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  1. Moss goes to Pats

    O.K. If this is true, wow. Just wow. A 4th round draft pick and 3m for the year? wow. So NE trades Branch to SEA last year for an extra 1st round pick this year, trades one of those picks to SF for their 1st pick next year (which is bound to be better than 24th or 28th overall) and this years 4th, then trades the 4th for Moss. So, sorta goes: Branch for Moss + SF's 1st round pick in 08. Yeah, I think I can live with that.
  2. I like Wes Welker

    I'm thinking you can pencil in Welker as Troy Browns eventual replacement, if not his replacement for next year. They have mostly the same skills and strengths. I've always been a big fan of Troy and will be sorry to see him go, but I realize he ain't getting any younger.
  3. Jets/Patriots Game Thread

    That should pretty much do it.
  4. I'm a noivous wreck!

    If you see Vinny in the game, it won't be good news for the Jets. It will mean the game is so far in hand, he'll be in for mop-up work/stat padding.
  5. I'm a noivous wreck!

    You should be noivous. If you just accept the fact that the Pats are gonna hand the Jets their heads today now, it'll make watching the game that much easier.
  6. LC

    Lost Cause?
  7. Rivers...

    Would someone please tell me why they're making Rivers play with a blind-fold on?
  8. Write it down

    You left out "Ingram will be fined this week for spearing Brady in the back".
  9. Which WR to Start?

    15mph ain't that bad, and it's his home field.