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  1. Congratulations to Dungy/Manning and the Colts

    Belichick needs to be put in his place. Super coach, but hardly any class. Where did Tom Brady run to immediately after the game? I'm glad there are going to be 2 classy coaches in the Superbowl this year. Though I wish New Orleans pulled a victory out of that game. They got killed. I'll be rooting on The Colts.
  2. I'd love for The Colts to destroy New England next week and in the post game interview say something like - "LT - You can share this victory with us too." After TO mocked Ray Lewis some team beat The Eagles and mocked the Eagles as in payback for TO's antics. I'd love for someone to do the same to New England next week.
  3. I love Manning and Dungy, but I'm rooting on San Diego. I can't stand Brady so I want him out of the Superbowl chance. If The Colts lose against SD at least I look at that Schottenheimer (I probably killed that spelling) is going to the Superbowl. I like him so it wouldn't bother me as much.
  4. What a game

    MikesVikes - the reason why I'm annoyed with Gould is because I am a Penn State fan. I sat in those stands and watched Gould miss one after the other at Penn State. It's shocking that he's doing so well in Chicago. Maybe those crazy winds are moving his kicked balls from bad to good. It's just frustrating when I was rooting for Gould to make them at Penn State he missed and today I'm rooting on Seattle so - rooting for Gould to miss and he makes them. Someone is messing with me.
  5. What a game

    Should have said "their" chance.
  6. What a game

    If I was Holmgrem I would have made sure Alexander stayed in during the overtime play. Yes, he's tired, but it's crunch time. He should have toughed it out on behalf of team. He was there chance and he wasn't out there. Damn shame.
  7. What a game

    To hell with Gould. Go PSU? He couldn't kick for the life him at Penn State.
  8. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    If I remember correctly, on that botched FG attempt, Romo dropped the ball then dropped it again. If Romo didn't drop the ball the 2nd time (again - if I'm remembering this correctly) he probably would have gotten that 1st down and maybe a TD. Both Glenn and Romo dropped the ball at key times. Am I right that the teams bring their own footballs? Once the game starts what happens to the footballs? Are there any complaints in the post game interviews about the footballs being slippier than usual?
  9. Cowboys / Seahawks game thread

    Witten did not get the 1st down. I'm glad they got it right with the review. I thought for sure Romo was going to get at least a 1st down, but that great tackle stopped him short of it. Crazy plays. Too many impossible plays. I think Seattle was destined win.
  10. Which QB & 3rd WR to start

    I would agree with Jimmy - I would stasrt Rattay and Evans. Good luck! Thanks for answering my question!
  11. Week 17 QB decision

    I tend to agree with pinoles. One half of Brees may eat up any points made by Garrad. I see Maurice Jones Drew being the main guy that produces in Jacksonville's offense. Whatever you choose - Good luck! Thanks for responding to my post.
  12. number9 - thanks for your response! Anybody else?
  13. Dayne home against Clev; C Taylor home against STL; Gore @ Den; S Alexander @ TB. I don't know if Holmgrem is going to start his regular starters. Snow in Denver. 6pts for TDs (more pts for longer TDs); 1pt for every 25 yds rushed; 1pt for every 25 rec; 4pts for every 4 rec; 3pts for 15 carries (2 more pts for 25 carries). Please choose 2 RBs from the ones I listed above. Thanks in advance!
  14. Coles

    Wasn't that a helmet to helmet hit that Coles got? I thought it was and I thought the play before that one was too. I didn't get to see a replay because I was chatting with holiday company.
  15. I was concerned about Torry Holt, but Reggie Wayne was suppose to do great. Dang. We're down with just Garcia left and our competition has 3 guys going still.