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  1. Tiki or Betts

    All td's 6pts 1pt/25yds rush/rec 10 team performance league and Im in the championship game who would you start Tiki at home vs NO or Betts @ Stl both def's suck against the run but Stl gives up more tds. Both rb's have 2 td's bit Betts has been on a tear . Any advice would be appreciated I have L J going tonight but am playing the guy who owns LT Heres the rest of my lineup: Garcia L Johnson Barber (tenativley) Housh Boldin Gates Wilkins
  2. Tiki or Betts

    Thanks Carnage anyone else???
  3. I would go with Lewis the Ravens are still playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs Lewis doesnt split carries with anyone for the most part. If the Bears get up on the Lions I wouldnt be surprised to see the Bears go with A Petersen against the crappy Lions and let both Jones and Benson rest. As for your wr's flip a coin both of them dont really make a lot of noise when it comes to fantasy points if you start Lewis go with Caldwell and if you start Benson start Mason Thanks for responding to mine
  4. Tiki or Betts

    thanks guys anyone else?? LJ had a good showing last night but I was really hoping for at least 2 tds 3 would have been great really need to counter LT my opponent has S Alexander also and I dont feel he will have a good game but I could be wrong
  5. l.johnson prop

    Actually the Raiders have the 26th ranked run defense and the 1 ranked pass offense let that sink in for a minute................... ok that means that nobody really has to throw the ball against them as they just get run and scored on like a drunk prom date. I mean really I dont care if they have the #1 ranked defense in the NFL they are 2 AND FREAKIN 10 any decent opposing offense with a average or more run offense has been lighting them up!!!! Why risk the interceptions I bet your not in your leagues super bowl are you be honest!!
  6. Tiki or Betts

    And the Mia def
  7. Ok fellow fantasy footballers!! Crunch time Division Championship game standard perf. league 10 team all td's 6pts 1 pt / 25yds rush/rec 1pt/50 yds passing -1pt/int. I Have A Boldin, D Henderson, and A Johnson as bench Wr and really no other option other than L Betts at Rb. I was thinking about puttin Henderson in as the guy Im playing has D Brees as his Qb kind of negate any td's he might throw to Henderson and Betts has put up back to back 150 yds rushing performances and 3- 100+ games but he only has one more Td than Barber who would you guys start obviously this is must win to go to the Super Bowl next week any advice will be greatly appreciated Heres my present lineup: J Garcia @Nyg L Johnson @ SD Tiki Barber vs Phi T J Housh @ Ind M Booker @ Buff. A Gates vs KC J Wilkins @ Oak Mia Def @ Buff
  8. Thanks Bonedaddies never thought of it that way Good luck if your in the playoffs have a good one! Wasnt quite as solid as it looks i actuallt backed into the playoffs with a losing record just got hot at the right time.... so far. The guy im plying this week is the division winner with a very solid line-up Brees, Gore, J Lewis, Holt, C Johnson, Shockey gonna be tough I need some big games from all my guys I hope they pull me through!
  9. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Also thanks for responding to my post good luck
  10. Which 2 WRs to start this week?

    Holt and Boldin and then flip a coin on your defenses how the heck do you end up with the two best def in your league must be some knuckleheads in your league, If i was to pick one def Id go with Ravens based on Cle sucks and Chi has some personell issues with Tank and Harris being out
  11. Boldin or D. Henderson

    Let me rephrase that I am starting Booker or Henderson over Boldin he hasnt done crap the last two weeks if he cant get Lienart to throw him big games against the cream puff Rams and Seahawk def I dont think he'll be so hot against Denver but I could be wrong
  12. Boldin or D. Henderson

    I have to disagree with everybody else I have Boldin and am debating about starting Henderson or Booker over Boldin. Henderson plays on the number 1 pass offense in the league Arizona flat out sucks. The only reason Im considering Booker over Henderson is Bookers been hotter the last 3-4 weeks
  13. QB Help

    I had Grossman and now he's been cut off of my roster Im willing to bet you drafted Rivers to be your starter way back in august so once again ALWAYS!!! start your studs plus he's been hittin Gates the last few weeks which bodes well for me as I have Gates Please see my post good luck
  14. WDIS @ FLEX

    Housh but dont know who you could have for your starting Wr's that are doing much better than Housh right now. See my post please
  15. 15 people took the time to read this and only one person took a min. to post thanks I do try and respond to any that post to mine but thats fine good luck all Thanks for responding Rockers and check his post I took the time to reply to his question
  16. Anyone else?? Thanks Rockerbraves
  17. WDIS RB

    The Saints don't give up many rushing touchdowns (only nine) but they allow 132 YPG and are one of only two teams that allow more than five YPC on the ground. I would go with Betts he's posted back to back 150+ yd games he only has two tds though but I think Wash is going to try and keep the Saints offense off the field. Thanks for responding to my post good luck!!
  18. Please Help And Try To Make It Quick

    Quick you said make it quick so I pick quick
  19. All td's 6 pts 1 pt/ 25yds rush/rec 1 pt/50 yds passing -1pt/int Head to head 10 team league must start one qb I have Grossman in at home in the cold vs a terrible Min pass def who would you start Harrington is at home vs a very tough Jac def and Delhomme is at Philly and been in a major slump any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Must win to make the playoffs win and I'm in.
  20. Thanks all anybody else have any advice??
  21. Keeper League Question

    Ive been in the same league for 10+ years and the league has been around for 14 or more years we do worst record to first for the draft and serpetine we get to keep two players if we want you can keep two or cut your whole team and draft two rounds before owners who held two. So if you have Lt and Alexander you hold both of them. Usually 7-8 owners hold two players and the bottom feeder teams cut there whole team and start over.
  22. RB Help

    I would go with Drew Jones, Taylor and then Holt and Johnson
  23. Edge or D. Williams

    Jennings Williams and Romo thanks for responding to mine good luck