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  1. Bridgewater to Denver

    As part of the trade, Carolina agreed to take on $7 million of Bridgewater's $10 million in guarantees for 2021. That makes the deal low-risk for the Broncos but it remains minimal in upside. Adam Schefter added that this move doesn't take Denver out of the QB conversation with the No. 9 pick in the draft. Acquiring two quarterbacks in as many days would be surprising but the lack of investment in Bridgewater leaves a first-round passer on the table for the Broncos.
  2. Bridgewater to Denver

    Broncos acquired QB Teddy Bridgewater from the Panthers in exchange for a 2021 sixth-round pick.
  3. AJ Green to AZ

    Just trying to have a little fun there negative ned. never mind.
  4. AJ Green to AZ

    Part of the game. Games played or injuries are not included in any wagers
  5. AJ Green to AZ

    Well, last year you had a rookie qb throwing to a rookie wr down in the red zone in Tee Higgins. That's not unheard of a rookie qb throwing to a rookie wr vs the old veteran. Kinda like the 2nd string qb all of the sudden hitting the 3rd string wr he practiced with more. How about this. I'll make you a friendly little wager. AJ Green vs Odell Beckham this year. You can set the parameters. Best FF pts, ppr, non ppr, tds, you decide. A $20 paypal wager? I'm good for it. In many BOTH leagues, a baseball league. I trust you, you seem like a man of your word. Bet?
  6. AJ Green to AZ

    I think this is a good signing for AZ. When they get in the red zone who else do they have to throw it to outside of Hopkins? AJ has the size to make plays down there at the very least. Hopkins will still get the double teams freeing AJ up. Nobody is saying he's going to return to stud status, but I think it's a perfect fit for AZ. Fitz, Kirk, Dan Campbell were not the type of guys where the qb could just throw it up in the corner of the end zone. AJ fits that bill to the T, and hes not totally washed up to be a secondary wr in the middle of the field.
  7. Eagles reportedly a 'strong suitor' for Deshaun Watson

    lol, now we know where the new allegations stated. Eagles trying to stir things up to lower the price. we all know they don't mind criminals at qb.
  8. weird. any time any politician starts to become popular, you can almost bet money at some point, some sexual allegations pop up out of no where. I certainly don't mean to down play any type of those allegations. But has Watson ever had any questions about his character? what we know about the Texans ownership...does this sound shady to anyone? just sayin....
  9. Back in the day you might have been able to read some of darin's content on this sites main page. But then he started hanging out with some of us in Vegas and well... those stories are best left untold.
  10. Dude- name and address I can send the check.



    1. BillyBalata


      Mike Jeche

      525 13th Ave SE

      Rochester MN 55904



  11. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    that's a good observation. I think the bar point still stands but you're right. but to that point, i could see where people that would go to home super bowl parties that werent that interested in the game just wanted a party, might not watch or still watch but tune out after the halftime score.
  12. Superbowl viewership was down sharply

    I find it hard to believe viewership went down because of the score, It was Pat Mahomes. I think most casual fans even realize he could make one of the greatest comebacks...again. If anything they left at halftime cuz of the lame halftime show when they didn't get to see Lenny Kravitz. Viewership was down because bars weren't having huge super bowl parties, homes weren't having super bowl parties. sure there were some people that tuned out for political reasons or cry about the unfair refereing, but those people probably only watch for the commercials anyway.
  13. Nothing to see here

    LOL I admire you always sticking up for your team, some teams fans are happier whining about their teams. You're correct that Tags rebuked how Goodell handled the situration, he did not absolve the players. And how can you claim the coaches had nothing to with it when your coach was suspended for a year? Tagliabue, appointed by commissioner Roger Goodell to handle the appeals, still found that three of the players engaged in conduct detrimental to the league. He said they participated in a performance pool that rewarded key plays -- including bone-jarring hits -- that could merit fines. But he stressed the team's coaches were very much involved. The entire case, he said, "has been contaminated by the coaches and others in the Saints' organization." The team's "coaches and managers led a deliberate, unprecedented and effective effort to obstruct the NFL's investigation," the ruling said. Tagliabue oversaw a second round of player appeals to the league in connection with the cash-for-hits program run by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams from 2009 to 2011. The players initially opposed his appointment. Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma had been given a full-season suspension, while defensive end Will Smith, Cleveland linebacker Scott Fujita and free-agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove each received shorter suspensions. Tagliabue cleared Fujita of conduct detrimental to the league. "I affirm Commissioner Goodell's factual findings as to the four players. I conclude that Hargrove, Smith and Vilma -- but not Fujita -- engaged in 'conduct detrimental to the integrity of, and public confidence in, the game of professional football,' " the ruling said.