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  1. The Newbie Welcome Thread

    Who: Wizards What: Inventory Control Coordinator When: 47 Where: Kernersville, NC also known as K'Vegas Why: Love Football, Love fantasy of being an owner on paper and every Sunday I get to match strategies with some the greatest football minds in the world!! Packer Fan--more improtantly I am a Hugh fan of the Huddle and sleeper players which wins me leagues!! Fantasy Bio: Been playing for 10 years and belong to 4 leagues 32 More Homers, Bling Bling and two locals (one for fairly large rewards and one for average). Huddle member for the 5th or so year....post on and off since then....main thing is to drink plenty of beer and kick you pants off and be like LT and score!
  2. Uh, what the hell happened last night?

    Great Look...Great Info...Great Boards...Great FF Players and Gurus.....let me see if I can can put this into one word...... Keep the Great work up !
  3. Keeper Advice

    Think Colts are gonna feel the guys they have already: Chris Morgan (like his size!): 6-0, 210 Indiana-PA 0 years in the NFL FA-07 DOB: 11/11/1984 PRO HISTORY Signed as free agent with Colts on May 15, 2007. COLLEGE Four-year starter who made transition from FS to RB as freshman and opened 36 of 40 career games…was 680-3,817, 34 TDs rushing and 41-416, 2 TDs receiving…ranked second in school history in rushing yards (3,817), touchdowns (34) and rushing attempts (680)…started 10 games as senior…was 192-1,318, 14 TDs rushing and 18-176, 1 TD receiving…was Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference West Offensive Player-of-the-Year, First-Team all-conference and Second-Team All-Northeast Region choice…was finalist for Harlon Hill Trophy…had eight 100+ rushing games…broke own school record with 286 rushing yards vs. East Stroudsburg…also had three TDs…started 10 games as junior…was 282-1,276, 11 TDs rushing and 17-159, 1 TD receiving…was First-Team All-PSAC West and All-Northeast Region choice…had eight 100+ games…had 80t vs. Slippery Rock…started five of nine games as sophomore…was 167-950, 8 TDs rushing and 6-81 receiving…was Second-Team All-PSAC choice…set then school record with 266 rushing yards vs. Lock Haven…also had three TDs...started eleven games as freshman…started first nine games at FS before making transition to RB for final two games…had 32 tackles, one interception and two FR, including 40t return, on defense…was 39-273, 1 TD rushing…had 25t rush vs. Bloomsburg…majored in physical education. PERSONAL Full name is Chris Morgan…born in Pittsburgh, Pa….attended Woodland Hills High School…was 251-1,968, 26 TDs rushing as senior…was conference Player-of-the-Year and all-state choice…helped lead team to Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League title as freshman, junior and senior…single…resides in Pittsburgh, Pa. DeDe Dorsey 5-11, 196 Lindenwood 2 years in the NFL W-06 (CIN) DOB: 08/01/198 PRO HISTORY Signed as FA with Colts on September 3, 2006…originally signed as FA with Cincinnati on May 5, 2006…was waived on September 2, 2006. CAREER NOTES 2006: Appeared in 13 games as special teamer, primarily on kickoff returns…was inactive first three games with ankle injury sustained in preseason. POST-SEASON: Appeared as special teamer vs. Kansas City 1/6 in Wild Card Playoffs, at Baltimore 1/13 in Divisional Playoffs, vs. New England 1/21 in AFC Championship Game and vs. Chicago in Super Bowl XLI 2/4. COLLEGE Two-year player at Lindenwood (St. Charles, Mo.) University after transferring from Ottawa (Kan.) University…had seven career interceptions, returning four for TDs…blocked seven field goals and nine punts in career…at Lindenwood, was NAIA All-America RB as senior…had 1,600 yards and 18 TDs rushing…was All-America DB as junior…scored three defensive TDs, and after moving full-time to RB with four games remaining, totaled 841 yards and nine TDs rushing…had 98t KOR as sophomore at Ottowa. PERSONAL Full name is DeDe Dorsey…born in Broken Arrow, Okla….attended Broken Arrow High School…single…resides in Broken Arrow, Okla. Clifton Dawson 5-10, 212 Harvard 0 years in the NFL FA-07 DOB: 10/08/1983 COLLEGE Four-year letterman who started 39 of 40 games…finished career with 958-4,841, 60 TDs rushing, 80-759, 4 TDs receiving and 6,138 all-purpose yards…finished as Ivy League record holder for career rushing yards (4,841), career rushing touchdowns (60), career touchdowns (66), career points (398) and career all-purpose yards (6,138)...owns every school rushing and scoring mark…was four-time first-team All-Ivy choice…started 10 games as senior…was 237-1,213, 20 TDs rushing and 24-239, 1 TD receiving…set school seasonal records in rushing TDs, total TDs and points (132)…scored TD in nine of 10 games and 2+ TDs in seven of 10 games…had three rushing TDs four times…rushed for 181 yards and 3 TDs against Brown…started 10 games as junior…was unanimous first-team All-Ivy League selection for third consecutive year…totaled 258-1,139, 11 TDs rushing and 34-336, 2 TDs receiving…ranked 13th in Division 1-AA rushing, 5th nationally in all-purpose yards (161.4) and 17th in scoring (8.6)…had seven 100+ rushing games and nine 100+ all-purpose games…had 128 rushing yards and game-winning 3OT score, along with 10-85, 1 TD receiving, against Yale…rushed for 203 yards against Princeton…rushed for 189 yards and 3 TDs against Brown…had 92t KOR against Dartmouth…was consensus first-team All-America selection by AP and Walter Camp Foundation as sophomore…was first Harvard offensive back to gain All-America status since Barry Wood in 1931…started 10 games and was 248-1,302 yards, 17 TDs rushing and 15-129, 1 TD receiving…set school seasonal records in rushing yards…108 points broke prior school seasonal mark of Charlie Brickley (1912)…had seven 100+ games, rushing scores in eight outings and had three rushing TDs in each of first three games…was unanimous first-team All-Ivy League selection as freshman, the first league player to earn the honor…was 215-1,187, 12 TDs rushing and 7-55 receiving…was first Ivy League freshman with 1,000+ yards…was 17-16.6 KOR…was first offensive player in Ivy League history to earn first-team honors as freshman…set league’s seasonal freshman record for rushing yards…economics major. PERSONAL Full name is Clifton George Dawson…born in Scarborough, Ontario.…attended Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute…was two-sport star in track and football…named team MVP as senior…was an All-Canada selection…resides in Scarborough, Ontario. Really think they have their man here in these guys and competition will bring the cream to the top to spell Addai. Think Addai is the horse and Morgan makes the team and a name for himself....?
  4. PD's Pre-TC Panther FF Report

    Getting more red zone opportunities and capitalizing on them is paramount for Panthers....cannot rely on Smith to score everytime....more production from RB's and other WR 2 or 3 (Carter or Jarrett) will be key....look for defense to keep them in games....Jake to take care of the ball and more TD's from someone other than Smith may see the Cats reach a wild card position...not sure they won't choke though.....JMO..
  5. Darnell Dockett is tha MAN!

    They took the numbers from his solo and asst tackles in that order (35 5 =355, etc.)...extrapolated the same mistake for the next 2 seasons and wah lah!
  6. Player Ratings for 2007-08

  7. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    Diver is a tie with Boldin by the way and I left him off as a dual # 10.
  8. Player Ratings for 2007-08

    T.O. is definite top 10 with Romo at QB....what about Driver? Favre is going to throw 400 passes and Driver will get probably 120 looks!! Plus there is no added value for these rankings....i.e. Moss (now a PAT) IMO is a top 10..barely but a top 10!!!!!!!! Here is my rankings as of now: Holt CJ Smith Wayne Owens Harrison Fitzgerald Williams Roy Moss Boldin
  9. SI Reporting Vick involved with Dog Fighting

    Vick tried to throw his cousin under the train. Let's not get defensive here, but if an every day dude (any of us) had a house of 70 dogs and proof that they have on Vick, we would have numerous charges "ALREADY" and would be in jail or trying to post a large bail!!! How can you not know what is going on there at your own house? 70 dogs!! For all groupees of Vick....those dogs, the evidence to date, etc...didn't happen over night...it took months....it is bad enough to be a so called "face" of the Falcons, but to "ALLOW" innocent animals to be mistreated/abused and do nothing is appalling! Falcons should suspend him right now pending further investigation outcomes. Its like you coming to my house and I got 70 barber chairs and every person there has a fresh looking haircut and me saying I'm not a barber and I didn't know there was hair cutting going on there....yeah RIGHT! Vick until proven guilty! IGNORANCE however large or small of the law is no excuse!! Ignorance to what is going on in your own house deserves punishment for stupidity! Mike please kiss
  10. History is foundation of Pacman's appeal

    NFL's New Code Of Conduct By introducing his new Code Of Conduct and suspending "Pacman" Jones for the entire 2007 season, Commissioner Goodell has sent the strong message that bad behavior in professional football will no longer be tolerated. Onion Sports runs down some of the particulars of the new code: To discourage players from associating with known felons, the Bengals–Ravens games on Sept. 10 and Nov. 11 have been canceled, and neither team will be allowed to play the Raiders for the foreseeable future Each team will be visited by an expert who will help players learn when hitting others will be rewarded and when it will be punished If everyone knows a football player stabbed somebody but no one will admit to it, Goodell is willing to send the whole league to jail just to send a message Players not participating in the Thanksgiving Day games must watch them at home while eating turkey with their families, instead of raping women and murdering people If any player is found to be in possession or under the influence of illegal drugs, the NFL will not get mad, just disappointed—a penalty most players find 1,000 times worse At least once a month, all players must show evidence of sharing and/or caring Though a friend or relative's engagement should be celebrated, excessive celebration will be punishable by a $100,000 fine Although the new conduct policy will be extremely stringent, players will be required to fabricate stories and boast about their potential for violence to maintain the NFL's street cred Onion Sports put this out....
  11. McNabb on the way out of Philly?

    What an exaggeration of a title for this thread!! The whole story is a media circus attempt to give McNabb print time... Eagles have not said a word about McNabb not being there.....where in the story does it say/quote the title of the thread? Drafting a QB doesn't mean anything...get your thread title right: McNabb expounds on Eagles Drafting QB is a better title....every player is on the way out--they get closer to being gone every day....!
  12. Plummer announces retirement

    Jake Plummer will be the new host of "Are You Smarter Than a Red Neck?"
  13. Steve Smith's vacation

    T.O. is a wuss, he beats people in the locker room, team meetings , etc with his gums/words which are more harsh than a fist fight and its over....T.O.'s words are always cutting and divisive....so any T.O. fan can
  14. Vince Lombardi on Super Bowl I Sunday....would be awesome!!!
  15. Hey why not nominate Ugly Tuna to the network....they didn't say a wife had to be female and they'd have Tom Brady and wife--Ugly Tuna....wife swapping would take on new meaning...
  16. Very interesting trade rumor...

    One element that is entertaining is that Carr sucks worse than Plummer. If such a trade was in the works...I agree that combined they equal Houston's 2nd pick......and possibly a player......no way first round....I think Texans could get Warner and draft a QB in the 4th or 5th round...send Vick to Houston..he likes to scramble and the "O" line there will give him plenty of opportunity!!
  17. Romo's chances of success next year

    From what I saw...Dallas ran a "vanilla" offense....Romo reminds me of Favre in his early days...not saying he will be Favre...but he has all the weapons around him to succeed and a more complex offensive scheme will help....one thing to remember is Romo was an unknown to defenses and snuck up on them.....he won't do that next year (sneak up on them with his abilities)...means Romo has to play smarter and smarter....believe he has the tools and I cannot in my mind see bringing in an old foggie to be HC...gove it to Garrett and move on....there are a lot of questions for Dallas that need to be addressed and Garrett is either ready now or he isn't....give him the shot ...
  18. Parcells' Replacement

    Wade Phillips--HC Jason Garrett--OC--HC in training If Phillips interview falls out..look for Norv Turner....
  19. Welcome Brack Ugly Tuna !

    You and Brady shouldn't have had sex before the game Ugly....Brady is a weak kneed biatch and you are his biatch.....why do you let your momma and sister do those things to you????
  20. Is There a Website?

    Can't seem to find a website where you can look at an entire team or just one player's NFL contract....if they are restricted, UFA, etc this coming year...?? Anyone out there know of one.....?
  21. Danger Awaits

    Pats make most all teams bring their "A" game of lose at playoff time....very good point earlier was Gaffney, Caldwell, etc...and "can't stop them, Chargers don't deserve to win"....IMO the matchup to win first is Dillon/Maroney must be held below 4 YPC (average)...forcing Brady to throw to the "average" WR's.....but what Brady does better than probably anyone (other than Peyton) is he goes through his progressions based on the "D"'s scheme...and the one thing Chargers will have to do well is "SHUT" down the TE's for the PATS!! Graham and Watson can destroy any "D" and Brady delivers the ball in the seams time and time again...and just a "D" adjusts its scheme...Caldwell or Gaffney or Maroney get you....should be very interesting and a great game to watch!!! IMO the winner here wins the conference....who that might be.....?? The edge is Chargers favor..home and Merriman will give Brady fits.....LT should have a decent day....Chargers 27 Patriots 24.
  22. Is There a Website?

    Bump....there's no site??? Calling DMD....Hugh One....somebody please...
  23. Vick would have scored...

    Now how many of the above "STARTING" QB's hold for kicks....? Romo should not have been the holder IMO and Bledsoe definitely couldn't have bobbled/blotched the FG...one thing for sure...."IF" Bledsoe was in Romo's shoes...he had no chance of running it in.... oh! one more question here while on the subject: Don't special teams practice plays that "IF" the ball is botched, high snap, etc...that someone (elgible) is to release into the secondary....where was Romo's option.....?????? IMO, not letting Romo off the hook, but special teams coach didn't emphasize enough the importance of this...seeing just a few weeks earlier Cincy holder/snap went haywire for the tie in the Denver game....as a coach for the XP/FG team....you emphasize and practice what is to happen in this case..if you watch the replay...no one leaves the line of scrimmage...to me that is another viewpoint..."IF" Romo had an option who knows...?? Romo still is the culprit of a muff..,but he was alone out there from a coaching standpoint!!!
  24. Vick would have scored...

    Vick as QB on the Cowboys this year...Cowboys don't make the playoffs.....bringing up Vick in this scenario is ludicrous!! It's like saying I can pork Britney Spears with the best of them....or some of the holes JJ ran through vs Seahawks I could have run through....LMAO.....I can run this country better than Bush can too...at least I'd have a National Holiday for FF Day to be the Monday following the Super Bowl every year....and all our troops would be watching it at home...not if some desert!!! So Vick is just your way of saying nothing.....like I just did!!!!!!!
  25. Greg Jennings

    Gee Wally do you think Dad will be sore at us????