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  1. And Dez has been publicly defnding Zeke, Dez should feel played.  This kid (Zeke) will eventually run out of backers.  If I am Dak, Dez, Witten or Sean Lee I am ringing this kid's neck and putting him on notice.  I'm glad Zeke will be out of the locker room, but he needs more than "time out" from the team. 

  2. Huge Cowboy homer here and all along I have thought there was no way he would be suspended, the lady is a gold digger, no evidence and all that rah rah ...

    THEN I started using real logic ...Too many accusers, too many instances, the photos of the multiple bruises and multiple episodes, the throwing punches at multiple bars, THE COVER UPS and how he gets others involved or hushed, there is a serious pattern happening here...


    I am now believing that this is a SPOILED kid who has always had someone cover up, make excuses for, take care of, hide, pay off, convince others it "wasn't him", (all while Zeke stands back and lets them take care of it); Zeke is a commodity to some who want to use him and Zeke has always been a stud athlete and glorified, there has been someone at every level who has let him get away with rage toward women it seems, selfish actions at other's expense (victims to say the least) and he thinks he is above it all.


    No longer will I be one of the enablers and defenders of his reputation.  He makes his bed, he lays in it.  Abuse toward women will not be tolerated by the NFL and it's fans.  I won't get behind his behavior.  Not proud of you Zeke, you have a lot of growing up to do.

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  3. As much as Denver runs the ball and as much as the defense matches up with lesser offenses, then Kubiak is the kind of coach that will give some off caries to a second pony when he has the lead ... and if he likes what he sees then that back up RB could have an increased role.


    Can Bibbs be that guy? Has he cought Kubiak's attention enough to garner 6-8 touches this week (out of the probable 35+ potential RB touches per game)? Because if he can get 6-8 chances, then he can maybe impress his way to 10-12 touches later, and then you might have you something, especially if Booker gets dinged up or if Coach wants to limit Booker's touches to low 20's ...


    Can Bibbs pull this off?




  4. Heck, now I'm wondering if either guy is actually worth picking up. Timeshare with Cam & Tolbert stealing goal line carries. Ugh.

    That's just the thing with many pick ups this week, how hurt is the starter and is there a committee involved.

  5. Every 7 years (I didn't really do the math) Scooby and I have our Wedding Anniversary on the same day as Opening Sunday of NFL. This is our favorite day of the year, hands down, and 9/11 has so much meaning to Scooby and I. 15 years for Scooby and I :brow:


    I hope everyone has a great day!



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  6. Even with no Gronk, it is hard for me to have total confidence is stating Marty B over say Delanie Walker (I have Delanie and Marty B on the same team). Facing AZ Defense, the Jimmy is no Tom Brady, all factor in the doubt I have (or lack of confidence) I have in Marty B just popping in for 8/100/1


    I think this gives James White a hugh (purposely mispelled for all those newer huddlers) boost and a must start flex player in PPR.

  7. Gotta go with the gut ... that is what drafting is all about, getting those players whom you feel will over perform, even if you take them earlier than the cheat sheets tell you. This year, I have Langford and Marvin Jones on as many teams as possible.


    It can bite back (like the year I drafted Pitta everywhere, I looked like a genius for 3 weeks until the hip), but I stand behind my gut every day (literally and figuratively).


    Tell them you don't want any 2 year contract. They can do 1 year contract. Just time it so it's right before the football season and renew it every year.

    Exactly, that is my point. No contract (or at least annual contract that expires every August).


    OK, I called DTV back, yesterday, and settled with this (my main gripe is paying for 5 receivers, that should be part of the deal)...


    $50/mo. credit which pays for Ticket Max and after 6 months it will reduce my bill to $83/mo. Basically, they are paying for the Ticket max first 6 mos then they pay for all 5 of my receivers the next 6 months. I am just tired of messing with them, so I guess they brow beat the brow beater. :doh:

  9. LOL, I have the forums linked. Is it a separate membership?? It doesn't recognize my screen name.

    It really depends on how deep into the numbers you want to go. IMHO, thehuddle uses a good mix of number crunching, a community of training camp watchers, well organized cheat sheets and projections during the season. I also think the website here is easy to navigate to find all the info you require.