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  1. +1. This will need a bit more research between now and late August for my main drafts but could be a very interesting angle.
  2. I get the appeal with everyone trying to stack Cincy's QBs/WRs and seeing them as a mini-Cowboys on offense. But....this is a hype train I'm a little loathe to get on. Why? First off, the o-line is still a liability. Second, Burrow shredded his knee last year (not just a simple ACL tear and repair) and I don't see him coming back immediately at full strength. The first month, at a minimum, could be a slow start as Burrow tries to get back in the swing of things. Trying to get a piece of this offense is still worthwhile, but overpaying or going all-in with a big stack is something I'm less enthusiastic about.
  3. If you take a 1st round WR over Sewell he damn well better get more catches than your TE. Otherwise it's a total organizational fail. Back to the Ruggs thing for a second. It seems unlikely that the Raiders just by blind luck consistently pick the wrong WR year after year. I bet their process is bad and then their coaches, scheme, and QB do them no help. Having said all that, it's interesting to me that even with all of those elements in place, some WRs really never catch fire - I'm thinking here of Hardman in KC. OK he's a 2nd round WR but some guys really just don't ever make the transition.
  4. With the 3rd Pick of the Draft I take.....

    Jagshemash! I've heard worse ideas. Tell me though, who is "us?"
  5. Todd Gurley visiting Ravens

    Talk about a tale of two seasons last year. First half - 9 TDs in 9 games. After their bye - total dust. His yards were never impressive but the TDs saved him. I'd be skeptical this year....until KC adds him lol.
  6. Julio Jones to The Titans

    Well I could tell you what he said but you'd have to pay me for it.....
  7. Rodgers wants out of GB

    I have no skin in this fight, just to start with that. Here are my thoughts: 1. The Packers GM does not seem like the sharpest tool in the shed - mismanaging draft capital and their SB window 2. ARod is likely a primadonna 3. There is no owner in Green Bay to be the adult and focus first and foremost on team priorities. So, what we're gonna get here is a good old fashioned dick swinging contest where everyone postures and thumps their chest and (the really bad word) all actually happens. Either someone tucks it and they make progress, some team offers an INSANE amount for ARod and Gutekunst has to take it, or ARod sits out and Gutekunst gets roasted as the Packers genuinely suck worse than the Lions.
  8. Julio Jones to The Titans

    OK I'll play - assuming the 50/500/6 is your Julio projection? Titans defense remains terrible. I think he goes for 80/1050/7 as the Titans transition to less run and more balance. Way off typical Atlanta production but still a mid- to low-end WR2. 50/500/6 ain't worth a 2nd round pick - they gotta feature him more. You're saying Julio gets less action than Reynolds and Firkser? Are we now?
  9. Julio Jones to The Titans

    True, but......Hopkins last year was an exception. Adding Julio can only help Tennessee's offense but they will also need a philosophical shift away from being a slave to the run. Given the Titans' defense, they don't really have any window to speak of, Super Bowl-wise. They improved their offense at a reasonable cost and that has to seen for what it is - a good football move whose potential can really be unleashed by a more balanced offensive system. The real question is: if Arthur Smith is truly is an offensive guru, why was it that he limited Tannehill's throwing as much as he did? My guess is this was not an accident.
  10. Jeff Wilson out 4-6 months with a torn meniscus

    Gotcha - thanks!
  11. Rumor: Julio Jones on the trade block

    Do the Texans have a first round draft pick in 2022? If yes then nothing is off the table. Barring abject stupidity on the part of some team, I totally agree with you. But teams violate the law of rational trading all the time....
  12. Jeff Wilson out 4-6 months with a torn meniscus

    Yeah this is a good point. When you say 7 and 16, do you mean 7th and 16th round for Sermon?
  13. Jeff Wilson out 4-6 months with a torn meniscus

    The seas have begun parting for Trey Sermon. Still spots on the hype train if anyone wants to jump on!
  14. Best Week One Matchup

    Yeah it's kinda funny - the liberals went from being rather odious to the Last True Defenders of Democracy in just 4 years. Took some of the GOP with them. <throws grenade, runs away cackling> Enjoy! PS Browns are due. Way due. Totally past due. Will it be the 2021 season?
  15. Best Week One Matchup

    Can't argue with that. Ravens have to be the favorite. But all I'm saying is, don't sleep on the Browns!