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  1. Busts

    FAAB. It’s so much better.
  2. Fantasy Basketball Forum?

    Do you have a link? A quick google search didn't yield any results. Edit:
  3. Week 14 Chat

    Montgomery has made some serious moves on almost touch (8 for 135) but they’re reluctant to feed him. Oh well, at least the Bears look competent.
  4. Don’t be afraid to cut bait on players early for a juicy pick up. I watched Robinson get picked up a nemesis as I had 3 strong running backs and didn’t want to lose Ruggs before the season started. I also tell myself not to do this after I dropped James Jones week 1 after his goose egg. He proceeded to score double digit TDs and was the reason I lost in the playoffs. Oh yeah - stop winning points against. That’s my goal next year.
  5. Which 2 TE's for playoffs?

    Drop Fant
  6. What do you need tonight?

    I'm up 14.2 points in 3/4 PPR and 1/4 PPFD against McKissic. If I win, I'll sneak in at 6-7. I'm 2nd in points for (140/game) and leading points against (151). Second highest PA is 138 and the lowest is 122 points per game. FF can be cruel. What do ya'll need tonight?
  7. Week 13 Milk Carton

    Hopkins? Russ? Gonzalez?
  8. Week 12 Chat

    Lockett in the medical tent. Possible concussion or twisted ankle. Back out. He’s available but on the sidelines. Cooks did come back after the concussion scare. Carson is so so much better than Hyde.
  9. Disgusting. Out Lionsing the Lions.
  10. Week 12 Chat

    Cooks to the locker room with potentially his 6th concussion.
  11. Week 12 Chat

    Agreed. Patterson has been solid but Montgomery has had an incredible game thus far. I hate seeing them start the drive with Montgomery and Robinson on the bench. Idiotic.
  12. Kenny Golladay

    I think he’s healthy enough to play but doesn’t want to risk injury without a contract. I don’t blame him but it’s still frustrating burning a non IR roster spot in case he comes back.
  13. OG Check-In

    Triggered. He was a supreme troll.
  14. OG Check-In

    I'm not a true OG but Commentary from the Edge was my favorite article of the week.
  15. Dynasty Holds for 2021

    Mooney has shown flashes. Will the Bears ever have competent QB play? No one knows.