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  1. I hate stat corrections
  2. TB running backs

    yea, I have both as well and was pretty happy starting RoJo every week. Due to injuries and byes, I will probably end up starting both this week.
  3. Godwin to have finger surgery

    there would have to be a Red Dawn situation in 2021 for that to happen.
  4. Falcons are shutting down their facility

    The Falcons could return to their facility Friday after closing it Thursday amid positive COVID-19 tests. The newest positive test comes from an assistant coach, according to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero. The team reportedly could have returned to their facility later this afternoon but decided to work remotely. Barring testing setbacks, they should be back in the facility tomorrow. Fantasy players can be cautiously optimistic that the Falcons will be able to play this Sunday against Minnesota.
  5. Stephon Gilmore Tests Positive For Covid

    Really? You're basing your opinion on this virus from a couple of months ago? So much as changed on what they know, or don't know over the last 2 months. Everything could be BS, who knows. But if you're going to comment about this virus based on something you read 2 months ago. Don't comment, go back to your cave.
  6. +COVID test - game delay (very possible)

    I am thinking the clear face shields quite a few players already have on their helmets will suffice.
  7. Week 2 Chat

    Why is Pollard starting the game for dallas??
  8. trade connor for Jonathan taylor

    Check out any depth charts and they say Taylor is the starter. Had more carries then Hines last week. Bottom line, Conner will be hurt by halftime this weekend. Trade him while you can.
  9. Allen Robinson has asked for a trade

    I'm thinking his QB might have quite a bit to do with it too.
  10. Message Board League Draft 12 Team

    And we're off!
  11. Matt Breida to the Dolphins

    SF trades up in the 5th round. Dolphins acquired RB Matt Breida from the 49ers in exchange for the No. 153 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.
  12. Report: Trent Williams shot down a trade to Minnesota

    Williams traded to SF for a 5th this year and a 3rd next year
  13. Who Would You Like Your Team To Draft?

    Say what you want about Trader Rick. But the Vikings started the draft with 12 picks, the 2nd amount behind Miami. after 3 rounds, they have 4 starters or at least 4 players who should see significant playing time. Day 3 of the draft, they have 12 more picks to make.
  14. I am thinking tonight's draft may be . . .

    Carolina signed Teddy Bridgewater for over 20 mill a year. They have their QB.
  15. Gronk to the Bucs

    Pats are giving the 7th rounder along with Gronk and getting a 4th round back