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  1. They need to put the trades back into high schools. they have been cut repeatedly since the 80's, to the point were it is a joke. but i know someone will say that to much money is going into the schools already so it is a waist of time.

  2. I don't think any doctor or pharmacy should be forced to provide contraceptives or abortions if they object to the morality of it. I look at them as conscience objectors.


    I personally have no problem with contraception. I do have a problem with most abortions. I think it is crazy that the federal government can fine you $250,000 and give you two years in prison for destroying the egg of a bald eagle, but it is perfectly legal to abort a human fetus. Having said that I think it the abortion issue should be a states rights issue, not a federal issue.


    you do know that eagles kill babies right? just think if we still could use DDT the evil eagles would be gone and we would only have to worry about the evil cougars and wolves that snatch babies in the night.

  3. And only the first of these is covered by most insurances as it is a medical, and not a cosmetic, type of procedure/treatment.


    correct but why does most of the research etc go to the ones that are not really needed.... because they make the most money.

    its funny they will cover a pill to help some old man get a peace of ass but they will not cover a person with cancer because it is a pre- existing condition.




    If people did not profit from health do you really think we will be where we are today in terms of medicine, rehabilitation or anything else that falls under the health umbrella? There is money in it, thus comes the research. Very few of these researchers are doing it out of the goodness of their heart...and even if they wanted to do it for free, how will they fund the research? Can't have both.






    So what exactly are they profiting on? I would love to be an insurance company that only insured peoples homes that never had any damage and or fire and or flooding. would make my share holders happy.


    two of the biggest health care related money makers are making a man's penises work and women's boobs bigger. how is that helping the sick? ( well besides tim)

  5. I dont see anyone saying medical care is an entitlement. I see people saying that if you chose to not have insurance, then you are responsible for the costs of medical treatment.


    I agree with that but say you have been paying in all your life, change jobs and insurance companies and you find out you only have one kidney , you are denied because of a pre existing condition? HMO's are not about care they are about money.

  6. Whoever said insurance was a non-for-profit business?


    So you're saying only pay for insurance when you need it? I'll bring up the same example, you buy a new car and u decline insurance on it, then your car gets stolen and now you want to get insurance on it so you can recover money. Does that make sense to you?


    I am not saying that at all what I am saying is you should not be turned down if you are born without a spleen.


    and HMO's claim to be "not for profit" and file taxes that way.

  7. Why? It's called insurance, as in you've already paid in prior to asking it to pay you back. It's not JG Wentworth's "It's my money and I want it now". The whole point of why they don't cover pre-existing conditions is because then people wouldn't pay in and just buy it when they need it, bankrupting the insurance companies because no one would buy it when they didn't need it yet. The companies don't have to be greedy to see that this is a failing business model, and they're not charities.


    But it isn't like she's being denied insurance as far as I know, they just had the ill-fortune of having a child at a time when not covered, so it won't be covered. Again, it's not an entitlement that you can just claim it when you need it without buying into it prior. That's like never paying your SS tax and then going in later demanding the money you never paid.



    Yah I know it is very difficult for those CEO's of non profits to get by on 3 million dollar bonuses but what if say you are born with a condition? By your logic , they have the misfortune of not being able to get insurance because of the way they were born.


    Since when is medical care an entitlement? let the old, stupid and handicapped die, that would eliminate 3/4 of the south.

  8. http://www.bloomberg...lly-repaid.html


    And, the Fed still owns 61% of AIG. If they sell their stock at an average price between $27-28 bucks, they'll break even. It closed today at a shade over $31.


    I wish I could find the link to my post where I told everyone that I was pretty sure the taxpayers would make a profit on the AIG bailout...but, I couldn't find it... alas ...


    Anyhow, I thought you all would like to see the good news. :)


    Who did they swindle the money out of to pay it back?