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  1. What if...

    I'm curious what evidence they have other than someone saying they saw Vick at a fight or knew he was involved. Seems like they surely have to have a paper trail of some sort to get the indictment but it would be a shame if he got totally railroaded by people trying to get off light and throwing his name around to do so. Either way, he definately made a bad decision with who he let live in that house and it's impossible to believe he didn't at least have an idea as to what was going on there. At this point it seems that even if it was just poor judgement it could cost him his career.
  2. Vick

    It's nice to get all the attention but realistically Vick hasn't been the factor making or breaking the Falcons since he's been here. Sure he made a great run in Minnesota and got a nice win in Green Bay but other than that he hasn't done anything another really good QB couldnt in terms of wins. So either let him play and run him like the animal he is or suspend him and let a real QB play. With or without Vick the Falcons record this year will be the same... and I think it may be better than the Saints regardless!!!
  3. Legal issue w/ the sale of my home

    Figure out the your maximum threshold of pain in losing this deal and make that your offer whether it be 3k or 5k or whatever. Tell them the chimney works fine as does the drain but they still get cash to fix either/both. I've never heard of having a sewer line inspected by a camera by the way. That's a bit hardcore. Whenever someone doing an inspection stands to gain from a poor result it's always dicey. The home inspector has nothing to gain but the chimney "expert" and the plummer do!
  4. drink shots

    Hot Damm Shooter - 1/2 oz Hot Damm Schnapps - 1/2 oz Vodka - Chilled Before shooting you must yell HOT DAMM!!! at the top of your lungs.
  5. cbs improvements........

    The thing is, once anyone uses and gets used to MFL they will never go back to Sportsline. I think it takes most people about 1 week. Of course if you have an entire league of people who won't accept change then it's hard to pull off.
  6. Falcons sign Harrington

  7. Xbox Live Gamertags

    I just got a 360 a few weeks ago. Been mostly playing Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas. Both are awesome games. Still trying to figure Madden out. My gamertag is Derby Car BoB. I figure there may be a few more people with boxes after Christmas so perhaps we can coordinate some online play. I'll make Call of Duty 3 my next selection!
  8. PS3

    How long will it take for 1000 units to sell you think? Like 20 seconds?
  9. Favorite Christmas CD's

    This is my wife's favorite!
  10. UnF*#@ing Believable

    Make her give you credit for the current TV and pay the difference (At their cost) to upgrade. Can't be too much. Either that, or call some other electronic stores and get someone to pony up a big one and give 2 away. Then promote the heck out of the company that stepped up to the plate!
  11. Favorite Christmas CD's

    Amen! Some good stuff here so far! I stumbled across one on Amazon that looks cool: Marsalis - Crescent City Christmas
  12. Favorite Christmas CD's

    We usually break out the Christmas tunes sometime during the weekend after Thanksgiving so I thought I would get some suggestions of other albums to consider adding to the collection. A couple of my new favorites added last year: Christmas Songs for Jazz Lovers Diana Krall - Christmas Songs
  13. Best place to purchase tunes for an ipod?
  14. Cooking Brats

    Worked like the charm! I didn't have the time to try the relish as there were 40 people running around looking for food!
  15. Eggtoberfest 2006

    Looks like you'll have to load up once a month! I read on some message board that it gets pretty crazy there on that Saturday. You're proximity to them also explains why it took you so long to get to my house. I think it took me and Unta an hour and a half to make the trip Friday afternoon when we picked them up. Untateve is a big fan of traffic!