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  1. Get rid of Phillips too. Clean house.
  2. Week 9 Milk Carton

    It sure feels like it.
  3. Week 9 Milk Carton

    Lamb Boyd Started Slayton over him last week and lost by 2. Give me something Tyler, please.
  4. Derrick Henry

    I'm in two leagues and went Chubb/Ridley/Sanders in one and Henry/Ridley/Sanders in the other. It's been a rough year.
  5. What do you need Monday Night

    Talking to myself like a nutter but I started Slayton over Boyd thinking Shepard and/or Toney would be out and the Bengals would smash the Jets. Man I hope I can get 2.7 points this week. Good luck everyone.
  6. Von Miller to Rams

    Wow. The Rams are really making the push for the SB this year. I hope they can stay healthy.
  7. What do you need Monday Night

    2.7 points from Darius Slayton
  8. Don't play any Jets

    Welp. Should have started Carter.
  9. I wish him the best but my goodness as a FF owner this year has been ridiculous.
  10. Is Hurts really that bad?

    Hurts is completely unable to work his way through his progressions and isn't an accurate passer.
  11. Milk Carton 8 Milk Carton...

    Cmon Gesicki
  12. Milk Carton 8 Milk Carton...

  13. Milk Carton 8 Milk Carton...

    Gesicki Henry
  14. Miles Sanders to IR

    It's not surprising and almost a relief for the Sanders owners that have been starting him every week. It's a shame that he looked good last week and was actually getting touches.
  15. Corey Davis not likely to play

    Does this mean an uptick in usage for Crowder? Eli Moore, finally? Or more reliance on Carter/Johnson. Who benefits the most?