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  1. What Do You Need Week 13 MNF

    opponent has one player left in 15 man lineup: an IDP. (we start 5) Patriot safety Phillips. I need him to score UNDER 4.5 pts. He's done that in only 3 of the 12 games this season and mostly early in the season before the NE defense magically changed from Bruce Banner into the Hulk. I hate that a huge loss for me, meaning serious playoff implications, will be at the hands of a Patriot DB on the hottest defense in the NFL.
  2. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Pollard will be a FA in 2023. His rookie contract 4th year is coming up in 2022, and there is no way the Cowboys lose that value ($1.1 million cash & cap) unless someone trades them a bounty for it. There is some thought out there that they would be better off letting Zeke go and taking the massive $30 million hit while Pollard is just a million. Crazy stuff like that. All I can tell you is I ain't gonna draft Zeke in round 1 no more as much as I ani't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more.
  3. Players You’re Disgusted With

    Zeke. Will not draft him again.
  4. Weak 13 Chat

    Could have fooled me. I don't know why, but even after they announced it, I kept him benched figuring Rex Burkhart would do well. In actuality, Burkhead's 5.5 was exactly 5.5 better than the active Henderson.
  5. WR,WR,FLX

    I need two WRs + Flex (3 total): B Cooks, Pittman, M Williams, Burkhead, Freiermuth
  6. I need two WRs + Flex (3 total): Cooks, Pittman, M Williams, Burkhead, Freiermuth (currently have the 3 WR's in)
  7. Minschew or heinicke

  8. so now that Davis is indeed active, it's down to D Jax vs Davis. You still with D Jax on this?
  9. Sparta (Sussex county). You're Central, IIRC.
  10. Who to start at TE?

    F-ing great choices. I'm jealous.
  11. Pick 2

    No question in my mind to play Sanders over Metcalf here. Metcalf floor is miserably low. Not so for Sanders. It really is an easy choice.
  12. WR help

    Hilton eating into Pittman's volume is driving me crazy. Minshew can throw a lot better than Hurts. Smith is chomping at the bit to destroy Jets secondary. I'm sitting Pittmn here.
  13. Good morning Irish! Beautiful day here in NJ. so... Corey Davis (active) or DeSean Jackson?
  14. Pick 2

    Today, 8:31 am ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the Rams are "not optimistic" about Darrell Henderson (quad) playing in Week 13 against the Jaguars. Sanders vs Jets? Yes, put him in. If Henderson out, I'd go Michel/Sanders. It's tough to bench Metcalf though.