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  1. is Mike Davis droppable?

    Ten team league. My RBs are Cook, Mattison, Gibson, Fournette, Darrel Williams, Khalil Herbert, and Mike Davis.
  2. is Mike Davis droppable?

    What a disappointment! I have to make a roster decision in dropping Mike Davis or Khalil Herbert or Darrel Williams. None of them are handcuffs to my starters Have tried trading any of them to no avail! Is Mike Davis droppable a this point of the season?
  3. My Patterson for his Gibson

    It was offered to me and I took it. I had offered Mike Davis and Golladay or Boyd for A. Jones. He declined. I then offered Patterson and Boyd or Golladay for Jones. He declined that and then offered this. I accepted. Hope that everyone is right about CPatt not being able to sustain this productivity! I had also offered Cook/Mattison and Mike Davis for AJones and Gibson.
  4. My Patterson for his Gibson

    Full point PPR, trading away Cordarelle for his Antonio. My other RBs are Cook/Mattison, Mike Davis, and Fournette. Would you sell high on Cordarelle and would this be a good trade?
  5. Should I make this trade??

    I would probably do it. Is it a PPR, full or half? Lockett seems so hit or miss and you would be getting the week in and week out go to guy for Rodgers.
  6. Same prob different week

    I have the same decision. I am down 18. He has Lamb going tonight and I have Cooper and either Dak or Hurts! IDK which way to go!! Leaning Hurts!
  7. Jameis Winston Thread

    So with this news, where are we moving Jameis in the rankings? He might be on a short leash, but has a ton of upside. Who are we putting him ahead of? Who are we putting ahead of him?
  8. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Sounds good to me! That way, hitting a quarter pays more than put in for most of us. $10 didn't really seem like winning!
  9. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    PP sent Irish!!
  10. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    In for 8!
  11. OG Check-In

    Hey guys, I've got a ton of new crockpot recipes I didn't just copy and paste from a book that I bought with the funds that were supposed to go to FF winners! Been here sinco 2002 officially. Has anyone heard from Puddy?
  12. Huddle MBs at work

    This made me laugh because it is so true for so many people (but not me, especially during the season!)
  13. Buy Dockers, get a free flight

    "Complete the Booking Form, including your selection of departure city and three different destination and date preferences, and return it to TLC Marketing at the address provided with the Booking Form. Photocopies and reproductions not accepted." Does this part worry any of you?
  14. The Best: Defensive Player

    Justin Timberlake plays football?
  15. My Space

    Aren't these the same thing?