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  1. ADP websites

  2. ADP websites

    What are some good websites to get ADP numbers?
  3. Caldwell or Furrey

    Furrey, the lions wont be able to run on the Vikings.
  4. Need last minute help PLEASE

    Moss has done zero. I think you will do better with Bruce.
  5. Def ?

    Cincy and San Diego
  6. Henderson for the win !! Thanks to all. Hopefully we will be talking next week abotu my lineup
  7. Any more votes. Henderson has all 3. I was leaning towards him myself.
  8. This is 1st RD of playoffs for me. I havent made the playoffs in years lol. My opponent had Willie Parker Thurs night so I need to pick a winner for Sunday. Who has the most potential for a big game Sunday?
  9. More important than RB picks

    Yeah, I think the Cowboys Saints game will be high scoring. Saints won't be able to run well vs the Cowboys so they will have to pass alot. Rudi will star in the Oakland game.
  10. Cotchery or Branch

    Cotchery, I'm starting him also.
  11. WDIS at TE? Not great choices

    Start Davis, McMichael is gonna be needed to hold off the Blitz packages.
  12. Which receiver?

    M. Jones, M. Furrey, M. Booker Each with the potential to score a TD. Though Bush will be relied on heavily, these 3 are safer starts.
  13. WDIS at RB2? Please Help

    Tough choice for sure. However, with Colston and Horn banged up, the Brees will look to get Bush involved as much as possible. The Arizona running game is flat and once they fall behind they will need to go to the air. Start Bush. Much more upside.
  14. Cadillac Williams

    I have Caddy and I've decided to bench him. I'll use a 3 WR instead. If i was you I'd replace him with Coles.
  15. WDIS: Eli vs. CAR or J Garcia vs. WAS

    I'd go with Garcia. I think he should have started over McNabb anyway . He's much more accurate then McNabb and is better suited for the Eagles Offense. He should at least produce the numbers McNabb had without the interceptions. Better Matchup also.