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  1. Anybody else having trouble logging in?

    Call 800-935-5771. They'll hook you up. I had trouble yesterday and now I know everything about the EOS. Good luck.
  2. My little dog of 17 years

    We've had to put 6 dogs down in the past 35 years. Always sad but we've been rewarded with the love of another dog right away. Peace
  3. Send Prayers

    Mike-sorry to hear about your brother. He's in our prayers also. Keep talking about the good times with him.
  4. Two years.

    Well said. Peace to you and yours Sky.
  5. Michael Vick

  6. 2007 bye weeks

  7. getting a pickup truck

    CHevy C-1500 GReat vehicle!
  8. Peter King is an idiot

    I'm sure he cares what Peter King thinks! If he plays soft, and is a winner and a future HOF member-so?
  9. Something weird is happening to me

    Something similar happened to me and about three weeks later I had a stroke. Lucily I was at wok where there was a nurse who called an ambulace. Very lttle side affects. If I had been home I probably would have taken a nap, and who knows what the damage may have been. Don't put off seeing a doctor. Good luck.
  10. Barbaro

    I say "neigh" to all this.
  11. FINALLY!

    He will
  12. Colts vs. Pats

    f off tuna