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  1. so what's up ?

    coupla one-hits oughta fix that memory problem.
  2. Seen this commercial yet?
  3. 29

    27. dug?
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    11. piratesownninjas
  5. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    um...keep in mind I was laying in a hospital bed pushing my morphine button. So I forget the exact explanation...but the book was $4100. But due to the shape of the car, low mileage for one, it was a 2000 model, so a 7 year old car with only 50,000 miles on it, whatever system he had, he valued the car at $7800. Minus the $500 deductible, had a check for $7300 the next week.
  6. 29

    29. tonyr0802
  7. 29

    Congrats on 29,000 1. 'canes2004
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    17. Bronco Billy
  9. Am I wrong or does State Farm Insurance sucketh?

    +1 on State Farm treating me pretty good on my car accident this winter. Gave me almost double what the book value was on my totaled car. Then 4 months later contacted me saying he still owed me for lost wages, which I thought we were all caught up on, two weeks later I received a $2000 check in the mail. +1000 on Farmers Insurance sucking the big one BIG TIME! SOBs have been playing games and denying any claims, all over a $50,000 policy. They're gonna lose in the long run, but yet feel the need to drag this out for a year first.
  10. The British Open

    That looked good for a couple minutes when he reached 5 under. Since then he's shot 7 over and now 2 over par.
  11. Vick Indicted

    A person isn't technically under indictment until the Grand Jury actually hands down that indictment. Like Az said above, they can be subpoenaed to testify, but the prosecutors won't generally do that. I can tell you in a year of doing it, we never once saw the person they were attempting to charge with a crime. We saw plenty of other criminals, but they were all called testify against someone else. I guess my opinion of being on a Federal Grand Jury, it was pretty cool...for the first 6-8 months. After that it seemed like the same old stuff. We dealt with all kinds of cases, you name it. Tons of drug cases. Mail Fraud, Tax Evasion. Gun cases, one Murder case. Prostitution, and even one child pornography case. I thought they went a little overboard there, as far as presenting evidence, they passed around over 2 dozen pics for us to look at. I got the point after the first one. We'd only meet 3 days a month for 12 months. You'd get a schedule for the whole year at the beginning so you knew the days and could plan around it. While you were required to be available for those 3 days, most months it was only 2 days, sometimes only 1. It's also where I was the morning of Sept 11th, 2001. ...
  12. Vick Indicted

    Not sure what you are saying here in the bolded part above....but the Feds are under no obligation to let Vick come in and testify in front of the Grand Jury. They don't even have to let him know what's going on. You are correct on the part that just about anything is admissible though, as there won't be anyone in the room do defend the '"other side". Pretty much all the testimony will be what the prosecutors want the Jury to hear, there's no "defense" or rebuttal whatsoever in front of a Grand Jury. They hear what the prosecutors want them to hear and then are asked to come back with an indictment or no indictment. I'm not a lawyer either, but I did serve on a Federal Grand Jury for a year, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn while doing so.
  13. Peyton Manning at the Espys

    I think it was Kate Walsh who presented with him. (greys anotomy?) I'm also pretty sure that was all scripted.
  14. The British Open

    Jeebus Hughy, welcome to 2007 already Jose Ilostmyball is getting old, hasn't done hardly anything this year. And then there's Nick Price who's played the Seniors Tour all year. Campbell may be young enough, but he hasn't made the cut in almost half the tournaments he's played this year. You better get at least 100-1 on any of those guys. I like Tiger in this one. If not him, Justin Rose would be my 2nd pick. Lucas Glover has been playing pretty good the last 3 weeks, but not so sure he's ready to contend in a major yet.
  15. Golf

    Chief probably hit the starting price pretty well. You could maybe find some off brand or knockoffs for cheaper. Maybe. But also like he said, with your height you definetly need to get fitted. Your run of the mill set will most likely be too short for you. Too many people struggle at the game because they don't have clubs matched to their swing. Something else you could look into, a lot of shops will offer a starter set. Instead of getting every iron, 3-9, Pitching wedge, you can buy just every other iron, 3,5,7,9 irons. Obviously this costs less and most places will give you full credit towards a full set once you become hooked and want to trade those clubs in for a full set. As far as the cost of lessons, I'm not sure. That could depend on region. Also depends on where you go. Golf pros at fancier courses obviously cost more. Last I knew, at my course lessons were somewhere between 50-75 bucks an hour. I think you could get a 4 lesson package for about $200. If you go to a course for lessons, check to see if they have an asst pro, they tend to charge less then the head pro will. Good luck.