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  1. It was only a matter of time

    My fantasy league started back in the dark ages of 1993 and we have held an onsite draft every year (that is 15 years for all the non-math majors). Guys have moved away from the Burgh to AZ, VA, NJ, and DC and the original 10 have still found a way to get together one weekend each summer for our draft. Guys got married over the years and the wives understood. Guys had babies, but timed it so all births were not in August. This year was different. We have one wedding in August (what fantasy owner schedules his wedding in August during draft time), 2 owners had babies last month and another is due any day now, and one joker got a new job with no vacation for 6 months and can't come. It is a sad, sad day for me as Commish that I have to cancel the onsite draft and go online this year. I am crushed. It was not only a time to draft the team, but it was the one time each year that a bunch of old college buddies would get together to tip many cold ones and relive the glory days. We will reconvene next year, but this year will be tough without kicking off the football season with the onsite draft. Just wanted to reach out to my fellow Huddlers to see if anyone else can relate to my pain.
  2. Steeler Nation

    I lived in AZ for 8 years and spent most every Sunday at Harold's in Cave Creek (north of Phoenix). A must see for any Steeler fan traveling to the Valley of the Sun.
  3. Steeler Nation

    By far the best video I have ever seen. Made me so homesick I could cry. What, no Steve Sabol NFL film on Baltimore and Seattle for us to watch? Shame.
  4. AFC North Review: Part I - Ravens

    Another year older and the window of opportunity has become more of a peephole. Remember how the Purple Browns were the "criminals" of the league before the recent group of Bungle riff-raff swiped that title away? Expect them to be back in #2 or #3 looking up once again.
  5. Porter to receive punishment?

    I have to admit, I sure enjoyed having him against the Colts in the playoffs in 2005. Other than that one incredible game, his time in the Burgh is an afterthought.
  6. Porter to receive punishment?

    Joey has needed smacked up for several years now. His antics were never impressive to me as a Steeler fan. Sure, talk trash, play your game, but be a professional and leave it on the field. Or fight it out on the field like he did with William Green a few years back. Even that was over the top and unnecessary. Enjoy your time away, Joey. We will not miss you.
  7. MJD

    One of these days Fragile Fred will just go away and make drafting a Jag RB so much easier.
  8. A Question For You Long Time Huddlers

    Found The Huddle in 2002 and have never looked elsewhere. Never even knew of the internet pre-1997!
  9. Is there any recent news on Kevin Jones?

    I said it last year that I would NEVER take KJ again, but I reniged on myself and took him anyway and he exceeded expectations for a little while. I swear I will not get caught up in that brief bit of success and draft him again this year. Go away Kevin Jones, the temptation is too much to bear (or lion as the case may be).
  10. The Best: Defensive Player

    I guess that officially gives it to Troy Polamalu then!
  11. My Reebok Employee Discount - NFL Gear

    Worked great last year and looking forward to stocking up again this year. Thanks again, illeven!
  12. Trent Green

    How far have we waned from a few years back where Trent Green is now an improvement over Culpepper.
  13. Dolphins give away Ricky Williams' locker

    Send him to the Burgh
  14. 2007 Seahawks schedule

    Been gone 2 months and the same conversation is still carrying on between you two lovebirds. Are you guys planning a McMahon-Trump hair match when the seabags come to the Burgh this year?
  15. Congrats

    Seems the Seabags will be getting a lot of rest.