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  1. Buccaneers vs Packers (NFC Championship)

    +1. The problem was the 3 plays before 4th down. You can't run anything to cut into the 8 yards? I thought ARod maybe could've scored or at least cut the distance in half. To go 3 plays with zero yards was the larger problem for me. Once you're looking at 4th and 8 all your options are bad.
  2. Report: the Lions plan to trade Matthew Stafford

    Stafford in Indy would be a dream for them - and Indy management is MUCH smarter than Detroit's. Stafford>Wentz for them. I like the Patriots angle, but that feels like a franchise nearing a full teardown. 49ers would be very interesting and Stafford could finally reach his full potential, at least his late career potential.
  3. Dan Campbell hired as new Lions coach

    This is the worst hire of the far. No wonder why Patricia got so long of a leash in Detroit - these owners have absolutely zero clue.
  4. Couple things here. One, if Taysom Hill, Mitch Trubisky, Drew Lock, and whatever they were trotting out in Jacksonville can play QB in the NFL, then Jalen Hurts certainly can. Remember how Lamar Jackson looked in his rookie year, then what happened in year 2? Gotta say I agree that Hurts started to suck horribly but he's not a lost cause yet. Plus....what's the deal with Wentz after this year? He completely fell apart. Second, which is more terrifying: McDaniels as your coach or Adam Gase within 10 miles of your organization? Seattle and Philly could be in for a rough stretch.
  5. Will Patrick Mahomes Play Sunday in Chiefs-Bills?

    Off topic but I can't resist: can you imagine Brady against the Bills in the Super Bowl? Bills better take care of their own business AND root for the Packers. On topic, sounds like Mahomes will be a-playin' come Sunday.
  6. NFL salary cap might drop to $180 million in 2021

    Well the Saints are one of the teams that are about to enter some very unpleasant cap territory, so for their sake I hope you're right. Usually when a HOF QB retires there's a temptation to hit the reset button but I wonder with Kamara and Thomas signed, if the Saints could keep right on competing even with a Jameis-level QB. Your defense is very good too. If I were NO I'd be tempted to try and make a go of it next year, even with the hard choices about players' salaries and deals.
  7. This is the right answer, along with the Gator angle. Not sure how the Urban experience will translate to Jacksonville. Hopefully better than Spurrier did.
  8. I grew up on the Bears and can't fathom what's happened to this once proud (like 35 years ago) franchise. Uninspired coaching, dreadful drafting aka poor general managing, no QB, a meh o-line, the list goes on and on. I don't know what their schedule is next year but 8-8 again would be a dream season. 4-12 would surprise no one. Now we can all wait for the desperation Ryan Pace draft and/or trade maneuvers to try and save their job - credit to Robert Mays for pointing this out in his podcast this week.
  9. Well deserved and certainly earned. I look forward to seeing what he can do to get the Falcons back on track.
  10. Deshaun Watson trade rumor

    I guess I would still think this blows over, but...... If Watson is getting more public then it suggests ownership has dug in or still has no clue. Papa McNair was not the most socially progressive thinker and, by any objective measure, the Texans have been one of the most poorly run NFL teams over the last 2-3 years. I mention the progressive angle because if there's a social justice/racism angle then all bets are off on this controversy blowing over like they all usually do. You know what would solve this problem instantly? An inspired head coaching hire.
  11. Cowboys hiring Dan Quinn as DC

    I'm sorry - what? You guys saw the Falcons defense this year and the last couple years, right? Anything would have made the Cowboys better so I agree with you as far as that goes this re-tread move to the move the Rams made with 1st year DC Brandon Staley, who absolutely destroyed this year. This is more of the same from Jerrah, in my opinion. Yes, they will get better but inspirational this is not.
  12. Rumor: Carson Wentz wants out of Philadelphia

    In order for Goedert to be a stud, Hurts has to be the real deal. I'm worried that the Eagles are a zombie franchise next year - having to work through this year's nightmare while sucking all the way to cleaning house after the 2021 season.
  13. Trevor Lawrence or deshaun Watson?

    The answer is 100% - and I agree the Texans would never do it - but you also have to have both eyes open: his rookie contract is ending and the cheap years are gone. You better have a team ready to go for this man.
  14. +1. I was open to Pedersen and Roseman being sharps but this last draft, their perennial o-line problems, and the complete regression of wentz make this franchise feel rudderless. If wentz is lucky someone can figure out a way for him to reunite with Reich. Hurts is wildly inaccurate. I really don't get it at all.
  15. RIP Kevin Greene

    RIP. I find it slightly curious that no cause of death was released.