freakin'......
  13. Just Fall on the BALL!

    Defensive players too stupid to know when to knock the ball down, or when to just simply fall on the ball to recover a fumble. It's all about trying to be a big star, make the highlights. You would think the coaching they've received over the years might actually help them. But it doesn't seem to help. I did see a Saints defensive back just knock the ball down, and his teammate almost intercepted it. But it seems rare.
  14. Draft order

    I've been in many many leagues, and the approach I like best by far, is this. In my 14 team re-draft league, we have 8 teams that make the playoffs. The 6 teams that do not make the playoffs this year, are given the first 6 spots in next years draft, with the first draft spot going to the 9th ranked team, the 2nd spot going to the 10th ranked team, etc. etc. Most of the owners always prefer the 1st pick in next years draft, so allowing the teams ranked 9-14 (that don't play for money this year) are given picks 1-6. That keeps the owners trying to win games, rather than lose games late in the year, even when they know they are out of the playoff run. Very very important. Some leagues give the last place team the first pick, a reverse order sort of draft order. But that seems to cause owners to prefer losing, rather than fighting to win games, late in the year. Then the 8 teams that make the playoffs are seeded in the last 8 spots of next year's draft. You can either sort them as teams ranked 1-8 will get picks 7-14, or any way you want. The main point of this idea is to keep the low end teams from attempting to lose games late in the year in order to land LaDainan Tomlinson next year.........
  15. Need 3. Who to not start?

    1 point for each 10 yards receiving or rushing, 6 points for rushing or receiving TD's. No points per receptions. Generally, a standard scoring system. I can only start 3 of the 4. I think I should start Holt, so that leaves 2 more, and I'm unsure who to play. Any ideas?