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  1. Cam for Vernon, or Smith, or Cobb, in that order. You'd think Cobb would be first on the list, but the Niners have a good shot at the playoffs(Alex Smith will get over his concussion very soon), the Ravens are likely to be solid for the remainder of the season, and Cobb will likely take a back seat behind Jordy Nelson, and Greg Jennings once he's back in full swing.



    Well I have Greg Jennings so Cobb is kinda of a nice hedge if/when he comes back. VD hasnt done jack squat in the past 4 weeks so I find that pick surprising.

  2. Guy in my league just lost vick and is desperate. I have 2 top QBs


    He has: QB

    Joe Flacco (Bal - QB) @Pit 14.68 WR

    Torrey Smith (Bal - WR) @Pit 8.69 WR

    Randall Cobb (GB - WR) @Det 10.22 WR

    Andre Roberts (Ari - WR) @Atl 5.50 RB

    BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin - RB) @KC 11.29 TE

    Antonio Gates (SD - TE) @Den 9.21 RB

    LaRod Stephens-Howling (Ari - RB) @Atl 8.62 W/R/T

    Vernon Davis (SF - TE) Chi 5.90 K

    Justin Tucker (Bal - K) @Pit 8.50 DEF

    Atlanta (Atl - DEF) Ari 13.24



    Harvin and Nicks as well (bye)



    Would you trade away those QB for a good WR or TE?

  3. So I have a good FF problem to have. I cant decide on 3 WR to start this weekend.


    Jennings - Coming off injury

    Lloyd - Tons of targets and due for breakout

    Bowe - Saints D looks terrible and he is all KC has


    Right now the only WR I have for sure is Wayne, he is a must start with Luck at QB. Bowe is hard for me to put on the bench because you never know when he is gonna drop 30 pts, same with Lloyd.


    I have a flex spot, but micheal bush is a must start there.

  4. So in my league the last place team has been holding K Hunter for weeks now so I wan unable to aquire him, now with last weeks Gore performance costing me a important win, I am feeling a bit desperate for him on my Roster.


    I am thinking about offering R Wayne, or J Stew for him. What would you think of this trade? It would handcuff Gore, and leave Battle to backup Peterson.