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  1. Darnold prop

    This was the first time watching them this year for me and you captured it perfectly - Darnold's still an oaf. Hopefully he continues to improve over the course of the year. Personally I'd prefer their chances without cmc if they still had Bridgewater. The more Darnold is asked to do the worse this may go - and that has nothing to do with the sour grapes I have from starting Robby Anderson last night.
  2. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    NFL POWER RANKINGS: Where the Patriots fall among NFL's best Zolak's initial comments came during a Thursday appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub. He claimed that the rap music was "distracting" Newton between his throws. "I'd turn off the rap music first of all, because I think it's distracting for Cam," Zolak said. "In between every throw, he's dancing. He makes a throw and the music’s still cranking." Zolak also said Newton wasn't taking his return to action seriously enough after a five-day absence due to a violation of the NFL's COVID protocols. Video: Could Mac Jones start over Cam Newton in Week 1? Giardi, Ross weigh in (NFL) "He came out [after his absence], he's still jacking around," Zolak said of Newton. "It just looks like Mac came to work today and he didn't."" Apology or no, the guys a jerk or no, but there's nothing racist about that. Saying a black man can't concentrate on the task at hand because he's listening to rap music and dancing around is racist. Full stop. You want to call it "racially insensitive" then fine. We are not playing this game anymore.
  3. Sony Michel to Rams

    He definitely said that before the start of last season (2020). Did he say it again this summer?
  4. Mac Jones starting for NE means...

    Talk about one of the dumbest things a white man can say - and I say that as a white man. I mean how transparently racist can you get? Not sure if he gets a mulligan or we burn him at the stake.
  5. I think Denver could win 10 games this year with Teddy. Hard to see a coaching change if that happens. Then they get ARod or Watson or someone else (won't get a good draft pick for a QB) and it's game on.
  6. Sony Michel to Rams

    The Rams have never been too high on draft capital - they spend it like water.
  7. lol, grown men complaining? JAX

    +1. Meyer was a bit of a head case as a college coach (see UF departure). If these reports are coming out now and training camp isn't even over, the only way this ends well is if they get off to a fantastic start to the season. Pete Prisco was really down on the state of the Jags. Don't know if he has some axe to grind or what - makes me concerned about drafting some of these guys like Shenault.
  8. Sony Michel to Rams

    Well that's interesting..... I was thinking that anyone the Rams brought in would be very unlikely to impact Henderson much, but Michel makes me wonder a bit. Could be good at the goaline and the Rams run at the goalline a ton.
  9. Etienne has Lis Franc injury

    I agree with this. Maybe RB20 is as early as I'd take him.
  10. Dak Prescott Concerns

    Hopefully Dak is advocating for himself with his health here. I have no idea if Schefty is right but if he is, I hope for the Cowboys' sake they don't do something stupid and make this injury worse. If he's not going to be better all season, something does not sound right.
  11. Keep me logged in!

    Sent in a support request but got no response, so trying again. This is suboptimal. Has anyone who had this problem and fixed it have a workaround? It seems to be browser agnostic and clearing the cache does not solve the problem, at least for me.
  12. I agree that lack of privacy with digital information is a huge problem - and I hate it. But that's all private corporations and less the government. To me, this vaccine business is different because it's entirely voluntary (you know what privacy you're giving away) and it actually may help people, including the person who has to show the vaccine card. So there's at least a benefit, unlike giving away our personal info/data so someone else can go make money off of it.
  13. This is categorically false. There are many explanations of why this is false - I'll add one link here:
  14. Keep me logged in!

    yeah this is still happening - on every computer every day.
  15. Keep me logged in!

    using firefox or chrome, same thing happens to me daily. for weeks/months. Thanks for bringing this up. ETA: I'm on all macs - so this is not windows-related.