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  1. Anyone ever been to Stuttgart?

    shot a lot of ducks there one time
  2. ive tried in my local for years, to no avail... " how will i get a good team with that many less players in the pool"... fricken wetoads....
  3. For You Married Folks Only

    8 hours
  4. What Housing Bubble?

    its flat and going down fast here... many many houses new and old sitting for months if not more than a year to sell... the ones that do price low to get out fast... its a buyers market in the Midwest for sure... many many construction co's in big doodoo.... going to be alot of tools and trailers for sale soon...
  5. This day in history

    was at that show and that one in 93, in the rain was insane, sting opened up
  6. Attn HAG Commishes

    hell is a buzz today i guess
  7. Tom Brady and the mediocrity gauge

  8. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

  9. WalMart Oil Change

    been into a wally world 2 times in my life... both have taken substantial days off of my life..
  10. Snake in the ...

    start the car they will come out one way or the other
  11. Snake in the ...

  12. New 7 wonders

    yup thats the first one im hitting when the kids get a bit older... was at Chichén Itzá, Mexico about 15 years ago when u could go any were on the grounds and in the pyramids... ive herd they have shut things down a bit... the place was quite spectacular and there finding new places in the jungle all the time....
  13. Prince Fans

    he is prince of the fidgits
  14. Interesting work issue

    he eh.... is.... just ... interweb... savvy !!
  15. I'm Finally Out Of the Dark Ages....

    wish i could
  16. Cuttin Tree Limbs

    tis best to cut in winter, late fall or early spring
  17. ever had a bottle rocket fight?

  18. what the small one said

  19. Hippies, Comedy, and Primus lovers

  20. That guy....

    there called welfare horses
  21. That guy....

    yup but man am i glad i have boys not girls.. good lord the stuff they were to school today is mindbogglin
  22. Al Gore's kid busted

    i hope its coke classic... the other stuff is crap
  23. Another lame law that most reaturants break

    MN is laim as hell with drinking laws also... plus they charge and arm and a leg for anything with fermentation
  24. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    great another newbie tool from the land of ice and snow , the midnight sun..... and ......
  25. AC/DC is best served loud

    my kids love it... " turn it up daddy" " i want to here the thunder song" and then they chant along with the live cut of thunder struck " Angus.. Angus..." there will be no rap or pop in this house