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  1. The Island

    Only Michael Bay could take an interesting premise for a sci-fi movie and turn it into a mindless 2-hour long chase movie.
  2. The SURGE

    Um, you do realize the insurgents are just moving to a neighboring region with less troops, right?
  3. Pimp My MFL Site

    I clicked on those sites and the took forever to load on my dsl, loading pictures from photobucket and the designers website. They look nice and all, but I'll take fast and streamlined over window dressing.
  4. Vick Indicted

    deja vu for dolphins fan.
  5. Do you Maximize?

    at work I have a 21" monitor set at 1600x1200, so I usually only have my firefox window large enough to prevent side scrolling. I always have my AutoCAD windows maximized. One thing that annoys me about the huddle's message board is that it has a fixed width, and when you make it smaller than that it has side scrolling instead of word wrap. Since I'm not supposed to be interneting, with a smaller window its not *as* obvious.
  6. Pizza Delivery

    "Is that a piece of pepperoni?" "No, that's her nipple."
  7. Racist School System Policies Shut Down!

    isn't this ruling just a fancy way to stop school districts from sending the scary black folks to their child's school?
  8. Toiletries at work

    But then you don't get paid for it.
  9. Is it rude to?...

    if you don't want to wait in line, pay at the pump.
  10. Comcast and the NFL Network

    Comcast aired the NFL Network's live Thursday game broadcasts last season on one of their other HD channels for free, I think it was InHD. Aside from the games, I don't care if I get the NFL Network, you can only watch reruns of NFL total access so long. Heck, if Bryant Gumbel stays on the play-by-play, I don't really care if I get the NFL network games either, it would be a lot less aggravation.
  11. Instant Karma

    There's no use in arguing with people like spain, just tell them Darfur will cut off their supply of delicious Coca-cola and they'll demand action.
  12. Star Wars

    Honestly, I wish George Lucas was hit by a bus in 1990 after the last Indiana Jones movie. My imagination is better than the prequels; and please no special editions, just give me the remastered theatrical releases.
  13. A Star Among Us...

    I don't want to know what you're doing while you're picturing that.
  14. Would it have better if it read the Jesus of beers?
  15. 24

    This is my first season watching 24 and even I find it predictable. When Milo stood up I shouted "Shoot him in the head!"
  16. Baby Powder

    I use vasceline
  17. And Bledsoe retires...

    When was Bledsoe ever one of the top 3 QBs in the NFL? Here's the top 10 in passing yards for every year of his career: 1993 J Elway 4030 S Young 4023 W Moon 3485 B Esiason 3421 J Kelly 3382 B Favre 3303 J Hostetler 3242 N O'Donnell 3208 S Beuerlein 3164 T Aikman 3100 1994 D Bledsoe 4555 D Marino 4453 W Moon 4264 S Young 3969 B Favre 3882 J Everett 3855 J George 3734 J Elway 3490 J Hostetler 3334 J Montana 3283 1995 B Favre 4413 S Mitchell 4338 W Moon 4228 J George 4143 J Elway 3970 J Everett 3970 E Kramer 3838 J Blake 3822 D Marino 3668 D Krieg 3554 1996 M Brunell 4367 V Testaverde 4177 D Bledsoe 4086 B Favre 3899 J Blake 3624 G Frerotte 3453 J Elway 3328 B Hebert 3152 T Aikman 3126 S Mitchell 2917 1997 J George 3917 B Favre 3867 D Marino 3780 D Bledsoe 3706 W Moon 3678 J Elway 3635 S Mitchell 3484 T Aikman 3283 M Brunell 3281 T Banks 3254 1998 B Favre 4212 S Young 4170 P Manning 3739 J Plummer 3737 R Cunningham 3704 D Bledsoe 3633 D Marino 3497 T Green 3441 V Testaverde 3256 S McNair 3228 1999 S Beuerlein 4436 K Warner 4353 P Manning 4135 B Favre 4091 B Johnson 4005 D Bledsoe 3985 R Gannon 3840 E Grbac 3389 J Kitna 3346 D Flutie 3171 2000 P Manning 4413 J Garcia 4278 E Grbac 4164 D Culpepper 3937 B Favre 3812 V Testaverde 3732 S Beuerlein 3730 M Brunell 3640 K Collins 3610 R Gannon 3430 2001 K Warner 4830 P Manning 4131 B Favre 3921 A Brooks 3832 R Gannon 3828 T Green 3783 K Collins 3764 J Plummer 3653 J Garcia 3538 D Flutie 3464 2002 R Gannon 4689 D Bledsoe 4359 P Manning 4200 K Collins 4073 D Culpepper 3859 T Brady 3764 T Green 3690 B Favre 3658 A Brooks 3572 S McNair 3387 2003 P Manning 4267 T Green 4039 M Bulger 3845 M Hasselbeck 3844 B Johnson 3811 T Brady 3620 J Kitna 3591 A Brooks 3546 D Culpepper 3479 T Maddox 3414 2004 D Culpepper 4717 T Green 4591 P Manning 4557 J Plummer 4089 B Favre 4088 M Bulger 3964 J Delhomme 3886 D McNabb 3875 A Brooks 3810 T Brady 3692 2005 T Brady 4110 T Green 4014 B Favre 3881 C Palmer 3836 E Manning 3762 K Collins 3759 P Manning 3747 D Bledsoe 3639 D Brees 3576 M Hasselbeck 3455 D Brees 4418 P Manning 4397 M Bulger 4301 J Kitna 4208 C Palmer 4035 B Favre 3885 T Brady 3529 B Roethlisberger 3513 P Rivers 3388 C Pennington 3352 Earlier in his career, even during his big stat years, you would still take Elway, Young, Favre, Marino, and Aikman over him. Later in his career, you would take Manning, Brady, Culpepper, and McNabb over him. Bledsoe was never one of the best QBs in the NFL at any point during his career, he doesn't deserve to get into the hall of fame.
  18. Jenna Jameson surgery fiasco.

    Jenna Jameson is 32?! That's like 128 in porn years.
  19. the supreme court rules ...

    Ironic humor has ruined the internet; I can't tell the sincerely moronic posts from the intentionally moronic.
  20. comp usa's closing

    Even after the discounts their PC components are still way more than wonder they're going out of business. Priced out a 150 watt CompUSA brand MicroATX PS for $69.99 ($48.99 after 30% off) and on Newegg a well reviewed 200 watt Atrix MicroATX PS is $28.64 after shipping. Also, when I was there last weekend the systems were only 5% off...lame! You have to wait until they're at least 50-70% off before its worth it and by that time it's so picked over you probably won't find anything.
  21. Pacman on da real tip!

    You want to be *really* sick? Be a Detroit fan, take a look at #10 and the two following picks. The Titans have gotten 20-times outta PacMan what we've gotten from our pick.
  22. CJ doesn't qualify for a Martz man crush, hasn't played for the Rams.
  23. Tournament of Babes: Sweet 16

    Tough one between Sharapova and Kournakova. While Kournakova is phyiscally more attractive, I just get this cold vibe from her. Sharapova seems like she'd be a lot more fun, edge to goes to her.
  24. Best way to sell furniture?

    You could take it to a local consignment shop, if there are any.