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  1. When did we start this league? Feels good to win here. I think last year I was just not into it and didn't win any leagues. I at least try and get 1 victory ro pay for my entertainment.
  2. Thanks all. About dam time in this league.
  3. 1 year and would like to start.
  4. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Darnold, Sam CAR QB Seibert, Austin DET PK TO IR
  5. Week 11 Starting QB - Faberge Legg Warmers

    I see conspiracy here!!! MFL You killed the internet!
  6. Site not secure

    Anyone else getting a secure warning to MFL and not allowing access? I was able to get on first thing this morning, however not now.
  7. Cantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos gave up Gage, Russell ATL WR; Year 2022 Round 1 Draft Pick from Cantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos; Year 2022 Round 3 Draft Pick from Sir Hugo’s Hipster Henchman | Euchre_Star10 OddJob's Hats | MonkeyOne gave up Fournette, Leonard TBB RB Si
  8. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Promoting DeVonta Smith and giving 4 years
  9. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Dropping Dissly, Will SEA TE.
  10. LLD 2021 Roster Moves

    Promoting RENFROW, HUNTER and assigning 4 years and dropping Ian Thomas.
  11. Contank Roster - Processed

    New contract years PLAYER New Contract NOTES Darnold, Sam CAR QB 3 Ty'son Williams Bal RB 1 Gage, Russell ATL WR 2 Jones, Marvin JAC WR 2 Landry, Jarvis CLE WR 3 Seibert, Austin CIN PK 1 Succop, Ryan TBB PK 2 Giants, New York NYG Def 1 Patriots, New England NEP Def 2 Drops PLAYER Dead Years NOTES Brees, Drew FA QB Drop Pettis, Dante NYG WR 1 Drop Taylor, Trent CIN WR 1 Drop Bailey, Dan FA PK Drop Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def Drop Edit to update roster Put Smth back on DTS to accommodate Williams
  12. Trade Cantank/Octo - Processed

    FranchisePlayers/PicksTo FranchisePlayers/PicksExpiresCantankerous Idiots | BearBroncos Minshew, Gardner JAC QB OctoSkins | Mattyice76-Thu Jul 15 2:00 p.m.Comments:The man, the mullet, the myth. Gives you some coverage why Trevor gets his wheels on him. Octo gives $1 Si
  13. Trade Cantankerous / Hugo - Processed