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  1. Mystery Huddler #8 - Presented by Bank One

    is he a shrimper???? looks greek or iti. could be a slav..... polk fits into that anger management group cool_thu
  2. "Host" the Excel toys?

  3. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Yukon Cornelius your freindly bumble hunter/ minor What: Teacher by Day, Bumble hunting at night When: 37 years young but feel 70 after the twins were born Where: Hail from the Minnesota now live in Gods country. Why:WHY ask WHY Fantasy Bio: dont really play just looking for bumbles..... i think i have found a few here at the huddle and im monitoring the re activity... i see one has recently returned after a long absence( starts with a K).
  4. Favorite Team

    the team i remeber the most is the 2 women TAG team....... oh those collage days were fun loco loco loco
  5. Price of a Stripper

    you kidding right?? eek! iits freakin alabama they have non to start with brow
  6. "I can't believe we're going to lose!"

    wanted the stars bad..... that would have been great to beat them ........ to bad f'n norm " i have no dick" green doesnt own the team anymore... thumbs_u thumbs_u
  7. What's wrong here?

    take to hits and it will look fine in about 30 minutes wink
  8. WNBA

  9. Check this Sosa picture out!

    that had to sting
  10. How about.....

    needed one more for 800
  11. Post padding at it's finest

    Now you just know KSU will point out your incorrect usage NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thumbs_u
  12. Post padding at it's finest

    what???? wink
  13. Post padding at it's finest

    what is post padding
  14. Post padding at it's finest

  15. Post padding at it's finest