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  1. Just Fall on the BALL!

    Where did they find these refs?
  2. Spurrier headed to Alabama

    Is this true? Everything I have read sounds like a complete denial from the Spurrier side.
  3. I'm not sure if I should reply to this topic because it's supposed to be about Arizona, but seems to have been hijacked by talk about unverifiable assertions and therefore virtual nonsense about other schools. (Note to self: You are a staunch Alabama fan. This is really not a good day to hype that fact!) Last year Arizona recruited my nephew academically and athletically, which resulted in two invitations, independent of each other. Somehow, that made him a "walk on" for the football team - but for the last several games he has been allowed to wear the uniform, which I understand is pretty unusual for a freshman. So I'd like to think that has "gotten" into Arizona.
  4. Tight End - Kansas City

    Thanks for the clarification, DMD. I actually don't care what they call Wilson, as long as for my purposes his stats count as a TE. As that and my only option, he might get me some points. Cheers!
  5. Tight End - Kansas City

    I have searched for this info, to no avail, so I do apologize if I duplicate the question. DMD says it's Jason Dunn. WW calls it for Kris Wilson. I am sad that it's not Tony Gonzalez - but who is it? Cheers to all!
  6. Done with Eli

    As I continue to contemplate my worst FF season ever - anyone know what Eli is short for? I'm guessing not Elizabeth.
  7. Gonzo out 2-3 weeks possibly

    Perhaps I need to give up drinking wine. First Eli and now this? I think I'll have a bit more wine.
  8. Done with Eli

    This is it. He is not his brother, not even close. I shall now bench him and play Rivers of San Diego. I know there was a thread about this last week that I did not jump upon. Please consider it jumped.
  9. From the CrockPot-Week 9

    I was just wondering if anyone was making this today, save for our host and me? It's starting to smell just wonderful!
  10. WW Just on my local news!

    WW just appeared on my local news in Sacramento with mention of The Huddle. Granted, it was a story apparently about employees accessing The Huddle and their fantasy football info during work hours - which does not thrill their employers - but it was very cool nonetheless! Kudos to The Huddle!
  11. The Huddle / Tailgate - Where are You?

    I appear to be the only addition in Sacramento - but really did nothing to change the east coast bias.
  12. ♂ vs. ♀

    We have astrological symbols posted at I should have been consulted! LOL. Wieg - leave Czar alone. You just may be unarmed. Too much fun.
  13. Fantasy Football Class in middle school?

    My statistics professor in college taught us with problems that could only be described as pornographic. No one ever missed that class - you might miss the fun and/or the drama. When his problems were eventually banned by the powers-that-be students really had to go to class every day to hear what the problems used to be. Of course, college aged kids are consenting adults. But ANYTHING legal that gets anyone excited about learning should be applauded if not cloned. I think using FF is brilliant. DMD - I will be in line to buy your book.
  14. The official Huddle Swimsuit Calendar

    As I cannot stop laughing - it's hard to type. Particularly "Ward" as I am compelled to ask about "Beav" - and I cleaned up that request from earlier typed versions - which has all of my southern relatives spinning in their graves.
  15. The official Huddle Swimsuit Calendar

    I'll be June - and a Seahawks fan!