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  1. The Island

    Only Michael Bay could take an interesting premise for a sci-fi movie and turn it into a mindless 2-hour long chase movie.
  2. The SURGE

    Um, you do realize the insurgents are just moving to a neighboring region with less troops, right?
  3. Pimp My MFL Site

    I clicked on those sites and the took forever to load on my dsl, loading pictures from photobucket and the designers website. They look nice and all, but I'll take fast and streamlined over window dressing.
  4. Vick Indicted

    deja vu for dolphins fan.
  5. Do you Maximize?

    at work I have a 21" monitor set at 1600x1200, so I usually only have my firefox window large enough to prevent side scrolling. I always have my AutoCAD windows maximized. One thing that annoys me about the huddle's message board is that it has a fixed width, and when you make it smaller than that it has side scrolling instead of word wrap. Since I'm not supposed to be interneting, with a smaller window its not *as* obvious.
  6. Pizza Delivery

    "Is that a piece of pepperoni?" "No, that's her nipple."
  7. Racist School System Policies Shut Down!

    isn't this ruling just a fancy way to stop school districts from sending the scary black folks to their child's school?
  8. Toiletries at work

    But then you don't get paid for it.
  9. Is it rude to?...

    if you don't want to wait in line, pay at the pump.
  10. Comcast and the NFL Network

    Comcast aired the NFL Network's live Thursday game broadcasts last season on one of their other HD channels for free, I think it was InHD. Aside from the games, I don't care if I get the NFL Network, you can only watch reruns of NFL total access so long. Heck, if Bryant Gumbel stays on the play-by-play, I don't really care if I get the NFL network games either, it would be a lot less aggravation.
  11. Instant Karma

    There's no use in arguing with people like spain, just tell them Darfur will cut off their supply of delicious Coca-cola and they'll demand action.
  12. Star Wars

    Honestly, I wish George Lucas was hit by a bus in 1990 after the last Indiana Jones movie. My imagination is better than the prequels; and please no special editions, just give me the remastered theatrical releases.
  13. A Star Among Us...

    I don't want to know what you're doing while you're picturing that.
  14. Would it have better if it read the Jesus of beers?