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  1. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    Okay everyone - I did some poking around in the new board settings and found some new ones related to cookie setting. I believe the issue should be resolved now.
  2. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    For those experiencing the "remembering" problem here on the forums, make sure your browser is set to accept cookies from thehuddle.com. You may even need to specify forums.thehuddle.com. Beyond that I'm not sure what would be causing the problem.
  3. CBS Sportsline ad

    Some of the Sportsline ads are rollover in nature. Since the ad expansion requires action by the user, those style ads will occasionally be found on The Huddle site. I will however look into the slow load issue.
  4. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    Is this issue related to your forum login, or your premium content login on the main site?
  5. Getting the Circuit City popup

    As stated in this and the other thread, we are aware of the Circuit City banners and are looking into it.
  6. Getting the Circuit City popup

    Thanks, we already know about this ad. I have seen the ads in question and they are not popup advertisements.
  7. How annoying!

    Our intent is to never have an advertisement on the site that intrudes on the content - like popups. The reality is however that when you deal with multiple advertisers and multiple ad networks sometimes they slip through. We are looking into the Circuit City campaign right now. If any other ads like the Circuit City one are seen please let us know through email or the support forum. Thanks.
  8. Have to login each time I come to the huddle

    It likely has to do with your cookie settings. When you say "each time I come to the huddle..." are you referring to the site login or the forums login? Or both?
  9. NFL Schedules

    They are not on the site any more, but here you go. 2005 2004
  10. IDP Projected Stats

    You are referring to the site display. rbmcdonald was requesting, and I was referring to, the downloadable projections found here. There may be a few positional differences between the two since one is a manual listing and the other is database driven. Although Ware has been changed now to a LB in our system since that is how the NFL and Cowboys list him.
  11. IDP Projected Stats

    Suggs Terrell DL BAL is on the file. Unless there is another T Suggs being referred to here.
  12. IDP Projected Stats

    Good idea. They've been posted.
  13. New format screen is too wide

    The width of the forums are not user controlled. You will need to widen the width of your Internet browser. The reason the forums are behaving different now is that they have been redesigned to match the fixed width of the main site. They are no longer variable in width.
  14. What the hey

    As with all site login issues, please contact our site support team at: Email: huddlebill@dhdmedia.com Toll Free: 800-935-5771 International: 310-202-3950 They are available 24/7 to assist our members with login issues at the main site (i.e. not these forums).
  15. You are not nuts. There was an error with the CBS Sportsline scoring system. It's been corrected and the others re-verified.