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  1. Roof of the Superdome on fire?

    What did Jameis do now?
  2. Lockett Trade

    If anything you are overestimating Goff. You think he's an improvement over Ben? maybe so far, but season long, i doubt it. Basically i think your trade is a wash. Locket starts hot every year, levels out then puts up the occasional big game the rest of the year. I like Moore and he could be huge, but he fed off Hopkins being shut down 2nd half last week. Bottom line, if you are high on Moore, do it. But I don't think you are gaining at qb if that is part of your motive. Ben has way more weapons then Goff.
  3. Who's gonna be the MVP?

    It looked like the Steelers made a point of taking Waller away from Carr yesterday. The fact he was able to find other receivers to win the game has to give him some cred in the early going.
  4. James Robinson This Week

    I don't know if this helps, but I read this blurb the other day. It's enough for me to give J Rob another shot this week. Carlos Hyde played 56 percent of his Week 1 snaps on Jacksonville’s final two drives. Hyde had six of his 11 touches in the fourth quarter of Jacksonville’s blowout loss. The Jaguars gave him a series on their third drive, but it’s a reminder this is James Robinson's (63 percent snap share) backfield. Hyde should be rostered as a three-down hedge to Robinson, the NFL’s fifth-leading rusher last year, but standalone value is going to be hard to come by outside negative game scripts.
  5. Giants vs Washington (TNF)

    Up until last night, Danny Dimes was 4-0 against WFT.
  6. Buccaneers vs. Cowboys (TNF)

    i think I can predict his good games. Every time he is in one of my opponents lineups he will go off.
  7. Waiver Wire Pickups

    Really? 12 teams, 18 rounds is pretty much the standard in all of my leagues. with covid the last 2 years a couple leagues have expanded rosters to 21. Used to go to Vegas for Wcoff and then FFPC and all their big money leagues are 12 teams, 21 rounds.
  8. Minnesota TE, Irv Smith

    I'm not saying he'll be an elite TE, but don't sleep on Tyler Conklin. He'll be the #1 TE out of the gate for the Vikings. Reports in spring camp was him and Cousins had some chemistry going. Last 4 games last year with Rudolph out, Smith was clearly the #1 TE and put up some good numbers, but Conklin still averaged 5 targets, around 40 yds a game and one td. Until/IF Herndon comes around, Conklin being the #1, could fit in nicely for someone looking for a TE.
  9. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    Drew Bledsoe says you guys are stupid.
  10. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    it means trading up to get mac jones in my rookie draft looks slightly better now then at that time? What about Stevenson? Thought you were high on him?
  11. Draft Strategy - Bye Weeks

    Considering byes only makes sense. You have to at least take it into consideration. But every year it seems there is that one week where it is tough to avoid, like you mentioned this year week 7 has so many good players on bye. After playing for so many years i finally do take into consideration maybe its just better to take a chance and chalk up that week as a loss and then have more of a full roster the rest of the weeks. One other thing I will look at when there may be a bye conflict when considering a player....look at your schedule. who are you playing that week? Does your opponent have the same issues? Might help you make a decision on a player.
  12. Message Board League 1 - 12 teams

    DMD's original email said 8 hours. but when he moved the start up to Sunday he turned it off. He needs to turn it back on.
  13. Message Board League 1 - 12 teams

    Has the timer been turned on for league #1?
  14. Message Board League 2 - 10 Teams

    Yea, i mean come on, it was announced in the middle of last night the draft was starting this morning. Why aren't these people around on a Sunday?
  15. The race to one million

    You guys need to think twice if you think DMD is gonna let anyone but himself have that 1,000,000 post.
  16. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    nope, i think BJ understood everything i said. he's smart. you're not.
  17. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    My quote in that post was what your QB said today. maybe you weren't aware of that yet. so it was about more recent FA's you know. then i read a vikings fan state a packer is one of his favorite players, pffffft I got Cobb in Norris, you can trade for him cheap!
  18. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    ohhhh, i forgot when reggie came to GBay to play with Erin. Knowing BJ he knew that. Knowing LC, he thought Reggie just signed with G Bay last week.
  19. Sports books reportedly brace for an Aaron Rodgers retirement

    Total Class, no drama queen here! Someone remind me of all the big free agents that have come to Green Bay...
  20. Well this sucks (Michael Thomas news)

    While i tend to agree with you....2 years ago the Winston/Perriman combo won me some money. Other then that year Perriman has been a flop. Adam Humphries had a couple decent PPR seasons with Winston, some eckpurts thought he could be the next welker/edleman. went back to a dud without him. probably not great examples, but you never know...
  21. I don't think during covid it's all that uncommon for a couple to not want to wait to get married and do it without all the hoopla and then do that later when they are allowed to have a big gathering.
  22. Dice Roll

    the site i use for my local appears to still work. you just need to make sure you enter an email address in both spots.