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  1. I'm thinking about starting Hackett instead of Coles at my flex position. Coles is hurt, and I have Miami's Defense, and Hackett has been getting a lot of looks lately, might work out ok.
  2. Championship on the line

    I am as well. I started Chester, and he tanked. Farve as well. Driver got me 99 yards, 1 short of bonus points. I can't trust R Brown to play the whole game, will probably split carries with Morris. So...............Dayne it is, with Coles at flex. NOT the way to win my Super Bowl!! I can't believe it has come down to THIS!!!
  3. sucky qb choices

    Delhomme won't play this weekend, and Weinke is a joke. You've got no other choice...........Harrington and Cutler.

    I gotta go with Chester, bad ribs or not. Other than Morris, the rest of my RB's are pitiful this week.....and Morris is a SUB!!!
  5. Driver or Boldin

    Driver, Driver, Driver................enuf said?
  6. Pick One

    WHICH Taylor???
  7. Chester Taylor

    1 hit or not, I've gotta start him!
  8. NFL HD last night

    Me 3. Wouldn't it have been nice if DirecTV would've let us know that the Thursday night games were in HD on #95!!! I have been watching on #212 until I read a post here last week. What a bunch of idiots at DirecTV!!!
  9. cbs users

    We're sticking with CBS, and a poll of our 12 FFL members, so far, is 5 @ 50%, 2 @ 25%. I answered 50% for next year on both polls.
  10. green bay homers...

    I definitely need Driver this week! He's the main man on my team of Red Cross wannabes right now!
  11. Chester Taylor

    OK, I'm in the playoffs (barely) and my RB's look like a Red Cross convention. As a result, I am forced to start Morris and Taylor at RB. Unfortunately, I will be out of town Sunday morning for the "game-time" decision regarding Taylor, so I must make my decision Saturday night. Looking at my roster, all my other RB's will be on the bench this week. Is anyone else in this situation? Do you really think Taylor will play, and play well?
  12. Rb injuries could be the end of my first place

    Very similar to my RB situation (see sig below). I was able to get S Morris to back-up R Brown, but lost Fason to my brother-in-law. I don't know who I'm going to start, but probably Houston and Lundy , with 3 WR's (1 at flex). At least I have a bye this week.
  13. FASON...

    Hurting here. I tried to get Fason off of the WW, but lost the dice roll to my brother-in-law! I guess I will try to pick-up Moore, as he at least gets the bulk of the passes and is active on 3rd downs. On the flip side, Chester has been listed as doubtful before, and ended-up playing. I think it's too early to decide one way or another.
  14. What To Do With Ronnie Brown?

    Similar boat here. As you can see from my sig below, I am REALLY hurting at RB. Luckily, I have a bye THIS week (14), but need my RB's bad next week. I was able to pick-up Sammy Morris as a sub for R Brown, but that is not saying much at this point. We are only allowed 1 player on IR, thus only 1 sub. I am holding Brown as long as he is listed as OUT or DOUBTFUL, as I can keep Morris as his sub during this time. It sounds like Brown is hoping to play next week (15)? But now I have Chester hurting (somebody else got Fason), and Maroney as well, so my RB situation is a mess! If I were you, I would hang onto Brown, and hope for the best. If you can, pick-up Fason, but I wouldn't drop a starter to get him. Good luck (and wish me the same). PS: Now I hear that Delhomme is out this week as well. Great.