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  1. Teams asking about Wentz

    It is being reported that several teams have inquired about Darnold as well. Unfortunately, they all from the CFL.
  2. Super Bowl predictions

    this game doesn't pass the smell test.
  3. Super Bowl predictions

    hmmm... the whole thing smelled bad from the beginning with Nantz licking Brady's nuts at every opportunity and the the flags started flying non stop.
  4. you are all correct. Bell lost a step for sure after the long holdout. That is evidenced by failing in NY and KC. As for his year with the Jets: Maccagnan signs him to a silly contract despite Gase telling ownership that he didn't want Bell. Gase's offensive scheme combined with the putrid Jets OL were terrible mismatches for Bell's unique running style (kudos to the Holmes analogy, only Holmes was faster, stronger and more powerful ala Tomlinson). I couldn't have painted a more terrible blue print for a running game if I tried.
  5. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    Well that was a nice surprise. thanks Irish! Makes up for some player prop mistakes. But I won the tube socks in DMDs game!
  6. His eyes were all over from the outset. I'm thinking too much meds of some sort. It was abnormal. The Eagles HC just got all tangled in his presentation and seemed underprepared. Gase seemed insane. Literally.
  7. Hey, it's not Adam Gase. You've got that going for you. His initial PC was worse.
  8. Divisional Round games chat

    just tuned in. why is mahomes limping?
  9. 2021 Huddle Super Bowl Box Pool

    8 boxes of course
  10. Playoff Fantasy Football League

    so how many entries this year?
  11. Playoff Contest

    so how many entries?
  12. Jets

    Many hope so. They've had enough Darnold. He sucks even when he is NOT under pressure, very slow processing in that very California-fried brain of his.
  13. Jets fire Adam Gase as expected

    Good riddance. He was canned officially 20 minutes after the plane landed. Jets players tweeting they got the word as they were entering the facility after the flight home.
  14. Jets

    And if you want the pulse of Jets Nation on Darnold... 80% thinks he sucks and is not fixable. His field vision is pathetic. His pocket instincts are non existent. Even when under ZERO pressure he makes the most boneheaded throws. He wasn't kidding when he said he sees ghosts. With Darnold on the field it's like 13 vs 11. Worse than his slow processing brain is his footwork (or should I say feet retardation?) Worst footwork Ive ever seeen on a 1st round QB with absolutely no improvement in 3 years. Constantly throws off back foot. 90% of the time off balance for no good reason. He's a f-king mess. Career back-up.