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  1. Whatcha listenin to

    featuring Steve Morse, awesome guitar player, great instrumental only band (for the most part) Saw them at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz,CA sometime in the early eighties performing as The Dregs
  2. Yet another annoyance

    We used to receive many unwanted faxes where I work. I started calling the "opt out" numbers and we now rarely receive unsolicited faxes. So, from my experience, using the "opt out" numbers does not generate more unwanted faxes. good luck darin
  3. Lightning....

    While in basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia I was on guard duty one night. Its about 3 am and I'm walking in an open but covered walkway next to the barracks. It was late summer and massive thunderstorms had been hitting the area for a week or two and that night was no exception. All of a sudden something struck the open ground within 50 yards of where I was walking. Lots of bright light, very hard to describe, with an accompyning boom that sounded as if the building had been bombed. I ducked and took cover thinking I was being subjected to some kind of training excercise. It then dawned on me that I had probably just witnessed a lightning strike. Got up , brushed myself off and continued my guard duty with a new respect for thunder and lightning.
  4. Music Lyrics Quiz

    10 - Primus (thanks for the hint fellas), John the Fisherman. Didn't go to google, got the answer from the lyric sheet in my CD, Frizzle Fry.
  5. OC Fries

    Oakland/SF Bay area: French Bread Never had any french bread better than what we get here locally.
  6. And your preferred brand of chainsaw is....?
  7. How could I have forgotten this one.. Eating Raoul, strange and funny.
  8. Slaughterhouse Five, very wierd, very cool.
  9. Bigger than Hogzilla

    The best ham I ever had was wild pig. So, pig hunters, does the quality of ham get better or worse as the animal gets bigger and older?.
  10. Starcraft 2

    Those wacky Korean's play it professionally and televise the contests. Very cool game, very robust, bug free, and performs well on most systems. I'll definitely get it when its released. Stuck on Rome:Total War right now.
  11. 20k

    20. Niagra Falls ?
  12. Who did ya Hate

    Always hated Tommy Lasorda being a Giants fan. But, finally realized that he was a class act. Just wish he had managed a team I could root for.
  13. Top movies that became TV shows

    Stalag 17 ---> Hogans Heros
  14. Anyone here got a green thumb?

    Plant food - VF11, I've used them all and this is the best IMHO. Fertilizer - Alfalfa, don't buy it at a nursery cuz you'll pay outlandish prices. Go to a feed store, you can get a 50lb bag for $10-20. It usually comes in pellet form and you don't want the molasses laced form. Just straight alfalfa. I usually put the pellets in a 20 gal garbage can and add water. Turns it into mush and then apply to your growing areas. Use chicken manure instead of steer manure. It costs more but one bag of chicken manure replaces 3-4 bags of steer manure. These three ingredients plus sun and water will give you incredible results.
  15. Infantry Graduation Speech

    Having graduated as an infantryman from Ft. Benning I was very moved by that speech, thanks for posting it. To all 11 Bravo's past and present, I salute you.
  16. My Alaska Pics

    VERY, VERY, GOOD!! Really enjoyed watching that and whistling away to the music.
  17. The Garbage men make no sense

    A buddy turned me on to two hunks of concrete in my driveway, 60-80 lbs total. I put them in the trash and that week my trash was not picked up. Removed concrete from garbage can, sledge hammered two blocks into many smaller blocks. Put the smaller blocks in large empty pet food bags and got rid of them in two successive weeks. Damn garbagemen
  18. yes, it's eruption

    That is a good one, I posted that same video among many others in my 1000th post.