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  1. Yeah the analysts seem to love Reich, and he has had alot of turbulence at QB, but he has yet to have a breakthrough season with Indy. I sort of think this year will be the same story, different QB. Although....Ryan is probably a bit better than Rivers when they had him - and certainly better than Wentz. So, maybe this is the year that Reich puts it all together. Would be great for Ryan too. He needs to wash off that SB collapse.
  2. It would be great if this was the best Manning yet, but Peyton will be hard to beat. I hope Steve Sarkisian has rehabbed himself well and continues to live a better life.
  3. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    Yeah - I think the Browns' have cast their lot with Watson, for better or worse. If they gambled wrong on this, the Browns are going to be hosed for at least 3 years. No Watson and no draft picks is a really bad combo. Browns fans and Cleveland deserve better.
  4. The funny thing is, there is another PFF youtube product where two guys rank the coaches and it's totally different - and more in line with our thinking, and therefore reality. The Coach rankings start about 12-15 minutes in - the first part is about betting.
  5. Mike Tomlin has earned the love. Did they go 8-8 or something when Ben the Rapist went down? Could have been the greatest coaching job ever. Kingsbury is the working definition of a fake sharp. No one is falling for that act anymore. Pete Carroll is completely cooked. McCarthy at #10 is a total farce - it's been YEARS since that guy has added value to a team. Bowles hasn't coached a game yet with Tampa and he's 21st. Ok. Basically what Def. said - this list is largely manure.
  6. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    +1. Couldn't have said it any better.
  7. Jon Gruden suing NFL, Roger Goodell

    If Gruden manages to unravel this whole stinking mess, more power to him. His take-down makes little sense. There is something rather important we are missing here.
  8. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    um Cleveland just gave this guy how many hundreds of millions in fully guaranteed money? There is no way the owner is having enough buyer's remorse to reverse himself.
  9. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    It's funny - I want you to be right but I have the opposite feeling. I think they're going to go light on the guy. Not getting those grand juries to hand down an indictment makes me think the cases that were presented were not very strong. This says absolutely nothing about whether he did or didn't commit crimes. Only that as a matter of law that is some weak sauce.
  10. Covid and performance

    This is a good point. Couple things to consider here: 1. These omicron variants may be less morbid than the alpha and certainly the delta 2. I wonder if getting it the 2nd or 3rd or more times lessens the physiologic impact No idea on #2 - just figure this will be hard to model one way or the other. Cases may still be up this Fall but the NFL testing program has changed, so hard to know if we'll know if players get/have covid or not.
  11. Yeah from the Northeast it's the same flight time to Paris as it is to San Francisco. If you're gonna live up here you might as well take advantage...
  12. If they had scheduled the game during Oktoberfest it would have been a can't-miss event. Kinda fun to have an excuse to travel to Germany but not an easy proposition for most fans.
  13. Brian Flores Fired in Miami

    I mean it's a complete sham-mockery, top to bottom.
  14. Trade - PHI/NOS

    Rajncajn for the win. WR before Penning but....great prognostication!
  15. Exactly this. But at the end of the day, what has Kyler done to deserve a new deal? I am confused. All those teams with extra #1 picks next's your guy. Good luck with that.
  16. Trade - PHI/NOS

    Here's my thinking on this: Dennis Allen we know. Tenure as head coach with Raiders was not positive but that organization was a dumpster fire so best-case scenario that's a mulligan. The scenario at the median is that this is an 8 or 9 win team. Could be wrong and they could outperform for sure - just saying that's what I think a median projection for them would be. Not sure how Vegas sees it. Jameis Winston: agree they limited him last year....but there was a reason for that. I can tell you as a Bucs fan that he would single-handedly lose games, over and over and over again. He is a team killer. I hope he turns it around but his WRs - as of right now - are less compelling for me. What's Kamara's status likely to be? Rajncajn's logic seems right to me - why trade up for a QB in this draft? But if they're not going for a QB I just can't see giving away picks for o-lineman and WRs. I guarantee you if Philly saw the trade as even they would not have made it.
  17. Trade - PHI/NOS

    Ummmm.....beg to differ. I would consider it better than even money that the Saints are in for a rude awakening this year. Let's see who they get in the draft - could be nice upgrades for them. Personally I think the Saints will trade up again in the first round. How the trade is valued depends on whether you weight draft picks in future years more or less heavy. As with all trades, it really matters more which player(s) you pick.
  18. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    That Browns press conference last week was like a slow motion train wreck. I'm not sure anyone was believing the manure they were shoveling - I'm not sure Stefanski and Berry totally understood what they stepped into until the presser was in progress. I wonder where the owner was? Oh...somewhere else? Interesting.
  19. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    This is going to be one aspect of the problem with Watson in Cleveland. There will be a lot of Browns fans who will be asked to root for a guy who, if he had behaved as alleged towards any of their wives/daughters/sisters, they would have gladly taken care of him with a few of their friends.
  20. Complaints about the Commanders' business practices

    I mean we really gotta wonder on this one. Was Jerry Richardson just caught so personally red handed that it was a total no-brainer? Dan Snyder is a complete POS and so far zero repercussions.
  21. Free Agency Tracker

    If ARob reunites with Trubisky in Pittsburgh...the world will immediately end and I will jizz in my pants. Good way to go out.
  22. Free Agency Tracker

    Is something wrong with Allen Robinson? Why are teams throwing money at Christian Kirk and Ced Wilson when ARob is available? I don't get it. Am I missing something?
  23. Watson news - won't face criminal charges

    Taking away all the legal issues for the moment and sticking with football: I like the Philly idea. Also Cleveland makes sense if Watson wants to win - or Pittsburgh. I have zero idea what cap space and draft capital they have, though. Carolina is a slow-rolling dumpster fire so I don't get that angle - their franchise doesn't seem to have a plan. Coach could be fired next year so stability is low. Seattle is a team/organization on a rebuild, whatever delusions the GM has. With Philly or Carolina, for that matter, the NFC is a weaker conference so the pathway to a decent playoff run is a bit easier.
  24. Calvin Ridley suspended for the 2022 season

    Seems pretty hypocritical, considering how hard the NFL promotes gambling now. The guy wasn't even playing. Let's see what happens to the owner of the Dolphins.....crickets.....
  25. Kyler Murray

    Well the Cardinals re-upped Kingsbury and the GM, so it would appear they're going with this crew for a while to come.....or until the wheels come off. Philly should take a run at Kyler - see what level of discontent there is in the desert.