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  1. Vic Nicknames or Slogans if he plays again

    Michael - who let the dogs out - vic Too bad ATL does not play CLE this year, the Dawg Pound would LOVE Vic.....
  2. Greg Jennings on the Randy Moss rumors

    I agree with the SGT.....classy indeed.....
  3. Colts players salary cap numbers for 2007

    Funniest thing I read all day......
  4. Fantasy Baseball Scoring rules...

    I think this is the type of league I am joining....NEVER played FBB since '93, but never baseball..... My question is, how do you know who to draft? Is there a draft strategy? 8 teams in the league, so it appears to be a superstar roster on each team. what is the most difficult part of following this for a season? How do you stay focused for so long? Thanks!
  5. Baseball NEWBIE Help

    Here is the deal, LOVE fantasy football, commish since '93....but never crossed the line... A friend wants me to I reluctantly said yes....after the last strike (no pun intended) I gave up on the money-diggers....but they pulled me back in.....(insert Godfather music)...LOL... 8 teams.... Here is ALL I know: 4 pitchers a week change line-up daily if I want whoever has the most XYZ stat earns one (1) pt No idea on who to draft, order, there a RB/RB/WR rule? Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks.

    Well done men, well done! I am happy with a huddle top 10 performance......but I won in my pool....granted not as many played nor where there the level of prizes offered here......LOL......... Thanks DMD..... Bring on '07........
  7. Published January 24, 2007 I have been trying to figure out why the Lovie Smith-Tony Dungy story hasn't captured my imagination the way it has other people's imaginations. Whatever the outcome Feb. 4, an African-American head coach will win the Super Bowl for the first time in history, no small thing. I'm sure some of you will be quick to point out I'm white, which, by the way, I've noticed too. And there might be something to that, something deep down inside my Caucasian-ness that makes me shrug at the Smith-Dungy angle. But I think it's something simpler and nicer: We've had so many minority coaches and managers in Chicago of late that the Super Bowl story line doesn't seem like such a big deal. We're used to it around here. The Cubs hired and fired managers Don Baylor and Dusty Baker, both of whom are black. The White Sox hired and fired Jerry Manuel, who is black, and now employ Ozzie Guillen, who is from Venezuela, as their manager. Ken Williams, the Sox's World Series-winning general manager, is black. So is former Bulls coach Bill Cartwright. At one point, Baker, Cartwright and Manuel were leading teams in this town at the same time. And now Smith and the Bears are headed to Miami to face Dungy's Colts in the Super Bowl. (For good measure, one of Illinois' U.S. senators, Barack Obama, is black and considering a run for president.) I'm not naïve enough to think there aren't a lot of white people out there who hate the idea of a black coach, let alone two black coaches, in the biggest game there is. Baker has the nasty letters from haters to prove it. There are too many people around with ugly hearts. But when I look at Smith, I see a coach. And I get the distinct feeling from listening to him that he would like to be viewed that way too. Not as a black coach. As a coach. "That day is coming someday," he said. "Of course, we are talking about it now; it is not here now. We have taken a step in that direction by Tony and I having our teams in the Super Bowl. In years to come, it won't be talked about. I'm looking forward to that day." This obviously is a huge national story—Smith, the guy from tiny Big Sandy, Texas, who worked his way up the ladder and through discrimination to get to this moment, facing Dungy, his mentor, who had his own challenges as a black man. But in a way, it does a disservice to both gentlemen. There's something about the topic that tends to take away from the coaches' abilities and implies that their blackness is their entire identity. Smith has endured shots from people like me who have questioned his see-no-evil approach to Bears players. But he has proven he has what it takes to nurture a team all the way to the Super Bowl. Dungy is one of the architects of the Cover-2 defense. But in the days ahead, you're going to hear less about that and more about the skin color of the two men. A greater good obviously is being served here. Two black coaches in the Super Bowl might wake up some of the people doing the hiring. Of the 32 NFL teams, six have black head coaches. Of 119 Division I-A football programs, only five had black head coaches in 2006. That's pitiful, especially when half the players in college football are black. But Smith and Dungy are more than their pigmentation. Let's remember that in the next week or two while they're being reduced to cutout characters. There's something good going on in Chicago, and for all the unpleasant things that have been written and said about team owners here, they have been progressive in their recent hires. Sox and Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf in particular believes he has a responsibility to hire minorities in key positions. The day Smith hopes to see someday is coming. Perhaps not as fast as it should, but it's coming. There was a time when Doug Williams had to answer question after question about being the first black starting quarterback in the Super Bowl. But black quarterbacks are common, so common that it's hardly an issue anymore. So common, it's almost a boring issue now. Many African-Americans are proud of what is going to happen at the Super Bowl, and rightly so. History will be made in Black History month. Some who otherwise might not have considered a career in coaching will be pulled along by the momentum. And maybe someday soon they will be known simply by what they are: coaches.
  8. Parcells' Replacement

    What about Denny Green? He could help w/ Romo. Has the skills to handle Owens (ala Moss).
  9. DMD Play-Off Office Pool

    DMD, Thanks! Really appreciate the spread sheet you created. It has been fun to extend the fantasy season with friends....the smack continues....LOL.... Not sure if you made this accessible last year or not, but I truly appreciate the work you have done; it is a simple excel spread sheet that I fill in the blanks....too easy.... It's the little things like this, the touch of class, the extras....gosh-darn-it! I said I wasn't going to cry... Thanks again!
  10. Colts/Ravens Game Thread

    Maybe I am cut from a different cloth as my Dad taught me not to "boo" either my team or the opponent. But what is the deal with the home team Ravens booing their team at the half when they are down 9-3? Just does not seem very cool at all. Must mess with the psyche of the home team? I could be wrong.
  11. New mock draft

  12. Can Peyton throw 50+ TD's this year?

    And I had no problem winning two fantasy bowls this year with PM as my QB. And BTW, let us not forget the...I think it is....4 rushing TDs.....
  13. New mock draft

    I have looked and I have searched, WHEN is the NFL draft in 2007? Thanks.
  14. Draft Position vs Final Standings

    1. Redraft, finished 2nd in '06, draft position #9, this year: won SB 2. Draft, 1.01, this year: won SB 3. Automated draft, this year: won SB 4. Computer ranking, this year: finished 4 In all though, I do not think it is about draft position as much as it is about paying attention to the F/A wire...I am historically a horrible drafter, but make pick-ups on the waiver wire....
  15. Jeff Garcia article

    Nice article on QB Jeff Garcia....worth the read.... Garcia said he was 7 years old in the late 1970s when his 6-year-old brother, Jason, drowned during a family camping trip in northern California. When Jeff was 8, his 5-year-old sister, Kimberly, tumbled out of the bed of a truck and sustained fatal head injuries. I had no idea......what a life..........