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  1. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    Well Mr post was not meant to question whether he should have ran or not. it was meant to imagine how much fun for us fans to watch...what if....TBay had to start right at their goal line and try and get a first down. they gonna pass? Gbay gonna try and get a safety? That would throw a whole new wrench in the scenario. would tbay intentionally give up the safety? that would mean gbay would still need to score a td. so many possibilties for fun there if it happened. that's all. But no, Erin pussed out instead.
  2. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    Playing what ifs.....on 3rd down i think, we all thought Rodgers was or could have ran it in, or at worst, down to the 1 or 2 yd line. Then failed to score on 4th down leaving T Bay at the 1 yd line. I would have loved to see how that scenario would have played out. Rodgers can be pissed at his coach's decision but he had a chance himself and he pussed out.
  3. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    to me....if you have to have that td to have a chance to win, which they did. I want that chance from the 8 yd line. Versus if they did get the ball back with time left, they are now trying to score a td from 30-40 yds out, at best. If you go for it from the 8 and get the td and miss the 2 pter, then you only have to kick a fg from that 30-40 yds out. If you fail all together, you still have them at the 8 yd line where they are going to be way more conservative trying to get a 1st down then they are out at the 17 yd line or farther. Even if they are successful at the td and 2 pter, they still have to count on their defense stopping Tom Brady from getting into FG range and winning the game. Any possible scenario....they still are counting on their defense to hold T Bay from doing anything. I would first count on the MVP from 8 yds out. Every time.
  4. *** SMACKBOWL XXIII Results - Week 3 ***

    dawolf300 and I have the exact same players left in the NFC. We both have Kelce in the AFC. So it will come down to Mahomes, Bell, Williams, Hill, Hardman, D Robinson, Butker and KC Def scoring 37 pts.
  5. Phillip Rivers retires

    Philip Rivers announced his retirement after 17 NFL seasons. Colts general manager had said Rivers would make a decision about his retirement next month, but Rivers, 39, only needed two weeks to say he would leave the game after 16 years with the Chargers and one season with Indianapolis. Rivers, who will become the head coach at St. Michael Catholic High School in Alabama, threw for at least 30 touchdowns six times in his career, topping 4,500 passing yards in five seasons. Incredibly, he didn't miss a game since taking over as the Chargers' starting QB in 2006. Rivers and the Chargers had a run of excellent regular seasons with LaDainian Tomlinson as the team's offensive centerpiece, only to falter in the postseason, sometimes in heart wrenching fashion. In his only season with the Colts, Rivers led the team to the playoffs before losing to the Bills in the Wild Card round. Rivers' oddball sidearm delivery will go down as one of the quirkiest and most effective throwing motions in league history. The Colts will bring in new quarterbacks via the NFL draft or free agency -- perhaps both. QB Jacoby Brissett is an unrestricted free agent.
  6. Will Patrick Mahomes Play Sunday in Chiefs-Bills?

    Actually it makes perfect sense. Everyone was wondering how that hit gave him a concussion when it wasn't to the head. it was a nasty blow to his neck. The neck is kinda close to the head. Could easily still cause a concussion but mess up a nerve in his neck as well.
  7. Chargers fire Anthony Lynn

    I think the Chargers fan makes the exact point why he was let go. Seems like a great players coach. But if you paid attention this year, his clock management decisions and everything else at the end of both halves, there were disasters almost every week it seemed. seems to me several games were lost this year based on those decisions alone this year.
  8. Trevor Lawrence or deshaun Watson?

    lol, if you go by past history for the Texans they''d be willing to trade Watson for an oft injured RB. Luckily for Houston fans O'Brien is gone.
  9. Playoff Contest

    pm sent

    AFC Team AQB: KC-Patrick Mahomes ARB1: TEN-Derrick Henry ARB2: KC-Le'Veon Bell ARB3: KC-Darrel Williams ATE: KC-Travis Kelce AWR1: KC-Tyreek Hill AWR2: PIT-Diontae Johnson AWR3: KC-Mecole Hardman AWR4: KC-Demarcus Robinson APK: KC-Harrison Butker ADEF: KC-Chiefs NFC Team NQB: TB-Tom Brady NRB1: NO-Alvin Kamara NRB2: TB-Leonard Fournette NRB3: WAS-Peyton Barber NTE: TB-Rob Gronkowski NWR1: GB-Davante Adams NWR2: TB-Chris Godwin NWR3: TB-Antonio Brown NWR4: TB-Scott Miller NPK: TB-Ryan Succop NDEF: TB-Buccaneers Tiebreaker #1 - Total rushing yards in Superbow:l 222 Tiebreaker #2 - Longest field goal; 52
  11. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    Was only the 4th highest in the 27 years of my local. non ppr Clinton Portis had the most for rb, 63.4 pts. we do have 3 pt bonus for every 100 yds
  12. Vikings vs Saints (Christmas)

    It looks bleak for me now, but I'll be fine after 4net gets his 4 tds tomorrow.
  13. I can't watch the SF/AZ game on tv this weekend? I guess the NFL is trying to alienate their fans.
  14. Steelers vs Bengals (MNF)

    Went into last nights game with a 21 pt lead. I still had Ebron but he had Ben and JuJu. Ebron goes out early with zero pts. Still, at half time my lead had increased to 24 as both his guys had negative pts. Gotta love that Bengal def! Onto the Championship!
  15. If there is no reason for teams eliminated to keep playing, their rosters should be locked so they can't pull something like this. I don't know how your waivers work from this point on, or how close of friends this people are, but if this guy and the team that might have first waiver pick could somehow pick Chubb up? Punch them in the face and kick them to the curb!
  16. to answer your basic question. do you have a toilet bowl? or consolation playoffs? Then yes they should be able to still make moves. But even then, anyone that drops Chubb should be immediately sent packing from the league.
  17. An old Huddler used to say...Fantasy Football is 88% Luck and the other 12% is just plain Dumb Luck. Sometimes I think he nailed it.
  18. OG Check-In

    I still have my copy. Wish I'd had it that weekend so you could sign it. It would be!
  19. Will Fuller suspended 6 games

    Will Fuller announced via Instagram that he's been suspended six games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing substances policy. And now we know why Fuller has stayed healthy this year. Currently set to become an unrestricted free agent in March, Fuller will miss the rest of the 2020 season and sit out Week 1 for whichever franchise he ends up with for the new league year. Fuller wraps up his fifth and potentially final campaign with the Texans with career-highs in receiving yards (879) and touchdowns (8) from Deshaun Watson. With Kenny Stills on waivers and Randall Cobb still on injured reserve, Houston will move forward with Brandin Cooks, Keke Coutee, and rookie Isaiah Coulter in three-wide sets in the interim. Fuller turns 27 in April.
  20. Recent injury/illness updates? JConner, JoshJacobs ?

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Steelers RB James Conner is eligible to return for Week 13 against Washington but is unlikely to be made active.
  21. Can Tice play all 4 RB's at same time?

    Look at the date Oh, and the OP is a cheesypoof fan so he probably thought he was being clever
  22. OG Check-In

    I remember my first WCOFF draft in Vegas 2007 and a bunch of OG's at dinner saturday night. Myself, msaint, darin, bier, twiley, RR26, alchico, BC, bushwacked. kidcid I think. Big John was there I think....not sure who all was at the other end of the table. good memories...the parts i remember.
  23. Mark Andrews on COVID-19

    Ravens placed TE Mark Andrews on the reserve/COVID-19 list. He's the latest Ravens player to test positive and will be out a minimum of 10 days if asymptomatic and 14 days if symptomatic. He's out for Weeks 12 and 13 after testing positive Saturday. Baltimore is involved in a full-blown COVID outbreak. Source: Adam Schefter on Twitte
  24. Seen this commercial yet?
  25. so what's up ?

    coupla one-hits oughta fix that memory problem.