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  1. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    nope, i think BJ understood everything i said. he's smart. you're not.
  2. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    My quote in that post was what your QB said today. maybe you weren't aware of that yet. so it was about more recent FA's you know. then i read a vikings fan state a packer is one of his favorite players, pffffft I got Cobb in Norris, you can trade for him cheap!
  3. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    ohhhh, i forgot when reggie came to GBay to play with Erin. Knowing BJ he knew that. Knowing LC, he thought Reggie just signed with G Bay last week.
  4. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    Total Class, no drama queen here! Someone remind me of all the big free agents that have come to Green Bay...
  5. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    While i tend to agree with you....2 years ago the Winston/Perriman combo won me some money. Other then that year Perriman has been a flop. Adam Humphries had a couple decent PPR seasons with Winston, some eckpurts thought he could be the next welker/edleman. went back to a dud without him. probably not great examples, but you never know...
  6. I don't think during covid it's all that uncommon for a couple to not want to wait to get married and do it without all the hoopla and then do that later when they are allowed to have a big gathering.
  7. Dice Roll

    the site i use for my local appears to still work. you just need to make sure you enter an email address in both spots.
  8. Which second-year WR has the best outlook?

    Yea, I remember Diontae getting put on the sideline in at least 2 games I watched last year for his drops. If his own team benches him for a time, they consider him guilty of too many drops. regardless of what stat determines a drop. if Juedy ranked one official drop behind him. he has too many drops. that said, i do agree, the definition of a drop can be subjective.
  9. Which second-year WR has the best outlook?

    I traded away Ruggs this week. So him, definitely will be him.
  10. Bridgewater to Denver

    As part of the trade, Carolina agreed to take on $7 million of Bridgewater's $10 million in guarantees for 2021. That makes the deal low-risk for the Broncos but it remains minimal in upside. Adam Schefter added that this move doesn't take Denver out of the QB conversation with the No. 9 pick in the draft. Acquiring two quarterbacks in as many days would be surprising but the lack of investment in Bridgewater leaves a first-round passer on the table for the Broncos.
  11. Bridgewater to Denver

    Broncos acquired QB Teddy Bridgewater from the Panthers in exchange for a 2021 sixth-round pick.
  12. AJ Green to AZ

    Just trying to have a little fun there negative ned. never mind.
  13. AJ Green to AZ

    Part of the game. Games played or injuries are not included in any wagers
  14. AJ Green to AZ

    Well, last year you had a rookie qb throwing to a rookie wr down in the red zone in Tee Higgins. That's not unheard of a rookie qb throwing to a rookie wr vs the old veteran. Kinda like the 2nd string qb all of the sudden hitting the 3rd string wr he practiced with more. How about this. I'll make you a friendly little wager. AJ Green vs Odell Beckham this year. You can set the parameters. Best FF pts, ppr, non ppr, tds, you decide. A $20 paypal wager? I'm good for it. In many BOTH leagues, a baseball league. I trust you, you seem like a man of your word. Bet?
  15. AJ Green to AZ

    I think this is a good signing for AZ. When they get in the red zone who else do they have to throw it to outside of Hopkins? AJ has the size to make plays down there at the very least. Hopkins will still get the double teams freeing AJ up. Nobody is saying he's going to return to stud status, but I think it's a perfect fit for AZ. Fitz, Kirk, Dan Campbell were not the type of guys where the qb could just throw it up in the corner of the end zone. AJ fits that bill to the T, and hes not totally washed up to be a secondary wr in the middle of the field.