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  1. homemade ice cream

    once made morel mushroom ice cream... very taste....
  2. Man vs Wild vs Survivorman

    man vs wild sucks anyway survivorman is better
  3. Single best album rock ever produced

    nothing to argue about there with either of them i also really like litte feat "Waiting for Columbus" another live one
  4. Scorsese, Shamalan, Spielberg, Mel Brooks

    yah i think i go with these also
  5. Baseball question...

    well gold isn't a sport so it doesn't matter
  6. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

  7. Whatcha listenin to

    bluegrass underground " live at the bohemian cafe"
  8. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

  9. WCOFF role call....

    who;s idea was it to draft nate but colsten in the 15 round was nice
  10. trek decking

    i think there was a class action lawuit for that stuff... cant handle heat, cold very well, slippery as hell and gets hot if in the sun.... we used it at the lake( father in law wanted the stuff, i didnt) it sucks balls and we filed a compliant got some money back and all new decking which is just sitting there because i wont put it on again... probably use at the hunting shack but thats about it .
  11. stung by a wasp

  12. trek decking

    trex or trek?
  13. UAW vs. Japan

  14. UAW vs. Japan

  15. Important news

    that should be a good fit... he is funny as hell when is is improvising
  16. Whatcha listenin to

    today its jonny lang and Taj Mahal
  17. Another chat about health care costs

    bush is a moran..., ooops is that offensive
  18. Lindsay Lohan arrested AGAIN

  19. i would agree.. it the fear factor.. politicians love it, people almost need to have it and its been used throughout history for good and bad .
  20. So......my son went fishing last night with my BIL

    we catch some big flat heads in the croix... 30 + is the biggest ive caught but ive seen 40+ caught... they are fun to catch we also have channels or" blues" and they get to about 20 or so and fight even better
  21. Treated lumber

    i was thinken an old pontoon
  22. Treated lumber

    polar and jack pine will rot very fast
  23. Treated lumber