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  1. What do you need tonight.

    Had a 17 pt lead going into SNF, then Harrison has to go for 140+, and 2 TD's. Down by 9, need 10 to win Need 150yds + 1TD from Seneca Wallace, no interceptions or 250yds, no TD's, no intereceptions. I think I have a chance
  2. WR#3

    Anyone ?
  3. WR#3

    10 Team Performance Starting Coles and Jennings which one R.Williams (Jax) vs Houston (possibly w/o Left.) or B.Johnson vs SanFran ? or any 3 of the above ?
  4. QB - Vick or Gradkowski

    10 Team - Performance QB 2/RB 2/WR 3/TE/PK/DEF Starting Hassleback Need to choose between Vick vs Pitt Gradkowski vs Phil Before anyone asks, 10 Team league, starting 2 QB's 10x2 Starter =20 QB's + 10 QB (Bye Week) = 30 QB's 32 NFL Teams, NO starting QB's on the Waiver Wire. I started the season with Culpepper as my other starter, well, we all know how well that went. Any thoughts ?
  5. QB - Vick or Gradkowski

    10 Team - Performance 2 QB Starters Starting Hassleback need to pick one of Vick vs Pittsburgh Gradkowski vs Phila. Before the question is asked, no QB's available on Waiver Wire 10 Team x 2 QBs = 20 QB's + 10 x 1 QB (bye week cover) = 30 QB's 32 Teams in the NFL = no QB's on waiver Wire. Any thoughts
  6. Trade Review - Did I miss something ?

    Please Explain ?
  7. Standard Scoring - 10 Team League Start 2 QB's I traded away C.Johnson and Ronnie Brown and got M. Vick and K.Jones. My other QB's Hassleback C.Frye B.Gradowski (dropped Culpepper) RB's W.Dunn, D.Foster, D.Williams WR's L.Coles, G.Jennings, R.Williams(Jax), B.Johnson (AZ) The deal is done, but some (one person) in our league is bitching. I don't see anything wrong, can someone tell me if I'm missing something ?
  8. Sat Givens played Caddy

    Defense - Pittsburgh Tough choice at wr/te. Parker's good for 30-40 yards and maybe a TD. Troupe - Before Bennetts, return was McNairs only option. Matt Jones - Garrard seems to prefer the old man Jimmy Smith Leaning towards Parker in a shoot-out with Indy.
  9. RB and WR Help

    I'm the #4 Seed, coming off an upset of the #1 seed last week. Playing the #2 seed for a trip to the "Super Bowl". I had a terrible season (record wise). Standard scoring 1/10, 6/TD Starting Portis C.Houston NYJ @ Mia R.Brown Mia vs NYJ Houston "should" get the majority of the carries against a not-so-stellar Mia run defense ? Do I take the "risk" Tougher question at WR, need one from below Starting Housh, started Moulds D.Bennett Ten vs SEA - nothing since his return J.Jurevicius Sea at Ten - on the bench but for how long ? J.Horn NO vs CAR - nothing, now w/o Brooks ? K.Rob Min vs Pit - inside, but not this week
  10. Anyone else have a gut wrenching playoff

    How about if I benefited from a gut wrenching loss ? I was the #4 seed playing the #1 seed in our division. I was down by 5 points, he was done, and I only had the Giants Defense left. As most of you know, the NYG-PHI game went into over time. 2pts for each sack. 2pts for Turnover. First PHIL possession in OT, 1 sack, down by 3 pts 2nd Phil possesion, sack, fumble, +4 pts I won by 1 pt.
  11. First Round Playoff Game Ended in 107-107 tie

    We use the "football" score of your starters. Basically we revert back to a TD only scoring.
  12. Original huddle members

    I think I came here when it was free. But I was Grim Reaper for a while. Had to post just to see what my "member status" is. Official member, accoriding to my profile since Sep 2002 (as Purdue Pete).
  13. McNair or Brooks

    From Also Will I get in trouble for sharing information from other sites ?
  14. McNair or Brooks

    McNair : Ten vs Hou Would not hestitate starting, however, I've seen GTD, and that Volek may get significant time if McNair get's sneezed on. Brooks: NO vs ATL Which Brooks will show up, the one that played against NE, or the one that played against TBay ? With the chance that McNair might not play, I guess I have to go with Brooks
  15. WR Choices - WDIS

    Need two out of the following J. Jurevicius SEA vs SFRAN D.Bennett TEN vs HOU J.Horn NO vs ATL KRob Min vs STL JJ gave me nothing last week vs PHIL, will he even be needed vs SFRAN ? D.Bennett, only viable option for TEN (other than TE's) J.Horn - nothing since return from injury (even when Brooks plays well) K.Rob - good matchup I'm leaning towards Bennett and KRob.(I think)