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  1. Chandler Jones listed as DL on fantasy league??

    Thanks, guys.......
  2. Defense

    I would likely go with Green Bay at home on MNF. I tend to think defenses play better at home, I think less of Detroit's offense than Jacksonville, and I think GB should have a chip on their shoulder........ JMO
  3. Odd League Issue did this issue turn out? Looks like you had solid backing with your concern. Add me to that list, it was BS.
  4. Chandler Jones listed as DL on fantasy league??

    That's what I was wondering, Keggerz. I don't know IDP values well, but you don't think he will continue to outplay other DL's, even though he obviously won't duplicate his week 1 stats? Danielle Hunter, Nick Bosa and Maxx Crosby are still available DL's in my league. Are they better pickups than C Jones? Thanks for the replies.......
  5. I notice that C Jones is listed as a DL in my league. But The Huddle and lists him as a LB. Wouldn't this be a great pickup as my DL, with him actually playing LB? Or am I missing something?
  6. Christmas Eve, Bitches! Dallas vs Tampa!

    Let's get it on, bitches.....
  7. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Draft just finished. Anybody got anything to add? Do overs? Mistakes? Great value picks? I’ll start. Nobody looks great everywhere. Could be a close year. Of course manure happens and somebody might run away with it. We maybe shoulda waited to start the draft another week. But I was itchy to get started too. I took a defense too soon. I waited too long for my TEs, and I drafted 3 rookie QBs to go with Mahomes. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Draft Strategy - Bye Weeks

    Seems like the actual question has been modified. I probably didn't explain the question very well. I wasn't wondering whether bye weeks should be considered, I was actually wondering about a strategy that would guide owners to draft heavily in a specific week, thereby allowing their team to win more weeks and increase their chances of winning high point money. It's actually a strategy question. I don't think it happens every year, but this year it seems like it is easier to load up on great starters that are all off in the same week.
  9. Draft Strategy - Bye Weeks

    I would have been thinking that the strategy might include decisions of similarly ranked players, or in the old days, ranked players in the same tier. Examples might be J. Allen vs. P. Mahomes, J Jefferson vs. DK Metcalf, K Allen vs. T McLaurin, N Harris vs A Gibson, Z. Elliott vs. J. Taylor, etc.....Generally these "decisions" involve players in the same tier. Often I don't know who the higher scoring player will be this year between these "same level" of player.
  10. Draft Strategy - Bye Weeks

    I usually attempt to draft similar ranked players with my bye weeks spread out, so I can always (at least consistently) field a full team each week. But many leagues pay out high points on a weekly basis. This year there are 6 teams off in week 7 that have some high quality fantasy players. Does anybody ever consider drafting all of your starters in the same bye week (at least as much as possible), so that you are fielding starters to play all the remaining weeks, increasing your chances to win your matchup and/or high point money? Basically giving up one week and accept a loss, but fielding a stronger team the rest of the year? Has anybody considered this or used this strategy? Been successful? Out of the box of course, but......
  11. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Like almost everybody, I never draft a QB early. This year I did. But is Mahomes early at 4.05?
  12. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Yes, When it’s a tie’ish I took the bye into consideration. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Pick 1.5 was between Zeke, Kelce, and J Taylor. Love Kelce like everyone, just couldn’t pay the price at 1.5. Will find a cheaper alternative later in the draft. So, Zeke vs. Taylor. Zeke is trending wrong, and Taylor looks like a younger stud, has an easier SOS, and most important Zeke’s bye week is week 7 with 6 teams off. I didn’t want to burn my week 7 bye in round 1. Crazy, huh? At 1.6, I take Zeke. But at 1.5 I took Taylor.
  14. Printable NFL Schedule - 1 Page?

    Thank you both for the help. These grids should work for me. I'm used to the week by week breakdown commonly found in the magazine I bought each year, but the grid format will certainly work too. Thanks again.